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Online Healthcare Marketing


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Quality online healthcare marketing and PR services in Dallas; Idea Grove your trusted partner for managing PR and a healthy online presence, visit to request free consultation and to discover why idea grove PR and digital marketing services are different.

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Online Healthcare Marketing

  1. 1. Premium Ultrasound Equipment Not Premium Prices ULTRASOUND IMAGING SYSTEMS, PARTS AND PROBES AT A FRACTION OF THEIR RETAIL COST Sentinel Imaging offers a full range of ultrasound imaging equipment and repair services. Our professionally refurbished and remanufactured ultrasound equipment, parts and probes enable healthcare practitioners to save thousands of dollars without sacrificing image quality, performance or reliability. And as one of the nation’s leading ultrasound repair companies, we service all products we sell, as well as existing customer equipment, at a fraction of the manufacturer’s fees. The Sentinel Premium Certification Program All equipment is backed by the Sentinel Premium Certification Program • Exhaustive 25 point testing • Thorough restaging of all equipment • Complete refurbishment by manufacturer-trained technicians • Complete cosmetic refurbishment • Original manufacturer’s replacement parts • Sentinel’s industry-leading iron-clad warranty Premium Equipment Best-in-class equipment • GE • Sonosite • B&K Medical • Philips/ATL • Philips/HP • Siemens/Acuson • Mindray • Medison Premium Services Professional, fast and cost-effective repairs • anufacturer-trained service technicians with an average of M 20 years of experience • Annual “no-hassle” system service contracts • Industry-leading ultrasound system repairs • robe repair for all makes and models including BK, ATL P all others Save your practice thousands of dollars on premium imaging equipment and service. Call 1-888-838-7488 or visit us at
  2. 2. Premium Ultrasound Equipment Not Premium Prices Physician Specialties We understand the unique imaging requirements of multiple specialties • Cardiology Vascular • Obstetrics/Gynecology/Perinatology • Urology/Urosurgery • Orthopedic Surgery • Musculoskeletal Imaging • Pain Management • Radiology/General Imaging • Neurology • Podiatry • Emergency Medicine • General Surgery Additional Premium Equipment Best-in-class equipment • MRI (including mobile) • CT (including mobile) • Nuclear (including mobile) • PET • X-ray • C-arm• ecent model and professionally refurbished, wholesale ultrasound systems, parts and R probes with onsite installation and full training• Extensive inventory of remanufactured and refurbished systems, parts and probes• International sales welcome• Expert service for all leading makes and models• Over 30 years of industry experience• Fast, professional probe repair for all makes and models with no-charge loaners The Sentinel Imaging Group, Inc. Premium Imaging Equipment Not Premium Prices 1170 Winola Road, Suite 1A Clarks Summit, PA 18411 Toll Free: 888.838.7488 P: 570.587.0161 F: 570.587.0710