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Webdagene presentation ana andjelic

Digital marketplaces change behaviors of people, organizations and businesses. They introduce new forms of value exchange that result from connecting supply and demand in a new way. Learn how your brand can use digital to grow.

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Webdagene presentation ana andjelic

  1. 1. digital playbook for brands Webdagene, Oslo, October 16, 2014 ana ana andjelic, andjelic, @andjelicaaa
  2. 2. hello, I am Ana. ana andjelic, @andjelicaaa
  3. 3. and these are the things that inspire me. digital branding knowledge networks organizational ana andjelic, @andjelicaaa innovation new org forms org structure & media distributed cognition actor-network theory org management media management media studies media business technology studies social psychology cognitive psychology economic design thinking sociology behavioral economics
  4. 4. i am here to talk about how digital transforms markets, organizations and brands. ana andjelic, @andjelicaaa
  5. 5. why is this question relevant? anaa naan adnjdejelilcic,, @@aannddjejlieclaicaaaaa
  6. 6. Prices are at least one-sixth cheaper than its traditional rivals. AirBnB surpassed industry legacy Hilton Hotels in nights booked. 5th largest hotelier in the world. ana andjelic, @andjelicaaa Sources: and think airbnb ...
  7. 7. ana andjelic, @andjelicaaa think uber ...
  8. 8. think american express ... ana andjelic, @andjelicaaa
  9. 9. think general electric ... ana andjelic, @andjelicaaa
  10. 10. digital has become an economic force, ranging from the emerging businesses to the most established global corporations. ana andjelic, @andjelicaaa
  11. 11. • a new source of economic value • a marketplace • a way to expand market share • a new revenue stream • fuel for business growth • a source of competitive advantage • a new link and/or a disruptive force in a value chain • all of the above ana andjelic, @andjelicaaa it has become ...
  12. 12. systems disruption connecting products and services to create new value market focus user focus transformative value incremental value addition design making legacy business more valuable creating a new market and/or value chain human-centered business solutions ana andjelic, @andjelicaaa digital playbook for brands
  13. 13. 1. addition use digital to add a marketplace to the core business offering. ana andjelic, @andjelicaaa
  14. 14. ana andjelic, @andjelicaaa 2. systems the future of product value resides in the service designed around it.
  15. 15. 3. design ana andjelic, @andjelicaaa intimate knowledge of its consumers lets new businesses come up with initiatives that uniquely respond to consumers needs.
  16. 16. ana andjelic, @andjelicaaa 4. disruption disruptors’ value chain is different from the one that dominates their industry.
  17. 17. ok, now what? ana andjelic, @andjelicaaa
  18. 18. “If there is a simple, easy design principle that binds everything together, it’s probably starting with people.”* *Bill Moggridge find new revenue opportunities at each stage of the experience. organize company around each stage of the experience. experience design make each stage of the experience meet user needs better. ana andjelic, @andjelicaaa
  19. 19. “Above all else, align with customers. Win when they win. Win only when they win.”* find new revenue opportunities at each stage of experience. organize a company around each stage of experience make each stage of experience meet user needs better. *Amazon Doctrine experience design addition design systems disruption
  20. 20. a few things to think about... ana andjelic, @andjelicaaa
  21. 21. the starting point in your next project: from: to: what digital thing should i build? why is this a problem and how can i use digital to solve it? ana andjelic, @andjelicaaa
  22. 22. create social value AND economic value. it’s not that hard. ana andjelic, @andjelicaaa
  23. 23. be aware of black markets. ana andjelic, @andjelicaaa
  24. 24. think of an underserved demographic. it is also in the market of something. ana andjelic, @andjelicaaa
  25. 25. close the value loop: create, distribute and capture value.
  26. 26. don’t be bogged down by the need to define what business you’re in. ana andjelic, @andjelicaaa
  27. 27. “If you want something new, you have to stop doing something old.”* ana andjelic, @andjelicaaa *Peter Drucker
  28. 28. When the world is generous, transparent, sustainable and useful, our solutions need to be like that, too. ana andjelic, @andjelicaaa
  29. 29. Thank you. (you can find me on medium: @andjelicaaa) ana andjelic, @andjelicaaa

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Digital marketplaces change behaviors of people, organizations and businesses. They introduce new forms of value exchange that result from connecting supply and demand in a new way. Learn how your brand can use digital to grow.


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