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The many secrets of happiness


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Published in: Spiritual
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The many secrets of happiness

  1. 1. The Many Secrets Of Happiness
  2. 2. I think it would not be too much to state that a lot of peopleare not happy. While a few are actually miserable, not toomany people can truly say that they are living a happy life.Part of the reasons for this is because there are many thingsthat we have to do to be happy. Or in other words, there aremany secrets to a happy life. And by the way, a happy lifehere is for both the short and long-term, and not just for amoment in time. Let me share with you what Dan Bakerwrote in his enlightening book What Happy People Know:
  3. 3. If you dont think happiness is critically important, perhapsits because you have a narrow definition of it, as manypeople do, thinking that it just means being in a good moodmost of the time, or experiencing the emotion of joy. Buthappiness is neither a mood nor an emotion. Mood is abiochemical condition, and emotions are just transitoryfeelings. Happiness is a way of life - an overriding outlookcomposed of qualities such as optimism, courage, love, andfulfillment.
  4. 4. Now I will add to that: A major reason why a lot of peopleare miserable is because they dont know what to do to live ahappify life. I know this by my personal experience. For thefirst twenty-five years of my life, instead of living, I was justexisting. Meandering left, right, forward, backwards andgoing nowhere real fast. Yes, there were some happiness butthere were also much pain, misery and suffering. Worse, thehappiness was short-lived but the daily grind was long,monotonous and hard.
  5. 5. I have since learnt that happiness, and by that I mean realand long-lasting happiness, is hard work! There are manythings we must know and many things we must do if wewant to live a life of long-lasting happiness. One of them is toenjoy your current toys.However, thats just one of them, which means that there aremore secrets to happiness. Since Im so happy (!), Ill giveyou more clues:
  6. 6. • Do the work that you actually have passion for• Know your purpose in life• Have goals that will stretch you• Exercise regularly• Eat sensibly
  7. 7. • Give thanks regularly• Praise good work done by others• Spend time with people who brings you up and thosethat makes you happy• Learn new skills
  8. 8. • Do things instead of talking or watching others dothem• Laugh• Enjoy the journey and not just the achievement/result• Be in the moment