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Label As Brand


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Label started as symbol of reliability and trust. Brands are created through labeling commodity products.

Published in: Technology, Business
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Label As Brand

  1. 1. Andi S. Boediman Digital Studio
  2. 2. People have too many choices and too little time
  3. 3. Most offerings have similar quality and features
  4. 4. We tend to base our buying choices on trust
  5. 5. Label started as a symbol of reliability and trust
  6. 6. Brands are created through labeling commodity products.
  7. 7. It is then creating the perception of value
  8. 8. It becomes the trigger of an emotional experiences
  9. 9. Chocki-Choki Packaging Design (PT Mayora Indah)
  10. 10. In-Home Activation Wall’s 2 in 1 Chocolate & Vanilla 2 in 1 Strawberry & Chocolate 3 in 1 Chocolate, Vanilla & Strawberry
  11. 11. Clarity Wall’s Chocolate Heaven Honey Caramel Strawberry
  12. 12. And can be translated into bigger ambience & environment
  13. 13. Wall’s Branding Island Cabinet Matahari
  14. 14. And to remind this message…
  15. 15. Andi S. Boediman Creative entrepreneur Chief Innovation Consultant