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Social Media Marketing


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Use a new media mix to maximize your Return on Investment
Use social media as part of media mix and combine with conventional media
Understand your target market and involve them to co-create your brand

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Social Media Marketing

  1. 1. Social Media Marketing Andi S. Boediman Strategic Innovation Consultant
  2. 2. The Digital Media Landscape Owned media Bought media Earned media • Company web site • Banners (all formats) • WOM Marketing • Product site • Search marketing • User generated content • WAP Site • Affiliate • Organic Search + = • In-store • Video adds • Viral marketing • CRM • Sponsorships visibility • Chat on MSN / QQ • Partnerships • Partnerships visibility • Viral videos • Podcast • Mobile Advertising • Lifestyle Sites • RSS • Online PR • Social networks • Widgets • SEM • BBS and forum • SEO • Other social media venues relevant to countries
  3. 3. Campaign Cycle Phase I Phase II Phase III Scale and Involve and Engage and involve Recruit amplify the nation
  4. 4. Social Media
  5. 5. Evolving Digital Channels CONTROL OF CONTENT The Unstructured User-Controlled Changing Immersive Environment Landscape Web 3.0 Semistructured Virtual Worlds User-Generated content Mobile Semantic Web Web 2.0 WIkis Tagging Structured RSS Controlled Information Web 1.0 Blogs Rich Media Informational Web Sites ENGAGEMENT/ COLLABORATION Access Find Share Participate Collaborate Co-Create
  6. 6. Web 1.0 – Content is king Web 2.0 – Conversation is king; content’s just something to talk about
  7. 7. Usage of Social Network
  8. 8. Social Media / Who Does What? Publish Web page Publish or maintain blog Upload video to sites like YouTube Creators 13% Comment on blogs Post ratings and reviews Critics 19% Collectors 15% Use RSS Tag Web pages Joiners 19% Use social networking sites Spectators Read blogs 33% Watch peer-generated video Listen to podcasts Inactive 52% None of these activities Source: Forrester’s Research Base: US adult online consumers
  9. 9. Targeting the Social Media User Source: Forrester’s Research
  10. 10. Social Media User Influence 10
  11. 11. Social Media / Planning • People: Assess your customers’ social activities • Objectives: Decide what you want to accomplish • Strategy: Plan for how relationships will change • Technologies: Decide which to use
  12. 12. Social Media case study in a real world!
  13. 13. Case Study: Sony PSP CHALLENGE STRATEGY CONCEPT • Launching PSP to compete • Social media planning using • Create the dancing and with Wii, DS, and Xbox 360. blog, Youtube and viral rapping skills of Cousin Pete, • Target new generation of marketing supposedly one of the user • Create a fan blog and sell blogger's cousins. Despite • Create a cool perception the product through website being 35 and having an among the target user empty loft to shoot his crumbelieavable marketing video in, he too wants his parents to buy him a PSP for Christmas.
  14. 14. Bad Result So where did Sony, and Zipatoni, the marketing agency responsible for this train wreck, go wrong? Obviously, they were deceptive. Initially, the site admitted no affiliation to Sony, and Zipatoni's writers, using their pseudonyms, even denied the connection on the blog after readers had called them out and exposed the fakery. Much of the negative press has focused on Zipatoni's deception, but equally awful was the company's caricaturish portrayal of gamers--how they think, how they speak, and how they act. The writers of the site tried to use the cant of gamers, but they ended up sounding like an Internet version of Ali G, but without the irony. Gamers, just like any consumers, don't like it when marketers try to deceive them, but even worse is to try to deceive them so poorly. It's a lot like visiting Paris-- if you can't speak the language well, don't even bother trying. It'll just earn you a lot of dirty looks.
  15. 15. Case Study: KLM Fly for Fortune CHALLENGE STRATEGY CONCEPT Seed the online campaign • Social Media Planning to • Micro site with compelling KLM Fly For Fortune identify target audience and and exciting online Pixar- worldwide with these social sites in 58 countries style flying game, where objectives: participants can personalize • Seed viral game trailer in 58 their plane, create their own • Create Buzz & Free PR countries and 10 languages character, choose their • Improve Brand Likeability to social influentials, video favorite destination and take • Create Engagement & sharing sites, forums, blogs off Advocacy and social networks around • Acquire Opt-in E-mail the world • Players who finish the flight Addresses successfully can choose a • Increase Number of Online hangar to see if they have Bookings won free KLM tickets or a • Increase Online Ticket Sales Round-the-World ticket
  16. 16. Use of Media The interactive campaign Fly For Fortune incorporated natural seeding to social influentials, blogs, forums, travel communities, video sharing sites (YouTube, MetaCafe), social networks (Facebook, MySpace) KLM media: print ads in-flight magazine, e- mail marketing list and on-site promotion
  17. 17. Results RESULTS AWARENESS & BRANDING • KLM flew to viral success with Fly For Fortune and dominated the internet without buying attention • Campaign Comments: over 90% rated the game as excellent or very cool: “Pixar alike” • The viral campaign generated 220.000 clicks, with a media value of € 110.000 (by Media Agency) • The WOM value of the viral campaign was rated with a PR value of € 300.000 (by PR Agency) • Awareness up 11%, Likeability up 16%, Purchase Intent up 9% (by Metrix Lab) • Campaign won the Bronze Esprix and the Bronze IMC Europe Award RESULTS TRIAL & TRAFFIC • 8 million viral clip views in 90 days • 1,1 million game plays • 787.000 visitors directed to • 210.000 new opt-in e-mail leads generated • Tell-a-friend respondents: 34% • Number of blog posts: > 160 • Number of video portal posts > 120 • Google PageRank 6/10 • ROI of 1.200% (total campaign costs: ticket sales)
  18. 18. Case Study: Lenovo CHALLENGE STRATEGY CONCEPT • Building the Lenovo • To bring a real insider's • Recruit 100 athletes from 25 corporate reputation perspective on what is countries across 29 sports • Raising awareness of the happening during the Games disciplines to blog their Lenovo brand and products to fans at home around the Olympic experiences. globally in key priority world • Each was given a Lenovo markets • The Voices site was laptop and Flip camera as an • Increasing relevance of promoted online through a incentive. The agency will Lenovo products among series of interactive ad units, also be blogging over the consumers globally a Facebook application and course of the games under • Involving employees in the a Zumobi mobile application. Lenovo Blogs. excitement of the Olympics with a “Marketing 2.0” effort
  19. 19. As we finished the competition on pommel I'm really loving I am so happy that I was horse and secured the bronze They have all been Lenovo! They provided the able to come away from the medal, it became a very emotional telling me what a huge tools (a laptop and camera) I Olympic Games with a medal! They moment for me. At the time I didn't realize evement winning Gold is. I simply type. And let me tell you, its nice only pass out three of them every four that NBC had a camera on me, but I found hat but frankly the enormity ofyears, and for me to win one is amazing. to know there are people out there that out later on that I was crying on TV. I honestly will generated has caught me bywas so happy to be able to drape the want to hear about your rambling. I couldn't hold back the tears at that moment. It Honestly enough it really has not American flag over myself and run a But, this isn't the real reason I love was the culmination of what I had trained for me, I am still the same Abhinav victory lap, I instantly saw Bren and Lenovo. Let me tell you why I think they are my entire life, and I wanted to be on that floor a day ago was hanging around Harold and got to share the moment great!... These guys were great! Customer sharing in that moment with those guys. I e in my room in the Olympic with them. My mom was so and Client Service -- Grade A. I have used a got down on the floor and I told each ... That in no way means that happy. lot of various laptops over the years, and guy how impressed and proud I was his is not the most intense without a doubt I can say that none of what they accomplished. experience of my life. measure up to Lenovo. Abhinav Bindra: The day David Oliver: 2008 Olympic Games Dave Durante: What a Nicole Forrester: I Love after!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Bronze Medalist!! Day!!! LENOVO August 11, 2008 August 21, 2008 August 13, 2008 August 24, 2008 Comments: 926 Comments: 152 Comments: 51 URL: http:// 2008/08/what-day.html olympic-games-bronze-medalist.html day-after.html
  20. 20. Use of Media • Total Unique Monthly Visitors Reached via Social Media – 10,404,344 • Total Social Media Mentions- 202 sites • Lenovo Unique Site Visitors – 1,600,200+ • Total number of athlete posts – 1500+ • Total number of comments on athlete blogs – 8092 • Zumobi Mobile Downloads – 60,000+ • Facebook Application Downloads – 250,000+ • 2 accounts • 2 accounts • 4 accounts • 245,913 App • 230 stories tagged • 226 Updates Installations • 843 photos • 32 videos uploaded • 1,585 others have uploaded • 218 Lenovo Followers • 1.35 million tagged our stories • 4447 Views* pageviews • 6587 Views • 5000 Aggregated • *Within just 4 days before IOC removed followers for dchurbuck, • 1.7+ million user videos rohitbhargava, generated actions catchuplady, stevie_glas Mainstream Media Mentions
  21. 21. Result • Successfully reached the ambitious target of recruiting 100 athletes in less than 3 months from around the world to participate • More than 1.6 million people visited the Voices site and an untracked number interacted with the Lenovo experience through branding on our athlete blogs over the course of 1 month • The athletes created more than 1500 blog posts and received over 8000 comments from Olympic fans around the world • The Voices site was mentioned on more than 200 social media sites, including Cnet Asia, reaching a combined audience of over 10 million readers • The campaign was also mentioned prominently in mainstream global media including WSJ, USAToday, Times of India and others • Our onsite team created over 800 images, 35 videos and dozens of blog posts sharing real voices from the Games with the world • The site was used as the “homepage” in every Lenovo staffed i-Lounge in the athlete’s village and media center, reaching more than 25,000 athletes and journalists each time they used a machine
  22. 22. Lenovo Share Of Voice: Lenovo Share Of Voice Volume of posts versus the Volume of posts with other 2 top performing WW brand mentions versus Sponsor brands using social other WW Sponsors media
  23. 23. Social Media Cycle berita menjadi mainstream di Kompas cetak dan diikuti dukungan di Facebook akhir Mei 2009 dimuat di blog Ndorokakung, Dailysocial dan Primaaironline akhir 2008 berita awal Juni masuk dimuat di ke & dan
  24. 24. Media Mix Introducing New Menu Item: Cut from Conventional Media Grilled Chicken Flatbread Sandwich 6.4% 60.0% Reinvested 13.6% in Online 50.0% 5pt Gain! % Aided Awareness 40.0% 30.0% 20% of Broadcast Budget 20.0% Retu ed Dim t of rns inish 10.0% Poin 0.0% Ad Frequency (or Budget)
  25. 25. Key Takeaway • Use a new media mix to maximize your Return on Investment • Use social media as part of media mix and combine with conventional media • Understand your target market and involve them to co- create your brand
  26. 26. Andi S. Boediman Creative entrepreneur Chief Innovation Consultant