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Vicinity-Future Is RFID


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RFID is the most disruptive technology after the Internet.

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Vicinity-Future Is RFID

  1. 1. Future is RFIDpresents:“According to experts in a diverse range ofindustries, RFID has the potential to becomethe most disruptive technology since theINTERNET.”
  2. 2. ContentsOverview: What is RFID?How RFID Works?Why RFID?Why Now?Type of RFID ReadersApplication Areas (RFID + Mobility)About UsIIIIIIIVVVIVII2
  3. 3. What is RFID ?• Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) is a general term that is used to describe a systemthat transmits the identity (in the form of a unique serial number) of an object wirelessly,using radio waves. - Asset, Product, person, animal, etc.• Though there are different frequencies available in RFID spectrum, the UHF spectrum isstandardized and accepted world wide.3
  4. 4. How RFID Works?Stores a serial number that identifies aperson or object, on a microchip (RFID TAG)The Tag antenna enables the chip to transmitthe identification information to a reader.The reader converts the radio waves reflectedback from the RFID tag into digital information4
  5. 5. Why RFID ? Can it address the pain areas. Does it have the ability to quickly and easily locate the righttag at the right time. Does is reduce the man power and simultaneouslyincrease the Productivity. Is it the right time to begin realizing the benefits What is the right technology combination What is the ROI? Is there any better solution than RFID?5
  6. 6. Why Now ? Global standards (EPC Gen2) Maturing Technology Mandates (Wal-Mart, DOD) Early Mover Advantage. Greater Profits.6
  7. 7. 7Types of RFID ReadersTypically installed atentry and exit pointsand consists ofInterrogators andAntennas connectedto network i.e. LAN,WAN, GSMRead Range of up to5 meters (limited byGovt. regulations)Fixed UHFReaderPortable device,a hand heldcomputer withWindows mobileinstalled with builtin AntennasCan be carried bya person to trackany item and sendthe data via Bluetooth, GSM, LANetc.Read Range ofup to 1 meter(limited byantenna size)Mobile(hand-held) UHFReader
  8. 8. 8Application ofRFID and itsbenefits arelimited onlyby theimagination.PatronManagement StudentTrackingEventManagementDocumentTracking/LibraryLogistics &supplychainWarehouse& InventoryFleetTrackingRetailapplicationWIP – realtimeOtherAreasAssetTrackingBaggageHandlingApplications (RFID + Mobility)
  9. 9. 9Applications (RFID + Mobility) Container and Port LogisticsUsing fixed readers and antenna alongwith GPRS and GSM to locate the exactlocation of a container. Positive Patron Identification(Banks/ Hospitality/ Specialty Retail/Airlines) CSE receives the customer details on PDA /Black berry phones for preferential treatment. Pushing any promotional scheme on customer mobile whenever thecustomer is at an ATM or specialty retail store (subject to DND regulations).
  10. 10. 10Applications Students Tracking in School and School Bus Real Time Visibility of Students. Student pick up and drop locations canbe mapped and updated real timeover GSM network. Parents can be given a tag andmapped with their ward and canbe leveraged during PTA’s andother functions.
  11. 11. 11Applications Fleet Tracking Automatic Identification of Vehicles and/or owners/drivers Higher Security for premises and vehicles Security Concerns are addressed Constant and accurate visibility Fast and easy entry/exit of vehicles
  12. 12. 12Applications Event/Exhibition Management For special events where participation is by invitation only or paidparticipation For page 3 events Entire area is RFID mapped. The movement of visitors is constantly monitored through out theexhibition .The visitors details are pushed in to the smart phones ofexhibitors. Details of the exhibitors can be pushed on the smart phones of thevisitors. The solution ensures that an important visitor gets the preferentialtreatment at exhibitors stall.
  13. 13. 13Applications Retail Reduction in out of Stock situation Faster replenishment of stocks compared to barcode Less paper work resulting in reduction in manual orders Reduction in Excess stock/inventory Reduction of Replacement due to damage Less manpower to manage store Faster billing resulting in saving of precious space More space available for display and storage Overall inventory reduction through supply chain Higher customer satisfaction and more sales
  14. 14. 14EAS Checking atGates/ TheftPreventionSystemApplications Document/ Library Management Saves time and labour in finding documents/books/journals Fast and easy check in of documents/books Proper maintenance of records of movements Easy retrieval and replacement Time critical document must not exceed time Proper reporting
  16. 16. 16RFID enabled warehouse and inventoryshipment is put-away towarehousetagged material ensures it isstacked at assigned location& remains visibleinspections made withhandheld sensor detectcritical issuesreaders keep automaticreal-time count andlocation informationtagged goods arerecognized by sensors atthe entranceintegration with WMSprovides information aboutstacking logic
  17. 17. 17RFID enabled distributionReceiving Warehouseorder receivedthen released forpickingpick & packed fortransport. RFID tagsapplied in cascadingorder detected as it passes throughdock and ship confirm processed.order detected as it passes throughreceiving dock and receipt processedtruck arrives at destinationwith validated BLShipping Warehouse
  18. 18. 18RFID in WIP and dispatchRFIDReaderRFIDDataRFIDReaderRFIDReaderRFID tagplaced onproductsduring WIP tobe writtenwith TAGID asperProductionPlanProducts are ‘read’as its shipped byProduction storeProducts are‘read’ as itsshipped byFactoryWarehouseand receivedby theCentral/Regional warehousesleaving a trailon a real-timebasisReconciliation at warehouses withlocation map gives remote levelvisibility in supply chain, quickreconciliation, enables intratransferElectronic Proof of dispatchas it leaves the Warehouse1 2453
  19. 19. 19Applications Other Key areas for RFID implementation are Warehouse Management Inventory Management Work In Progress Container Management Ticketing/ Toll Gate Collection Department of Defense Patients and Hospital Records Management Pharmaceuticals Aviation Baggage Handling Cargo Handling Maintenance Repair and Overhaul (MRO) Visitor Management Right items & quantity for theright trucks for the right places
  20. 20. Our Clients© Vicinity RFID Solutions Pvt. Ltd.20
  21. 21. Contact InformationAnandkrishnananand@vicinityrfid.comHand phone: +91 98 21 22 19 78Vikas Modivikas@vicinityrfid.comHand phone: +91 93 20 06 80 35Vicinity RFID solutions Pvt. Ltd.#312, Building no 2,Sector- 3, MBP, Mahape, Navi Mumbai- 400 710, India.Tel: +91 22 2778 0343 (R-F-I-D). Fax: +91 22 27780344http://www.vicinityrfid.com21