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Agile For UX Practitioners

An introduction to Agile from the vantage point of User Experience Practitioners.

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Agile For UX Practitioners

  1. Agile for UX Practitioners<br />Anders Ramsay, Delve Conference, August 2009<br />
  2. About Me<br />
  3. UX + Agile:What Changes?What Stays the Same?Agile for Traditional Teams?<br />
  4. Agile?<br />
  5. Planning Poker<br />Agile Coach<br />Spikes<br />Extreme Programming<br />Backlogs<br />Scrum<br />Test-Driven Development<br />Story Cards<br />Customer<br />Sprints<br />Product Owner<br />Velocity<br />Standups<br />Daily Standups<br />Refactoring<br />Burndown<br />Pair Programming<br />Crystal Methods<br />Feature-Driven Development<br />Scrum Master<br />Adaptive Software Development<br />Dynamic Systems Development<br />Lean Development<br />
  6. Agile is a DesignMindset<br />Specific to Software <br />From a Developer Perspective…<br />
  7. Two Perspectives<br />UX<br />DEVELOPER<br />
  8. Sample Project<br />Two-week Vendor Bake-Off<br />Contrasts Traditional/Agile<br />
  9. Sample Project<br />Traditional<br />Agile<br />
  10. Traditional Lifecycle<br />We can’t start building anything in two weeks…<br />BUILD<br />DESIGN<br />Time<br />
  11. Agile Lifecycle<br />What is the Earliest Responsible Moment we can start building?<br />DESIGN<br />BUILD<br />Time<br />HUMAN/TECHNICAL INFRASTRUCTURE<br />
  12. UX: Really? Let’s discuss how we can simplify it…<br />Dev: This is more complex than we thought…<br />Agile is People-Centered<br />
  13. Project Narrative<br />UX<br />2 weeks<br />1-2 Days<br />
  14. Agile is Open, Visible<br />
  15. You can start building sooner than you think<br />
  16. Project Narrative<br />Reflect, Adjust<br />UX<br />UX<br />Build 1<br />2 weeks<br />1-2 Days<br />2-3 Days<br />
  17. Agile Documents<br />
  18. Asking a Different Question…<br />
  19. Comprehensive<br />What is everything developers need to know?<br />
  20. Just Enough<br />etc.<br />What is the minimum needed to start building?<br />
  21. Specification Sketch<br />
  22. Designing is Building is Designing<br />
  23. Evolving the UI in Tandem with the Software<br />
  24. Document Cost-Benefit<br />
  25. Agile Documents<br />Yes, you can keep doing wireframes!but…<br />Design the delta.<br />For conversation.<br />As a means, not an end.<br />
  26. Project Narrative<br />REALITY<br />Reflect, Adjust<br />Reflect, Adjust<br />Build 2<br />Build 3<br />UX<br />UX<br />UX<br />Build 1<br />2 weeks<br />
  27. Adaptive<br />Lean<br />There is Only Us<br />Self-Organizing<br />Reality-Driven<br />Conversation-oriented<br />Iterative<br />Autonomous<br />Agile Mindset<br />Visible<br />People-Centered<br />Focused<br />Software-specific<br />Sustainable<br />Open<br />Solution-oriented<br />Technical Excellence<br />Light-weight<br />Safe<br />
  28. Getting Started<br />
  29. Step Zero: You and Your Team<br />
  30. Process is a Secondary Effect of People<br />—Alistair Cockburn<br />
  31. Beware Agile Orthodoxy and Ritual<br />From HenrikKniberg’s Blog at<br />
  32. The BigCorp Factor<br />
  33. Iterate the Transition<br />
  34. Takeaways<br />
  35. Agile + UX?<br />
  36. Agile <br />UX<br />
  37. Agile<br />UX<br />Mutually Empowering Opposites<br />
  38. Takeaways<br />Start with an Agile Mindset and all else will follow.<br />Develop your Developer Perspective.<br />Same UX Principles, New artifacts and methods.<br />
  39. Thanks!<br />@andersramsay<br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br />