Rfid in car racing


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Rfid in car racing

  1. 1. Case StudyRFID in Car Racing www.vicinityrfid.com
  2. 2. Case Study- Hakone Go Kart • 1st Go Kart Racing Site in India • Situated at up market Hirandani Gardens at Powai- Mumbai • Longest and most sophisticated Karting Track in India • Most popular adventure sport site in Mumbai • It comprises of Junior, Senior and Championship tracks • Championships are regularly held • Every kart is under the control of a marshal who can control or even stop the kart using a remote www.vicinityrfid.com
  3. 3. Operational Characteristics • The Track is open from 2:30 PM till 9:30 PM • Standard format of races are 4, 6 or 10 tracks • At any point of time only 4 karts are allowed • Racers have to wait for their turn after making the payment • At the start of the race the race marshals note the booking number and cart number. • The present system of Lap and Race time counting is old and defunct • The counting of laps is done manually • The data is tabulated manually www.vicinityrfid.com
  4. 4. Goals• Automated and accurate counting of Lap and Race Timings.• Reduce the manual counting of laps by marshals• Alert the marshals for last lap• Provide the racers with their fastest lap and race timings report.• Provide Audit reports and summary for the day• Complete control of system from booking counter• Increase the number of karts from 4 to 8 to reduce the waiting time and increase in revenue www.vicinityrfid.com
  5. 5. Products Used• ThingMagic Astra Reader – 1 No.• SMET Mono-static Antenna – 1 No.• RFID Tags using UPM RFID inlays – 500 Nos.• Vicinity RFID – Agile Middleware for Race and Lap Timing. www.vicinityrfid.com
  6. 6. The Solution• At the start point 1 Astra UHF Reader and 1 Mono-static Antenna is installed on a customized arch frame.• Each kart is affixed with an RFID tag for kart identification• At booking counter customer is issued an RFID tag against a paper form. The customer details are booked with a date time stamp.• At the starting pit the RFID customer tag is also attached to the kart• The RFID Kart Tag and Customer Tag are read at start of the Pit and gets mapped in the system. The Start time gets recorded. www.vicinityrfid.com
  7. 7. • The customer name, kart no. and number of laps and lap counter would be displayed on the screen• Lap count and time stamp are recorded automatically. Fastest Lap time are compared and update the track record.• On the last lap , the record on screen is highlighted and helps the marshal to flag the kart to the pit. www.vicinityrfid.com
  8. 8. Go Karting Site Layout www.vicinityrfid.com
  9. 9. www.vicinityrfid.com
  10. 10. Software : Introducing Agile• Agile middleware is ported in the Astra reader enabling it to work even if the PC is switched off.• Agile Synchronization module is installed in the PC.• The PC is used to upload and download the data and transactions.• The audit reports are generated form the Agile module in the PC. www.vicinityrfid.com
  11. 11. ContactsVicinity RFID Solutions Pvt. Ltd.# 312, Building 2, Sector 3,Millennium Business Park,Mahape, Navi Mumbai – 400 710. INDIATel: +91 93200 68035/22 2778 0343email.: vikas@vicinityrfid.comWeb: www.vicinityrfid.com www.vicinityrfid.com