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How to force yourself to post more - how you need to behave and what tools might help you do that.

How to write blog posts regularly? What tools to use? How to use editorial calendar? What are other tools to be used - Zemanta and Blogspire.

Presentation at WordCamp NYC 2012.

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  • Triple your blog post frequency

    1. 1. Triple your post frequency! WordCamp NYC 2012 Andraz Tori @andraz
    2. 2. Your blogging heart rate• Alive and kicking? • Content recency• Walking or running? • Frequency• Healthy? • Regularity
    3. 3. GoalIncrease frequency and regularity without compromising quality!
    4. 4. But, before we start...
    5. 5. But, before we start...
    6. 6. What helps?• Having a plan• Having equipment• Having a coach
    7. 7. Three directions of attack1. A system of post types2. Adopt a pacemaker3. Spend less time per post
    8. 8. Three directions of attack1. A system of post types2. Adopt a pacemaker3. Spend less time per post
    9. 9. And blog plots?ProBlogger: 52 Types of Blog Posts that AreProven to Work
    10. 10. Taking a look at1. Case Studies/Profile Posts2. How-To Posts
    12. 12. Case Study Post KILLERHEADLINE
    13. 13. Case Study PostREAL EXAMPLES
    14. 14. Case Study Post - Checklist1. Create a Killer Headline2. Its a Story3. Use Customers Own Words4. Use Visuals (graphs, images ofproduct in use, video testimonials)
    16. 16. How-To PostCLEARSTEPS
    17. 17. How-To Post USEEXAMPLES
    18. 18. How-To Post SOLID
    19. 19. How-To Post - Checklist1. Concise Introduction2. Clear Steps3. Include Examples4. Solid Conclusion
    20. 20. Three directions of attack1. A system of post types2. Adopt a pacemaker3. Spend less time per post
    21. 21. Importance of frequency and regularity• Predictabilty for your readers• Increasing recall of your blog name• Material over which to engage about on social channels
    22. 22. Adopt a pacemaker!• We are all lazy• So we use tools that help us do the right thing: • A Boss • An Editorial calendar • Inspiration delivery
    23. 23. A Pacemaker• A tiny thing• Hidden from the view• And hugely important
    24. 24. Editorial calendar• Can be as simple a Google Docs spreadsheet• Or robust like Edit Flow...
    25. 25. Simple to manage calendar
    26. 26. Custom post status types
    27. 27. Editorial Metadata
    28. 28. Editorial comments
    29. 29. What to write about?
    30. 30. Inspiration, delivered daily• Input: • blogs on the topic you want to write about• Output: • Articles and topics that you should write about • Integrated with WordPress (.org and .com)• You: • Start writing your thoughts immediately
    31. 31. Takes you to “Add new post”
    32. 32. Three directions of attack1. A system of post types2. Adopt a pacemaker3. Spend less time per post
    33. 33. Writing does not a post make
    34. 34. What makes a post?• Writing• Decorating• Connecting• Tagging
    35. 35. Writing• You can get inspiration out there• But no automated tool can write instead of you• So good luck!
    36. 36. Decorating Skyword study found an average increase of 94% for articles that included an image or infographic .
    37. 37. Connecting• Links to: • Your sources • Your inspiration • Good links for readers to dive deeper• Linking out is one of the best ways to get noticed
    38. 38. Toto, I dont think were on paper anymore!
    39. 39. Dont be an island• Dont be a content island!• Its lonely• No space to grow
    40. 40. • BYP periodically references LifeHacker articles• One of the Lifehacker bloggers took notice and linked back to one of Blogging Your Passion posts
    41. 41. Tags• Important for SEO• And sometimes user-discovery• Very important on
    42. 42. How to be efficient at all this?
    43. 43. Age of smart
    44. 44. Optimize, enhance• Search Engine Optimization• Professional copy editing• Basic spell & grammar checker
    45. 45. • Personal writing assistant• Helps with recommendations while writing: • Images • In-text links (Wikipedia, authoritative sites) • Related articles (Blogs, big & small media, yours) • Tags (so people can find your content)
    46. 46. Adding images
    47. 47. ==
    48. 48. Adding links
    49. 49. Adding tags
    50. 50. And publish!
    51. 51. Takeaways
    52. 52. Exoskeletons
    53. 53. Or like this
    54. 54. Links• 52 types of blogs• Checklists• EditFlow• BlogSpire• Zemanta
    55. 55. And remember• Purpose of all this is to build a habit• Without a habit no tool or approach will help long term• There is no magic bullet
    56. 56. Thank you! Andraz Tori @andraz
    57. 57. Photo credits••••••••• Raytheon Sarcos••
    58. 58. Photo credits••••• Full Metal Jacket Drill Seargent•••
    59. 59. Resources•••••