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M commerce

  1. 1. How to convert website visitors topaying customers and increase salesup to 2,5 times with no investments?A1 solution
  2. 2. Web services average conversion 02
  3. 3. Web services average conversionFrom 8%of those who startthe payment process5% are lost.Let’s figure out why. 03
  4. 4. Suggested payment options are not available:•  according to the data of Public Opinion Foundation, bank card payments in Russia are used by 40% of population*;•  according to the data of E-Money Association, e-money payments are used by appr. 25 mln people in Russia, which is about 18% of population**.•  http://www.banki31.ru/analytics1/research/plasticcards_research.html** http://kiosks.ru/content/rus/817/8172-article.asp 04
  5. 5. Suggested payment options are not preferable:•  it is unsafe*only 22%** of cardholders are ready to use them in web payments;•  it is complicated/longbank card – in average 3 redirects, 10 actions, 10 minutes;e-money – in average 3 redirects, 7 actions, 8 minutes.•  http://www.banki.ru/news/bankpress/?id=3906402** http://www.banki31.ru/analytics1/research/plasticcards_research.html 05
  6. 6. Web service demand• Sales growth• Reduction of visitors attracting expenses 06
  7. 7. Solution: mCommerceEasily-accessible, safe and convenientpayment option which enables the webservice to increase the conversion rate ofvisitors to customers up to 2,5 times. 07
  8. 8. mCommerce advantagesMobile penetration rate in Russia is 161%*.The payment is made in 2 actions (entering MSISDN on the paymentpage, sending confirmation SMS).Your customer needs only a mobile phone.No redirects and no displays of competitors’ services/brands.The payment takes 15 secs, your customer has no time to change hismind.No risk of losing money from bank accounts.* http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_mobile_network_operators_of_Europe#Russian_Federation 08
  9. 9. mCommerce also solves additionalbusiness goals:• Increases customer’s loyalty to your service due to simplicityand convenience of payment method.• Provides additional sales due to a new channel ofcommunication with customers via MSISDNs: SMSadvertisements and application installation. 09
  10. 10. mCommerce from your customer’s point of view: 10
  11. 11. Legal and technological issuesArbitrary transaction sum (up to 15 000 rubles).Lack of unsecured transactions: the payment can beprocessed only in case there is enough money on end user’smobile phone balance. Consequently, there is no hold/fraud/chargebacks.Minimal requirements for website formalization, an opportunityto save your own design. 11
  12. 12. What can A1 offer to your business? Reliable billing system smoothly operating 24*7 Direct contracts with mobile operators 24/7 free end user support Open API Private account with detailed online statistics 12
  13. 13. Finance issuesFinance issues No setup fees No monthly fees and hidden commissions Negotiating the most beneficial conditions for your service with operators (payouts up to 95% from EUP excl. VAT) Increased payouts when using different A1’s payment options 13
  14. 14. Contacts +7 499 638 40 77 sales@alt1.ru www.alt1.ru