Why kurrentjobs is the best technical job board


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Recently the market has seen a massive growth in Start-up industries. Numerous companies like Foursquare and Instagram have already established a successful business.

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Why kurrentjobs is the best technical job board

  1. 1. Why kurrentjobs.com is one of the front-line technical job boardsRecently the market has seen a massive growth in Startup industries. Numerous companies likeFoursquare and Instagram have already established a successful business. But to build asuccessful startup, they must need the right people to do their jobs. That is why the recruitersare in continuous search for talented employees, whereas job seekers are looking for the rightcompanies which meet their expectation and the technology preference.There are numerous job boards which serve the purpose, but due to some flaws in theirfunctionality, they fail to meet market demands. Recruiters are also getting misled by recruitingconsultants and end up with the wrong candidates. KurrentJobs.com- a Ruby on Rails job boardon the other hand, stands out among all other job boards and has delivered true results.Here are some features of kurrentjobs.com • Intriguing as-well-as simpler functionalities and user interfaces • To make the app more secured & make the user more comfortable, Facebook and LinkedIn logins are allowed. • Facility to post job openings based on the requirements like skills, experience, and type of jobs such as Full-time, freelance or internships • Ability to add tags based on the technology of the job posts, like Ruby on Rails jobs, PHP jobs, Magento etc, which eventually helps the job seekers to search for technology specific job openings. • The job board includes facebook, LinkedIn and twitter buttons to share the job post in the social networking website. • Job seekers can find jobs based on their skills, experience and location of their choices. • Being a technical job board, the jobs will be limited to a group of similar technologies and will make job search easy.‘Andolasoft’ has also released an android app and iPhone app of kurrentjobs. It enables therecruiters and job seekers to access their profile using mobile devices while travelling or whenthey are busy. They are user friendly and the recruiters can post and manage job openings fromanywhere and anytime. The mobile apps can be downloaded for FREE from the Google
  2. 2. marketplace and Apple AppStore. With all these features and functionalities, kurrentjobs.com isdefinitely the best technical job board for the recruiters as well as job seekers.