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Stronger together: how WordPress communities are built


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The WordPress community is built and maintained by volunteers, using the same methods — and many of the same tools — that are used to make WordPress itself. In this session, you’ll get a look at the WordPress community’s “source code” and learn how to contribute to the growth of your local community — or create a community if you don’t already have one.

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Stronger together: how WordPress communities are built

  1. 1. STRONGER TOGETHER How WordPress communities are built
  2. 2. ANDREA MIDDLETON WordPress Community Team @andmiddleton
  3. 3. 26%
  5. 5. Good-Faith Rules 1. Decisions should benefit the community (not specific businesses or individuals). 2. Membership is open to anyone. 3. All work by volunteers (speakers or organizers are not paid). 4. Any trusted member of the group can organize an event for the group. 5. The community works together to make a welcoming environment, and discriminatory behavior is not accepted.
  6. 6. Fill out the application Gauge interest Read the handbook Interview Pre-planning: venue search, recruit team, speaker outreach, draft budget Budget Review Active planning printing, AV, food, parties speakers, fundraising, volunteers,
  8. 8. Helen Hou-Sandí, WordPress Lead Developer
  9. 9. join your local meetup organize the kind of meetup event you’d like to attendstart a local meetup suggest venue ideas volunteer at a WordCamp organize a WordCamp speak at a WordCamp sponsor a WordCamp speak at a meetup spread the word volunteer on the Community Team
  10. 10. Thank you! Andrea Middleton @andmiddleton