YPIowa 2007 YP Leaders Academy


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YPIowa's YP Leaders Academy spreadsheet for 2007. Check out www.ypiowa.com for more details

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YPIowa 2007 YP Leaders Academy

  1. 1. YP Leaders Academy Looking Towards the Future
  2. 2. Introductions • Your Name • YP Group Name • Location of YP Group • Your role in YP Group • Your company • “A day in your city”
  3. 3. YPIowa • ABI Foundation • GLUE & Greater Midwest Rural YP Group • National YP Summit, Florida – Sept 24 – 28 • Other Successful Statewide Groups – North Dakota, Florida, Pennsylvania & New Mexico • Currently 96 YP groups in Iowa – 49 are Jaycees
  4. 4. Membership • YPIowa Membership = $20 per year – $20 off Leadership Conference Registration – IA.biz Magazine subscription – YPIowa Pin – Monthly Newsletter sent directly to you • Facebook, My Space, LinkedIn
  5. 5. Executive Committee • YPIowa Board – 15 board members on a 3 year rotating terms PLUS up to 3 assigned board positions – Virginia Anderson, President; Kori Heuss, Vice- President; Lynn Olberding, Secretary; Angela Rheingans, Treasurer • YPIowa Board opportunities – Applications due by October 1 – Discussion will take place at 4th Q Board Meeting / YPIowa Leadership Conference
  6. 6. Executive Committee • YPIowa Funding – Sponsorships & Events fund this organization • Host for YPIowa Events – Applications for 2009 Leadership conference due July 15, 2008 • YPIowa Sponsor local YP events – If you would like to list YPIowa as a sponsor for your groups event, send your request to info@ypiowa prior to event.
  7. 7. Volunteer Opportunities • Committees – Communication Committee – Advocate Committee – Connect Committee – Education Committee
  8. 8. Communication Committee • Todd Lovelace, Chair • Monthly Newsletter • Website – Feature events on Main Page – Link to your YP group – Promote events on Events Page – Speakers Bureau (working on) – Best Practices – under Education Committee – Pay for local YP Group Fees (working on) – Blog & Forums
  9. 9. Advocate Committee • Jessica Palmer, Chair • We are a 501 (c) (3) so we can not take a stand on an issue, but we can inform • YP Day at the Capitol – spring of each year – 2007 – signed the Generation Iowa Commission Bill – 2008 – got an update on Generation Iowa Commission and learned how to lobby • Legislative Bill Wrap-up (working on) • How to contact your legislator (working on)
  10. 10. Advocate Committee • Generation Iowa Commission – SWOT Analysis – Iowa Best Practices: How to Recruit & Retain – Road map to recruit and retain young people in Iowa • www.iowalifechanging.com/generation • www.generationiowa.com
  11. 11. Connect Committee • YPIowa Annual Leadership Conference – 2004 – Ames – 2005 – Des Moines – 2006 – Cedar Rapids – 2007 – Sioux City – 2008 – Muscatine – Amanda Landers-Each, Chair – 2009 – TBD – will be announced at the conference • Job Ambassador Program – Amanda Brend, Chair – Consideriowa.org Request
  12. 12. Education Committee • Amy Jennings, Chair • Meet with YP Groups • Survey YP Groups • Provide Best Practices • Round up Example Documents • Share YP stats – IPTV • Help Start-up new YP groups • Put on YP Leaders Academy
  13. 13. Boosting your membership & Increase member participation
  14. 14. Note – stats here were based on a survey done at the beginning of the year where 24 groups filled out the survey. Please make sure to check with Wade sometime today to make sure we have the correct e-mail addresses for your organization.
  15. 15. Membership Affiliate Group or  18 Non-Affiliate Group 16 Chamber - 14 Economic 12 - Development Group 10 Affiliate 8 Non-Affiliate 6 How is your group set- 4 up? What has been 2 your experience? 0 Starting
  16. 16. Membership Annual Dues  What does it cover? 10  How does it compare 9  to other groups? 8 Where else do your 7  < $20 funds come from to 6 $20 - $29 cover costs? 5 $30 - $39 What VALUE do they 4  $40 - $49 3 gain by being a $50 - $60 2 member? 1 0 Yearly Dues
  17. 17. Membership Set the goal for your  group – 6 Are you going to try and be 5  a group with large number of members < 50 4 50-99 Are you going to be a  3 group of involved members 100-200 – typically a smaller 200-300 2 number of members. 300+ 1 0 # of members Quantity vs Quality
  18. 18. Membership Note – a high number of people or an  increase in membership can sometimes help when recruiting sponsorship dollars… Or – A focus on the numbers can cause  people to see you more of a social club.... So, it’s a fine line!!!
  19. 19. Membership YPIowa Board member representing Burlington, Brenda Wischmeier “If you waste too much time on the members who do not show up, you can loose your active members.”
  20. 20. Membership Focus of YP Group  Social  Charitable  Professional Development  Civic  Any others?
  21. 21. Membership IMPACT  By making an impact on your community,  your group becomes a group that people want to become a member of. YPs love to feel they can make a difference.
  22. 22. Membership Challenge from April Girard, Keokuk YP  People are so busy nowadays that it makes it difficult for people to devote the extra  time after work or on the weekends. I keep coming back to the fact that if each person did a little it would make a huge difference and wouldn’t take that much time from each person. How do we get that message across to the communities and YPs in Iowa and especially the smaller populated areas? I once hear that most people would volunteer if they were only asked. I wonder if we have a message going out to the state of IA and the YP communities stating that we are asking for help, kind of like what JFK said; “… what can you do for your country.” We should be asking “What can you do to help IA and your fellow neighbors and YPs?”
  23. 23. Membership Form Committees –  This allows members to feel like they are  making a contribution What committees do you break up into? 
  24. 24. Membership Form Committees –  Break up the jobs to keep committees active  Keep some committee commitments short  Hold committees meetings before general  membership meetings Focus on membership by having an individual  or committee focused on this specifically.
  25. 25. Membership Structure  Get in groups of 4 and discuss your  organizational structure and how that works with your committees
  26. 26. Membership New Member Orientations  Breakfast / lunch / evening  What do you do?  Membership application   Name tags  Profile on website  Orientation Buddy system with old members  Greeter committee 
  27. 27. Membership Social Events  Should target a wide array of people  How to avoid being portrayed as the drinking  club?
  28. 28. Membership College Student Recruitment 
  29. 29. Membership Communication  How do you communicate your events?  E-mail  E-vite  Website  Phone Calls  Do you have a website presence?  Examples on YPIowa.com 
  30. 30. Membership Amy Jennings, YPIowa Board member representing Des Moines area wraps it up well….. “Communicate, Communicate, Communicate. Ask members what they want to see and get them involved in a leadership position or committee.”
  31. 31. Membership Time to MOVE! Choose a card
  32. 32. Connecting with Business Leaders & Gaining Community Support
  33. 33. What is a YP? Is there an age limit?
  34. 34.  Utilize Media Sources on every thing your YP group does – Press Release & Press Conferences Announce annual meeting Announce new board members Announce all activities Announce all changes  Choose to hold an event that is specifically to gain respect of the community, even though you don’t necessarily market it that way. Any examples?
  35. 35. Avoid bringing up if alcohol will be at events. If asked, just mention drinks will be available and then mention the main reason you’re there.
  36. 36. Sponsorship vs Corporate Tour  Sponsorship  Corporate Tour Specific reason for your Inform community and meeting is to ask for city leaders about your YP group’s activity their financial support  Fundraiser Give examples to go on each of the boards Your group is giving a product or service in exchange for a donation.
  37. 37. Get the word out about your group Talk at other Service Clubs Maximize Meet & Greets Invite business leaders to professional development events or hold them at their place of business Volunteer at other non-profit activities Other ideas of how to get your message out?
  38. 38. Have a PowerPoint ready to talk about the history of the group and where you are today Rely on data & local demographics to help prove why your support is needed Use Survey Monkey as a resource Prepare an Annual Report
  39. 39. During a meeting with Business Leaders –  Show the emotional side of it  Show how you are making an impact  Explain your plan for building the young professional community  Talk with them about showing their support by asking their employees to become members representing their businesses.  See if there is anyone they recommend to become a member of the organization  Talk about building leaders for tomorrow  Explain how you are there to help them  Ask! You must specifically ask.  Ask for double what you expect to get
  40. 40. How to get in front of the top leaders? Chamber assistance Ask those you’ve met with to introduce you to others that should hear your message Advisory Board Large annual event fundraiser networking event Community seminar
  41. 41. Kyle Kelly, Past President of SCGO says “key is to show value to business leaders, and their respect and support will follow”
  42. 42. Time to move! Choose a card
  43. 43. Re-energizing your YP Group
  44. 44. Re-energizing your YP Group • Get out of the Habit – • Think outside of the box and create something new vs doing what comes easiest
  45. 45. Re-energizing your YP Group • Speed Networking • Big Dream Gatherings • Executive connection – CEO Luncheon Series
  46. 46. Re-energizing your YP Group • Define Networking – • It’s when you make connections that will lead to something • Strictly Socials are social events. Don’t try and make networking part of socials.
  47. 47. Re-energizing your YP Group • Make things fun and entertaining • Ask for feedback • Refresh Committees • Change it up!
  48. 48. Re-energizing your YP Group • Ice Breaker ideas? Throw ball & write it on board • Ideas on how to change it up? Throw ball & write it on board
  49. 49. Re-energizing your YP Group • Survey Monkey • CEO Luncheon Series • Share your personal involvement in other parts of the city • Share your business profiles
  50. 50. Succession Planning
  51. 51. Succession Planning • Make sure your leaders understand the History of your group – why you started, how you started – understand the mission. • Make sure your entire board can’t turn over at the same time – stager the terms lengths – How long are your terms? • Learn to Lean on one another, especially during busier times at work
  52. 52. Succession Planning • Create bylaws and board structure which includes a future president & past president as board members. This helps ensure the next person in line for leadership is being trained. – Chair / Vice-Chair – Ex-officia – Have open seats allowed in your By-laws
  53. 53. Succession Planning • Document important changes so it can be passed on to future boards. – Be clear in your by-laws what committees / leadership roles do so it can always be referenced • Examples on YPIowa.com – Bylaws – Articles – Budget – Event Planning
  54. 54. Succession Planning • Identify successors – Make sure to give them trial run tasks to ensure they can handle the position • Nominating Committee • Greeters Committee assignment • Continually work on developing your group members leadership skills • Strategic Planning
  55. 55. Strategic Planning • Planning is setting the direction for something and then guiding one to follow the direction • Determines where an organization is going, how it will get there and how it’ll know if it got there • Ensures key leaders are all on the same page • Increases effectiveness • Solves major problems
  56. 56. Strategic Planning • Defines the realistic goals and timeframes • Goals communicated to all team members to develop a sense of ownership • Provides measurable goals to give reason to celebrate success
  57. 57. Strategic Planning • If you haven’t done one yet. • New Group Starting • New major venture • When having a “come to Jesus” meeting on group • Once every three years • Action plans should be updated yearly, but discussed quarterly
  58. 58. Strategic Planning • Review your group’s purpose or desired result • Survey and understand your YP group • Analyze the situation – SWOT • Establish goals • Establish strategies & assign responsibility • Physically write the plan • Acknowledge and Celebrate Successes
  59. 59. Strategic Planning • Goals and Objectives should be SMARTER – S – Specific – M – Measurable – A – Acceptable – R – Realistic – T – Time frame – E – Extending – R - Rewarding
  60. 60. Strategic Planning • Involve the right people • There is no “perfect” plan • Start simple, but start! • Consider having a consultant or facilitator • Be engaged to communicate the plan • Build accountability – who’s doing what when? • Deviating from the plan is okay, it’s not a set of rules, it’s a guideline • Most importantly………
  61. 61. Strategic Planning Celebrate Successes!
  62. 62. Succession Planning • When you look back on a group, as things change, your group changes…. • How do you feel your group is doing in this category? Is the change positive? What is it you feel your group can do to be better prepared and understanding the changes? Write down… with your permission these will be shared on the website forum (with no names) as examples.
  63. 63. Starting a YP Group Guide to start
  64. 64. Thanks for your input and participation! Dates to remember 7/15/2008 - RFP for Conference due 10/1/2008 - Board Applications due 10/10/2008 - YPIowa Leadership Conference in Muscatine