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Polish Way James - Andrea and Amanda


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Published in: Education, Spiritual
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Polish Way James - Andrea and Amanda

  1. 1. St. James the Apostle Churcheson the Małopolska St. James’s Way
  3. 3. Sandomierz This church is nearly Gothic (lately Romanesque) Roman Catholic brick church from the thirteenth century, probably built with the monastic buildings in 1236 year.
  4. 4. KotuszówIt’s a Baroque Roman Catholic temple, built in1661, in the place of a wooden building(which burned in thefire.) The church hasbeen made on acruciform plan.
  5. 5. SzczaworyżThis fabulous temple was built around 1630,onthe ruins of a church from the fifteenth century.
  6. 6. ProbołowiceThis wooden church was built in 1759.
  7. 7. PałecznicaThis is the case of a Roman Catholic parish, founded in 1695.
  8. 8. NiegardówThis is a Roman Catholic parish, built around1630 on the room of the old church from the fifteenth century.
  9. 9. Wieclawice StareThe parish was founded before 1326. The first wooden church was built in 1340, thecurrent church has been built from larch tree’swood, in a Baroque style.
  10. 10. ByAndrea F. LomasAmanda Lipinska