Top five iphone applications of 2013


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For people who spend most of their time with their iPhone, it will be a good source to explore more apps this year. Here I have included apps from different categories like productivity apps, camera apps and cloud based apps.

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Top five iphone applications of 2013

  1. 1. Top 5 iPhone applications of 2013 If you still dwell with your out-dated iPhone applications and feel bored about it? Then,maybe it’s time to get your hands on some new ones. For people who spend most of their time withtheir iPhone, it will be a good source to explore more apps this year. Here I have included apps fromdifferent categories like productivity apps, camera apps and cloud based apps.Take a look at some of the best iPhone apps of 2013DropBox (Free): DropBox is a cloud based application that enables the users tobring all their files and documents to one remote location, which can be accessedover multiple devices like a local repository. Now the iPhone and iPad users caneasily manage their pictures, videos, documents and other important using DropBox.Users are also able to edit and update their files quickly. They can add their files tofavorites for faster access and offline viewing. So it is a must have application for theiPhone 5 users. Instagram (Free): Instagram is a free application that allows the users to share their pictures with filter effects. More than 60 million people use Instagram app for sharing photos. Because of its unique filters and effects, users enjoy amazing photo sharing experience. This application also comes with stunning effects like Willow, Sutro, 1977, Hefe and many more.Camera+ (Chargeable): ‘Camera+’ is one of the best camera applications that one canfind on the Apple App store. The app uses enhanced filters and setting options to takeclearer and more vivid pictures in iPhone. This application also comes with lots of filteroptions to give stunning effects to the pictures while taking photos. Compare to otherPhoto editing applications, Camera+ has earned huge popularity among iPhone users. Theapplication is available in the App store at a very reasonable price tag (£0.69). Songza (Free): Listed among one of the best free apps, Songza is an innovative iPhone 5 application. This application plays music that suits the user’s mood. This excellent app plays a range of songs according to the users wish. IT finds music and plays them that best match the listener’s mood as well as situation. No matter if the user is in office, gym, playground or just chilling alone. Such features with a free pricetag is a must have app for every iPhone users.GetTaxi (Free): GetTaxi is a very popular application for iPhone andiPad users. This application allows them to reserve a taxi without waitingor wasting time. Here users are also enabled to monitor their private and business travels to maketheir travelling hassle-free. GetTaxi application is connected between users and taxi drivers with thehelp of GPS navigation system. This too is a must have for the users, because who wouldn’t like tobook a taxi using just a phone.Those were some top iPhone 5 apps to download this year. An iphone developer can also findinspiration from such successful apps. I hope you will like these above mentioned application andsurely allow you to spend some quality time with these apps.