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The TEA family of business case analysis tools empowers you with an effective mean to lay a solid foundation for a successful 4G initiative, analyzing and tracking the business case through an integrated and iterative approach during the entire life cycle of the project.

The TEA family is a unique and integrated application, that takes into account all critical aspects (market, technical, economic and financial) ensuring the best possible alignment between business and technology strategies since the outset.

Thus, the TEA family features comprehensive market and revenue forecast models, network dimensioning modeling tailored to 4G technologies (WiMAX and LTE), calculation of upfront investments and operational costs, and detailed economic and financial projections with close evaluation of key performance indicators.

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4G Business Case Analysis Tool

  1. 1. TEAFamily of Business Case Analysis of Tools www.witech.it 1
  2. 2. Contents 4G project life cycle TEA: overview TEA: four main integrated analyses Reference cases 2
  3. 3. 4G project life cycle 3
  4. 4. Initial planning stage Building a carrier-class 4G network is and will remain a complex undertaking … … and the initial planning phase is very critical for the success of the initiative 4
  5. 5. Facing Crucial Questions In these uncertain economic times, there is no room for risky and poorly analyzed decisions when facing crucial questions, such as: What will be the best addressable market segment with a chosen technology characterization? What will be the effect on the P&L when changing the CIR in a service bundle? How will the characterization of the technology influence the network dimensioning? What will be the best tradeoff between coverage and capacity requirements in the network deployment? How will different types of BS/eNB and UT/UE devices affect the TCO? 5
  6. 6. TEA overview 6
  7. 7. TEA|WiMAX and TEA|LTE  Empowering 4G players with an effective business case analysis tools to set a solid foundation for a successful initiative  Unique and integrated applications  Built over five years of extensive industry experience with strategic assignments and projects for major operators and equipment suppliers 7
  8. 8. Exploiting TEA family TEA Family supports almost every players in the 4G ecosystem:  Operators striving for the healthiest business case to enter into the detailed network planning phase more confidently and quickly  Vendors aiming to present operators with an accurate and compelling positioning of their offerings  Analysts and consultants supporting their customers in the development of superior business and technology strategies  Investors evaluating new business plans and request for further rounds of financing  Regulators performing objective and forward-looking spectrum management 8
  9. 9. Key characteristics (1/2)  Analyzing the business case for a WiMAX and LTE initiative with a holistic approach, in an integrated and iterative way, taking into account all critical aspects  Supporting a fast and simplified configuration of more than 500 input parms with a number of them pre-set to typical/recommended values in the technical part  Enabling the user to view results instantly in an animated graphical format through a dashboard-styled and very easy-to-use GUI 9
  10. 10. Key characteristics (2/2)  Compliant with: • IEEE 802.16e/d standards and the WiMAX Forum Fixed/Mobile Profiles (TEA|WiMAX) • The latest version (Release 8) of the LTE standard (TEA|LTE)  Allowing the definition of custom profiles and bands  Manual setting of the number of users, BS/eNB, Logical Sectors, Radio Links, MME, S-GW, P-GW 10
  11. 11. TEA: four main integrated analyses 11
  12. 12. Four main integrated analyses Analyzing the Estimating the influence of potential market and parameter and revenues for 4G boundary services condition changes Calculating all key Dimensioning the economic & network financial infrastructure to projections and derive the required bill indicators of quantities 12
  13. 13. Market analysis Estimating the potential market and revenues for 4G services:  Extension of the geographical areas (up to 5) to be served and their specific scenario distribution  Market segments (up to 6) to be addressed  Service profiles (up to 6) to be offered  Market segment penetration per year  Impact of churn 13
  14. 14. Technical analysis Dimensioning the network infrastructure to derive the required bill of quantities:  Technology characterization  Type of BS/eNB (up to 3) and UT/UE (up to 6)  Path loss model for the link budget analysis  Down and up link capacity demand per year  Existing backbone infrastructures  Wireless backhaul technology distribution 14
  15. 15. Economic and financial analysis Calculating all key economic & financial projections and indicators to assess the feasibility of the initiative:  CAPEX & OPEX  Depreciations  Interest rate on borrowings, tax rate, discount rate  Financing  Equity  Perpetual growth 15
  16. 16. Scenario and sensitivity analysis  Analyzing the influence of parameter and boundary condition changes, to identify the most critical factors for the success of the initiative  Allowing a fast and iterative fine-tuning of the business case, in real-time and total privacy  Presenting the results in an animated graphical format instantly from the different Market, Technical, Economic & Financial perspectives 16
  17. 17. Comprehensive report  Automatically compiled and published in editable and PDF formats  Containing a complete summary (with tables, diagrams and charts) of: • Inputs and assumptions • Results of the market analysis • Outcome of the technical modelling • Economic and financial statements for up to ten years 17
  18. 18. Reference cases 18
  19. 19. Reference cases Business Case Analysis Tool Business Case Analysis Tool Business Case Analysis Tool Cost Modeling Business Case Analysis Tool Business Case Analysis Tool Cost Modeling Cost Modeling Business Case Analysis Tool Business Case Analysis Tool Cost Modeling Business Case Analysis Tool Business Case Analysis Tool Business Case Analysis Tool Cost Modeling Business Case Analysis Tool PREFECTURE DE LA REGION BRETAGNE 19
  20. 20. Thank you for your attention! WiTech Spa Via Giuntini 25 56023 CascinaFor more information, please visit our web site, call us Loc. Navacchio PISA - Italyor send us an e-mail. www.witech.it www.wropcloud.com www.4gbusinesscase.com Phone: +39 050 775 056 Fax: +39 050 75 47 22 E-mail: info@witech.it 20