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The Next Web

  1. 1. The Next Web Inspiration to new business possibilities in Web 2.0 for companies Andreas Johannsen ¬ 2007-08-05
  2. 2. Hello • Web Communications Consultant • Associate partner at Connecta •
  3. 3. Relationships Interactions Complete, traditional marketing The Web evolution machines with newsletters etc Product brochures Company profile brochures
  4. 4. What's going on on the Web?
  5. 5. Corporations are tearing down their corporate firewalls and starting to develop, market and support products WITH partners and customers. Not just TO them.
  6. 6. Interaction between company and partners/customers are moving from impersonal to personal. Employees are getting faces.
  7. 7. Wikis are replacing classic intranets. Wikis are systems of pages that anyone can edit on-the-fly.
  8. 8. Weblogs are replacing corporate websites. Weblogs are websites for conversation.
  9. 9. Companies are establishing parallel presences: Physical (main + global offices), Virutal on Web, Virtual on Second Life etc.
  10. 10. The Web has become a social thing. Information seeking is not enough - relationships are more important.
  11. 11. From Web 1.0 to 2.0 • Web 1.0 is doing all the stuff we did before Web— on the Web. • Web 2.0 is about participation and relationship. • Web 1.0 is monologue. • Web 2.0 is conversation. • Web 1.0 is thinking quot;we are the expertsquot;. • Web 2.0 is acknowledging the fact that quot;users know more than usquot;
  12. 12. If I were a company...
  13. 13. In product development... • Find out what users are talking about • How are they using our products? The way we intend? Or better? What can we learn from it? • What do they like/dislike about our solutions, products and services? • Invite customers and partners in to co-develop new solutions, products and services — and test new ideas
  14. 14. In marketing/ communications... • Find out what market is talking about when it comes to your area of business • Let customers and partners market the products for you • Open the company and let partners feel closer to you • Get visual — images communicate more than words • Use blogs to establish the company as the authority when it comes to your area of business
  15. 15. Inside the organisation... • Use wikis and internal blogs to share knowledge and as drivers for innovation • Use photo sharing service to reinforce feeling of belonging to the same company • Use prediction markets to foster new ideas and let them compete agains each other
  16. 16. In HR... • How do you attract the best employees? Show what a great and fun place it is to work. • Show people, places and processes. • When considering new key personnel, look for the connected ones. • Use social business networks for recruitment.
  17. 17. Megatrends
  18. 18. Instant access to everything — everywhere and anytime • Access no longer limited to desktop og laptops but embedded in most electronic equipment: Phones, cars, watches, fridges... • Internet gets location awareness (GPS added to all devices). • Partners and customers expect to interact with your company anytime — and in depth. • Data (eg. XML) gets more important than presentation (web pages). Don't tie data to browser presentation.
  19. 19. Good and bad stories spread faster than fire • The story about one bad customer experience have a global audience and will potentially be found right next to the company on Google. • New collective mechanisms for information filtering are more powerful than traditional editorial mechanisms. • Post-filtering rather than pre-filtering. • Companies must monitor the conversations on the Web 24/7. • Companies must be able to react much faster than today. • Google Blogsearch is more important than press clippings. Faster, broader, free.
  20. 20. Sharing is caring • Why do people make software for free? Music? Art? Research? Great articles on Wikipedia? • Contributing to the network pays off because people are rewarded with better reputation in the network. • Don't underestimate the value of stuff because it's free. • One of the most profitable business models today is providing platforms for sharing (YouTube, MySpace, Google...)
  21. 21. Moving from the age of Mass Media to Masses' Media • What does it take to establish a global TV station? • A mobile phone + hosting + free software • Most people can create their own mass media in a few hours reaching the entire global online population. • What are they saying about your company? • Do our company have to speak with one voice? • Why do companies spend so much money on advertising in old mass media when fewer and fewer are watching? • Companies should make their own mass media — TV, radio etc.
  22. 22.
  23. 23. Andreas Johannsen skype: andreas-johannsen phone: +45 2620 3221