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Innovation Principles


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Published in: Design, Technology, Business
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Innovation Principles

  1. 1. I N N O V A T I O N P R I N C I P L E S 
  2. 2. Anderson Penha André Coutinho Daniel Egger Marcelo Fernandes@anderson_penha@anderson penha @andrehcoutinho @andreh o tinho @daniel_egger @daniel egger @fernandes2050
  3. 3. What is a principle? (Lat. (Lat principium = start, origin) start origin) norms or conducts that guide  the individual;  universal maxims initiated by desire i iti t d b d ishould be followed by everyone start of something start of something creation of a causality further possible axiom empiric monitoring reproducibility
  4. 4. • (lat innovatus pp of innovare “renew alter“) innovatus, pp. renew, alter )• 16 century• renew something that exist or not• introduction of something• initially not linked with financial terms• change the social value (to the better)• changes the cognitive process• origin in art and cultural movements• positive impact (subjective)
  5. 5. Innovation principles =start something to create or renew something something * (start + create)
  6. 6. something g * (start + create)
  7. 7. innovationmolecules
  8. 8. insights g ideas things g
  9. 9. ActInspirations Exploration Production &  experimentatio Exploit Inspiração n Inspiração Conceituation C it ti LIVRE IntegrationThink Creation Extrapolation Create Inspiração Prototipation
  10. 10. InsightsI i ht ideas id things thi = = = possibility whatever something to create
  11. 11. innovation =whatever possibility to create something