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Teenagers and Internet addiction - Lesson plan

This lesson plann is to work on teenagers of eleventh grade

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Teenagers and Internet addiction - Lesson plan

  1. 1. UNIVERSIDAD DELAAMAZONIA EDUCATION SCIENCES FACULTY ENGLISH DEGREE PROGRAM TEACHING PRACTICE2 II-2015 LESSON PLAN FORM Nº __4__ I. DESCRIPTION I.E.: Jorge Eliecer Gaitan LEVEL 11B Wednesday/ Friday NUMBER OF STUDENTS: 30 DATE: 30/09/2015 HOUR: 06-08 AM / 06-07 AM S-T´S NAME: LUIS FERNANDO GALEANO CARDOZO C-T´S NAME: OLGA AVILA GRAMMAR TOPIC: READING COMPREHENSION CONTEXTUALIZE TOPIC: “Teenagers and Internet addiction” AIMS MAIN AIMS: the students have to understand the reading comprehension where they are going to know how the different tenses are applied in different texts. PERSONAL AIMS: to be active in the class, to know how the reading comprehension influences in the students’ perception. ANTICIPATED PROBLEMS  If a student does not show interest on the activity or the class in general. I will play a game called “tingo tango” where the student is going to ask a question and choose a person who answers that  One the possible problem is that the student do not understand the teacher  Another, there is indiscipline in classroom  The students get overexcited about the activity. I will ordering them to move their body in order to wake up the students II. MATERIALS: Board, Flashcards, marker, speakers, LAP-TOP photocopies, T.V., VIDEO BEAM, pen, pencil, eraser, colored markers, dictionary and others.
  2. 2. III. PROCEDURES STAGE ACTIVITIES STANDARDS INTERACTION PATTERNS TIMING ICE BREAKER The teacher is going to say hello and break the ice and ask them about the homework The teacher is going to answer questions if the students have. Teacher is going to show a video where they can watch how they can talk about future plan.  Sigo atentamente lo que dicen mi profesor y mis compañeros durante un juego o una actividad.  Escribo textos donde expreso mis expectativas en un futuro cercano.  Comprendo el lenguaje para usar, Juegos y lugares conocidos, si me hablan despacio y pronunciación clara.  Con mi vocabulario trato temas generales, aunque recurro a estrategias para hablar de hechos y objetos cuyo nombre desconozco. Teacher- students. Student-student 40 minutes Development of the class FEEDBACK PRODUCT 1. Teacher will be given a short reading comprehension where the students must work in pairs. 2. Teacher is going to socialize the reading with the whole class 3. Teacher is going to give the another activity which consist of do a puzzle . Teacher-students Student-student 1: 10 hour minutes HOMEWORK End of the class The homework is going to be about the topic write down the paragraph which contains 250 words on the blog Teacher-students 10minutes PLAN B The teacher is going to order the student write many questions to ask to the teacher or their partners.
  3. 3. IV. REFERENCES 1. Video, Discussing YourFuture Plans in English. Online English Classes V. METHOD, EVALUATION AND STRATEGIES METHOD EVALUATION TEACHING STRATEGIES Oral approach I will take into account the participation and the correct use of the topic “to be going to”. Also the correct pronunciation. Drawing, games, Writing.