Vrfid Vehicle Tracking


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Vrfid Vehicle Tracking

  1. 1. Using RFID to Control Entry/Exit of Vehicles www.vicinityrfid.com
  2. 2.  Automatically identify the vehicle and driver with little or no human intervention.  Constant and accurate visibility.  Allow entry/exit to authorized vehicles only.  Any unauthorized entry/exit of vehicle is tracked immediately.  No line of sight required.  Fast and Easy Entry/Exit of Vehicles.  Vehicle movement and status.  Increased efficiency and employee productivity.  Security concerns are addressed.  Greater Management control.  Overall reduction in Cost. www.vicinityrfid.com
  3. 3.  The parking at most of the places is manually controlled.  Checking the status of each and every vehicle is time consuming and tedious.  Prone to human errors.  High turn around time.  Long queue of vehicles.  No management control.  Loss of revenue.  High cost of labour.  Very less or no reports of the activities.  No alarm for any unauthorized entry. www.vicinityrfid.com
  4. 4. Authentication of vehicle and owner. No need for vehicle to stop. Authentication is done even with the vehicle moving at a speed of 20kmph. No unauthorized entry/exit of vehicle. Higher security for parking area. Scalability. Anti-Collision (Multiple tag read). Multifunctional. Real time reports and Alarms. No or very less human intervention. Low maintenance cost. Improvement in efficiency and productivity. www.vicinityrfid.com
  5. 5. Transponders or Tags are affixed on vehicles and/or the person driving the car The system authenticates the vehicle with the user from a distance of up to 5 meters and gives the appropriate signal to open the barrier. www.vicinityrfid.com
  6. 6. UHF Gen 2 Tags (shapes/type differ for vehicle and for human) UHF RFID system consisting of Long Range Readers Barrier Control and Alarm System Encoder and printer (optional for ticketing application) Computer Software for Multiple Applications
  7. 7.  RFID tags are affixed on the wind screen of all the vehicles.  Check In/Out Antennas and Readers are placed and connected to Barriers in such a way so as detect the moving vehicle and the driver from a maximum distance of 5 meters  VRF Central Vehicle Tracking System (web based application) installed on the server.  Alarm to be generated in case of unauthorized entry/exit of vehicle.  Records of Vehicle movement and history.  Scalable to multiple site scenario (Optional).  Integration with any other application or business process (optional).  Manual checking of occupants with the help of hand held readers (Optional) www.vicinityrfid.com
  8. 8.  Reduced manual errors.  Automated tracking, monitoring and validation.  Tracks/Authenticates moving vehicle.  Long Range up to 5 meters.  Reduce Entry/Exit Time.  Help reduce abuse and theft.  Improved security.  Reduced cost and Improved productivity.  Works with existing Ethernet/LAN network.  Real time update and display of activities. www.vicinityrfid.com 8