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Iowa Job Ambassador Power Point

  1. 1. Iowa’s Statewide YPO Started in 2004 with statewide conferences Board and committee work started in 2007 Mission: “To connect and engage young professional in Iowa to take responsibility for the growth of their community and state.” YP = Young Professional YPO = Young Professional Organization
  2. 2. Iowa is ahead of most states • Only a handful of states have a statewide organization (Florida, New Mexico, North Dakota) • Over 100 YPOs throughout the state of Iowa Most states just see YP groups within metro markets and not within the rural cities.
  3. 3. 501 ( c )( 3 ) organization affiliated with the Iowa Association of Business and Industry Foundation. YPIowa Board made up of 15 young leaders from around the state of Iowa
  4. 4. Board meets 4 times a year monthly newsletter to YPs throughout the state Blog Annual Leadership YP Leader’s Academy assist with Conference start new YPOs (Le Mars, Iowa) advocates around the state assist other Midwest YPOs All resources can be found at
  5. 5. YPIowa was at the desk when the Governor Culver signed bill to create the 1st statewide YP commission in the nation! YPIowa encouraged YPs to sign-up for the Generation Iowa Commission. He had a pool of over 250 to choose from! Generation Iowa Commission is a commission under the Iowa Department of Economic Development and has access to statistics and also the ear of legislators.
  6. 6. Working since 2007 to help Iowa’s business, government and community leaders stop this….
  7. 7. Out-migration leads to a projection of plunging workforce population Iowa’s workforce is peaking in size. In 10 years, Iowa’s workforce will lose about 60,000 people every 5 years. (Equivalent to losing a Principal, UIHC or Rockwell Collins every year.)
  8. 8. From 2005 to 2007, Iowa has moved up to second-to-last in the Midwest in key wage metric.
  9. 9. In 2008, Generation Iowa surveyed 1000 Iowans about why they would leave. Highest Priorities 1. Highest Paying Job in their Field of Study Other “Tie-Breaker” Priorities 2. Demographic-Specific Amenities and Attractions 3. Options for Career Advancement & Mentoring 4. Cost-of-living + Student Debt repayment
  10. 10. Brain Drain is a symptom of a lack of jobs for people with advanced degrees
  11. 11. • What does the world look like to a college graduate? 62% of Iowa’s high school graduates go to college – 33% of “Next Generation” Iowans will get a Bachelor’s degree – 24% of workforce aged Iowans already have a Bachelor’s degree – 12.2% of currently available jobs require a BA or higher – • Iowa has relatively fewer career opportunities, without concentrated industry clustering & New Economy capital-efficient industries
  12. 12. State-Level Policy Recommendations • More ambitious state Job Creation programs to better funnel efforts toward high-skill jobs • Next Generation members on state’s economic development, education and quality-of-life boards • Double IDED support of small business internships • Increase education grant to AmeriCorps’ disaster volunteers
  13. 13. What are you seeing?
  14. 14. We need young, YPs want to educated Iowan’s stay, but can’t to secure find an our future appropriate job YPIowa created the Job Ambassadors
  15. 15. YPIowa wanted to create a program that • addresses the growing workforce needs of the state of Iowa • Creates a network for those who want to pursue job opportunities within Iowa. • Attracts and retains young professional in Iowa.
  16. 16. There are current gaps or perceived gaps in career offerings for YPs throughout the state. • YPs leave the state to pursue higher paying jobs. Also, have trouble finding job opportunities when they graduate college • YPs then have trouble connecting to jobs when they want to move back to their hometown
  17. 17. YPIowa recognized that in order to keep young talent in the state and encourage new young talent to move to Iowa, there must be career opportunities for them. They must have a means to enjoy the high quality of life that Iowa can offer.
  18. 18. How did you find out about your current employers job opportunities? • Newspaper • Online Posting • Iowa Workforce • Temp Agencies • Networking – Got recruited – Told about the opening
  19. 19. I want to move I’ve got a back to my position in IT hometown in open here at IA. Do you company XYZ. know of any Do you know of opportunities a YP making a for someone move within this with an IT field? degree?
  20. 20. • Regional Advisors in Test Markets – Oversees a Region • Greg Hoffman, NW Iowa • Quad Cities • Des Moines • Marshalltown • Cedar Rapids • Job Ambassadors – Assist Regional Advisors within specific cities – Connected to the Community • Sioux City: Beth Trejo, Jon Murad, Virginia Anderson
  21. 21. • Act as a link between local and regional statewide efforts • Close any gaps in communication or resources that act as barriers for both YPs and employers • Resource for YPs interested in staying or moving to the state to find the opportunities they need. • Assist employers to get connected to young qualified job candidates.
  22. 22. Who is all involved? Did not want • Statewide and local government to recreate the wheel initiatives / commissions • Statewide workforce programs such as IWD and IDED • Local Chambers of Commerce • Universities and Found Colleges, Technical and partnerships Community Colleges throughout the • Trades, Associations and Unions communities • Human Resource Organizations • Civic Organizations • Business Leaders
  23. 23. How does this benefit your company? • These YPs have networked in order to find out about this opportunity so they understand the power of making connections. • Access to YPs that are passionate about this area and want to make this home. • May come across a YP that you could “make room” for within your company because of their experience level.
  24. 24. How to utilize Everything sent to this e-mail will be forwarded to the Regional Advisors where the job is located or where the YP wishes to find their job opportunity.
  25. 25. Company with Jobs Individuals seeking Job • • City wish to locate to City position located • • Type of position you are Job description looking for • Specific requirements • Resume • Permission to promote • Permission to forward your position to YPs resume to job • We will send you the opportunities resume so you know they come from this program.
  26. 26. Questions? E-mail: E-mail: