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DBpedia Mappings Quality Assessment

The root of schema violations for rdf data generated from (semi-)structured data, often derives from mappings, which are repeatedly applied and specify how an RDF dataset is generated. The DBpedia dataset, which derives from Wikipedia infoboxes, is no exception. To mitigate the violations, we proposed in previous work to validate the mappings which generate the data, instead of validating the generated data afterwards. In this work, we demonstrate how mappings validation is applied to DBpedia. dbpedia mappings are automatically translated to RML and validated by RDFUnit. The DBpedia mappings assessment can be frequently executed, because it requires significantly less time compared to validating the dataset. The validation results become available via a user-friendly interface. The DBpedia community takes them into consideration to refine the DBpedia mappings or ontology and thus, increase the dataset quality.

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DBpedia Mappings Quality Assessment

  1. 1. RDFUnit can apply Quality Assessment to DBpedia RML Mappings DBpedia Mappings Quality Assessment • http:// Anastasia Dimou1, Dimitris Kontokostas2, Markus Freudenberg2, Ruben Verborgh1, Jens Lehmann2, Erik Mannens1, Sebastian Hellmann2 …WHERE { ?resource a %%C1%% ; %%P1%% ?p . } <#Mapping> rr:subjectMap [ rr:class dbo:MusicGenre ] ; rr:predicateObjectMap [ rr:predicate dbo:birthPlace ]. page/… dbo:MusicGenre … DBpedia is derived from Wikipedia using custom mappings Domain Violation Test Case for RML mappingsDomain Violation Test Case for RDF dataset … WHERE { ?resource a dbo:MusicGenre ; dbo:birthPlace ?p. } … WHERE { ?resource rr:predicateObjectMap ?poMap. ?poMap rr:predicate %%P1%% . ?resource rr:subjectMap ?sMap. ?sMap rr:class %%C1%%) size time #violations DBPedia EN 115K 11s 160 DBPedia NL 53K 6s 124 Dbpedia All 511K 32s 1,316 Quality Assessment for DBpedia RML mappings size time #violations DBPedia EN 62M 16h 3.2M DBPedia NL 21M 1.5h 815K Dbpedia All - - - Quality Assessment for DBpedia dataset Same violations appear repeatedly over distinct entities. The violations are derived from mapping definitions that specify how the RDF dataset will be generated 2AKSW, University of Leipzig1 Ghent University – imec – IDLab page/Τζαζ dbo:MusicGenre dbo:birthPlace page/Αμερική page/Post-Rock dbo:MusicGenre dbo:birthPlace /Ηνωμένο_Βασίλειο dbo:birthPlace {{TemplateMapping | mapToClass = MusicGenre | mappings = {{PropertyMapping | templateProperty = name | ontologyProperty = dbo:birthPlace }} }} DBpedia custom mappings DBpedia RML Mappings we translated DBpedia custom mappings to RML mappings RML mappings are expressed in RDF. RDFUnit validation framework apply its SPARQL-based Test Cases to RML as it applies them to RDF datasets. faster Mappings Quality Assessment, higher quality DBpedia dataset