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@writeontime's presentation for Tweetcamp San Antonio

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  • This is a presentation by Donna J. Tuttle @writeontime given at Tweetcamp San Antonio.
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Follower Lust

  1. 1. Follower Lust How to kick the habit and get real
  2. 2. Wanted: Rock Star Status
  3. 3. Needed: Sincere Engagement
  4. 4. Follower Reality • On average, each user has 126 followers. • Nearly 94 percent of Twitter accounts have less than 100 followers • Twitter users follow their followers up to 150, then it drops off precipitously *Source:
  5. 5. So how to get new followers? • Scan the room, listen, lurk. Follow your followers and people you like. • Think of Twitter as a conversation in a room. • Comment on the status updates that interest you. Retweet funny comments or great articles. • Ask questions about topics you want to learn more about. • Share information that’s fun and useful to your follower community; tone is important. Nobody likes a know-it-all.
  6. 6. What not to do... 1. Shamelessly plug your company all day long. 2. Engage another follower and immediately try to initiate sales. 3. Make all your Tweets “I” statements or a self- centered string of music you’re listening to all day long. 3. Brag. It’s OK to share good news once in awhile 3. Sit quietly for days on end. Tweet at least once or twice a day.
  7. 7. Self Important Tweets * K so I worked out for 3 hours and 45 minutes burning a total of 2,016 calories! I feel great! (and tired!) #lifetimefitness * Do you ever get freaked out by your own awesomeness? I admit, I do sometimes. It's like I have superpowers. * Just picked up the BMW. Drives beautifully! Love it! Still love the MX5 as well, but it's great to have a 'sensible' car for everyday use.
  8. 8. Try Mr. Tweet Mr. Tweet is a bit like friend finder on Facebook. Suggests good friend matches and gets your name out to like-minded followers.
  9. 9. Keep in mind............ • If you lose a large chunk of followers in one fell swoop, it’s not something you said (unless you’re being completely crude). It means a hiccup in Twitter or a sweep for old accounts and bots. • Once every couple of weeks, cull through your followers to make sure you’re following new friends and ridding yourself of spammers and inappropriate users.
  10. 10. Don’t #ff people to death
  11. 11. Make it Count • For all the crime news all the time in San Antonio, I follow @EvaRuth #ff • For a good belly laugh, I follow @joelstein columnist for TIME magazine
  12. 12. Bottom Line: Treat Followers As Friends, Leaders in Your Community • Loosen up, have fun, be yourself • If you obssess about follower numbers, you’re not engaging people • Integrity is the surest way to get quality followers.