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Teaching addition and subtraction to early elementary students


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Teaching addition and subtraction to early elementary students

  1. 1. Basic Addition and Subtraction Grades K and 1 Presentation by Andrea Schlesinger
  2. 2. Credibility and Benefits of Web Resources • Using the internet can be extremely beneficial in the world of education. This presentation includes websites that are credible and pertain to various techniques in terms of addition and subtraction through the early elementary school years.
  3. 3. Rationale • Because students learn differently than their peers, incorporating technology can be beneficial to students when it comes to mathematical concepts – Hands on activities, games, visual aids, etc can help students and target individuals with different learning styles – Using technology helps students gain 21st century learning skills.
  4. 4. • Click the YouTube logo to listen to the statement of rationale! • Click the Slideshare logo to view this presentation on Slideshare!
  5. 5. Pinterest Search: First Grade Addition and Subtraction Boards (Web 2.0)
  6. 6. Internet Resources • The next three slides contain governmental agencies and one corporation containing information that teachers can use when teaching students about addition and subtraction.
  7. 7. Internet Resource 1 • – What is it? • Governmental website designed for children as a resource for many different academic topics – How can we use it? • The website includes various mathematical links pertaining to addition and subtraction and includes activities that students can do to broaden their understanding
  8. 8. Internet Resource 2 • – What is it? • BBC stands for British Broadcasting Corporation. It is a public broadcasting corporation based in the UK. However, their website features a schools section that can be useful to teachers and students. – How can we use it? • The website features links to activities as well as video clips that can help students to understand addition and subtraction.
  9. 9. Internet Resource 3 • – What is it? • Website created and maintained by the government as well as private and public organizations. It is designed to help teachers find digital teaching and learning resources. – How can we use it? • Teachers can access links to various math activities as well as different exercises and lessons when it comes to teaching addition and subtraction.
  10. 10. Blog Dr. Nicki Newton – current educational consultant – works with various schools and districts across the country – guided math blog – Contains many links to various mathematical concepts including addition and subtraction, as well as resources regarding the Common Core State Standards
  11. 11. Instructional Video: Addition • Click the image to view a Khan Academy video on how to do basic addition!
  12. 12. Instructional Video: Subtraction • This video, also from Khan Academy, introduces students to the concept of basic addition. Click the image to watch the video!
  13. 13. Instructional Video – FUN! • This is a fun little video featuring music made to help children understand when to add and when to subtract! Click the image to view the video!
  14. 14. Kidspiration
  15. 15. Teaching Material 1 • Splash Math is an app that can be accessed either via iPad or desktop/laptop computer • Used to teach math skills for children in grades 1-5, based on the Common Core Standards – Can answer up to 20 questions for free per day
  16. 16. Teaching Material 2 • This worksheet uses images of dominoes to help children grasp the concept of addition and subtraction. They count the dots on each side, write the numbers on the lines below, and find out how many dots there are in all! • Click on the worksheet for a link find more addition and subtraction worksheets!
  17. 17. Teaching Material 3 Click on the images to see more examples featured on the Storybird Website!
  18. 18. Teaching Material 4
  19. 19. Teaching Material 4 (cont.) • This is an example I created of a math problem search on Worksheet Works, which goes with the previous slide. • Click the picture to create your own!
  20. 20. Subject Specific Internet Based Resource • The National Library of Virtual Manipulatives is a great resource for teachers and students and features activities across various contents • For this unit, there are activities called Base Block Addition and Base Block Subtraction that are interactive and can benefit students!
  21. 21. Uses of the Internet • Illuminations is an interactive website that features fun math activities for students to do independently!
  22. 22. Uses of the Internet 2 • On, teachers can create worksheets or present virtual flashcards to students to help them practice addition and subtraction problems. It also has links to math games and homework help websites. Click the image to check it out!