Bearcom extended warranty plan on commercial two way radios


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Bearcom provides extended warranty on two way radio equipment’s purchased for commercial, industrial or public service use thus saving its customer’s precious giving them a peace of mind.

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Bearcom extended warranty plan on commercial two way radios

  1. 1. For two-way radio services outside ofthe above areas, call HeadquartersP.O. Box 559001Dallas, TX 75355Call us today at one of our 26 branches for immediatesales, rentals, and service:BearCom: America’s Only NationwideWireless Dealer and Integrator!MOTOROLA, MOTO, MOTOROLA SOLUTIONS, and the Stylized M Logo are trademarks or registered trademarks ofMotorola Trademark Holdings, LLC and are used under license. All other trademarks are the property of their respectiveowners. © 2013 Motorola Solutions, Inc. All rights reserved.Extended Warranty Quick Facts LEARN MORE ABOUT BEARCOM= Corporate HeadquartersAtlanta, GA800.417.6272AUSTIN, TX800.541.9333Boston, MA877.301.2327Chantilly, VA800.955.0003Chicago, IL800.900.2327Columbus, Oh800.782.5458Costa Mesa, CA800.513.2660Dallas, TX800.449.6171Denver, CO877.312.2327Detroit, MI877.475.2327Ft. Lauderdale, FL800.731.2327Houston, Tx800.856.2022Las Vegas, Nv800.535.2489Los Angeles, Ca800.546.2327NASHVILLE, TN877.454.2327New York, NY & NJ888.841.3600Orlando, FL877.640.2327Philadelphia, PA877.319.2327Portland, OR888.371.2327Riverside, CA800.314.2327Sacramento, CA866.612.2330San Diego, CA877.706.2327San Francisco, CA800.953.2327Seattle, WA800.313.2327St. Paul, MN877.650.2327Washington, DC877.895.2327 Corporate Headquarters BranchesEverything you need toknow about BearCom’sExtended Warranties!Who We AreHeadquartered in Dallas, Texas, BearCom is America’s onlynationwide wireless equipment dealer and integrator. We arewell equipped to handle all of your wireless communicationsrequirements, including sales, rentals, and service.Thousands of commercial and government entities depend onBearCom to keep them connected—everywhere, all the time.Founded in 1981, BearCom serves customers from 26 branchoffices located throughout the U.S., has several affiliated officesaround the world, and employs approximately 400 people.Why Protect Your Investment with a BearComExtended Warranty?●● You save money on repairs made to equipmentyou rely on every day.●● Equipment kept in top condition lasts longer.●● There’s peace of mind in knowing BearCom hasthe largest and most efficient repair facility inthe nation.BearCom Extended Warranty DescribedBearCom’s extended warranty plan is an optional plan,available in addition to BearCom’s standard commercialwarranty, for select BearCom distributed two-way subscriberequipment. This plan is available for purchase at the time of anequipment order. Service performed under this plan consistsof repair of the covered equipment as set forth in the termsand conditions herein. Service is provided by a designatedBearCom facility. This plan is extended by BearCom, Inc.(“BearCom”) to the original purchaser or lessee only, and onlyto those purchasing or leasing for commercial, industrial, orpublic service use (“customer”). This plan is not assignable ortransferable to any other party and applies within the fifty (50)United States and the District of Columbia.Duration of CoverageThe duration of the plan varies by equipment model andmay provide for up to three (3) years of coverage. The planprovides service coverage for one (1), two (2), or three (3)years beyond the commercial warranty, at a designatedBearCom rate. The term of coverage begins on the first dayafter the commercial warranty expires and continues for theduration of the extended period as agreed.
  2. 2. Questions? Please contact your BearCom Account Executive or BearCom’s National Service Depot at 800.449.5695.Services ProvidedIf equipment covered by the plan fails to perform in accordancewith the published specifications in effect at the time equipmentwas purchased, BearCom will repair the equipment at adesignated BearCom service facility. Such action on the part ofBearCom shall be the full extent of BearCom’s liability under theplan. However, equipment damaged beyond repair will not bereplaced by BearCom.Under this plan, repair includes:●● Testing and restoring the equipment to manufacturer’s factoryspecifications. Restoration, at BearCom’s option, may includethe replacement of parts or boards with functionally equivalent,reconditioned, or new parts or boards. Replaced parts, boards,or equipment are covered for the remaining time period ofthe plan. All replaced parts, boards, or equipment shallbecome the property of BearCom and will not be returnedto the customer.●● Reprogramming equipment to original operating parametersbased on the customer template, if retrievable, or from acustomer-supplied backup diskette. If the customer templateis not retrievable, a generic template utilizing the latest radioprogramming software version for that equipment will be used.●● Cleaning of external housing of the equipment. BearCom willpay the inbound shipping charges only if the customer uses theBearCom-designated delivery service. BearCom will pay foroutbound shipping.General ProvisionsThere are no warranties, express or implied, regarding repairservice advantage, including, without limitation to, impliedwarranties of merchant’s ability and fitness for a particularpurpose. Not withstanding any other provision, except for personalinjury, BearCom’s total liability for losses arising out of or relatedto this plan, whether for breach of contract, negligence, warranty,strict liability in tort, or otherwise, is limited to the price of twelve(12) months of service provided under the plan for the particularequipment covered. In no event, whether for breach of contract,warranty, or otherwise, will BearCom be liable for incidental,special, indirect, punitive, or consequential damages to the fullextent such may be disclaimed by law, including, but not limitedto, loss of profit or revenue, loss of use of the products or anyassociated equipment, loss of data, cost of capital, cost ofsubstitute product(s), facilities, or services, or downtime costs, orfor any claim against customer by any party except for money dueupon an open account. No action shall be brought for any breachof these plans more than one (1) year after the accrual of suchcause of action.Equipment ExcludedExcluded equipment includes encryption, analog voice secureboard (manufactured by Transcrypt), custom or special products,belt clips, optional accessories, non-standard mobile microphones,iDEN accessories, iDEN mobile microphones, portable remotespeaker microphones, optional or additional control heads, mobileexternal speakers, single and multiple-unit portable chargers,batteries, mobile power and antenna cables, mobile antennas,portable antennas, power supplies, and radio manufacturersoftware, such as, but not limited to, Motorola Solutions, VertexStandard, and Icom America. Equipment whose serial numberhas been removed or made illegible and will not power upalso is excluded.Services ExcludedThis plan does not cover defects, malfunctions, performancefailures, or damages to the unit resulting from:●● Use in other than its normal and customary manner●● Misuse, vandalism, accident, acts of God, or neglect●● Defects or damage due to physical, chemical, or liquid damage●● Improper disassembly, testing, operation, maintenance,installation, modification, adjustment, alteration, or repairThis plan also excludes:●● Radio frequency coverage or range over which the equipmentwill transmit and receive signals●● Upgrades and reprogramming●● Local services or annual maintenance required for maintainingnormal operation of the equipment●● Scratches or cosmetic damage to equipment surfaces that donot affect operation●● Inbound freight insurance charges for declared values in excessof $100 on inbound shipmentsGeneral Terms●● If any court renders any portion of this plan unenforceable, theremaining terms will continue in full force and effect.●● This plan and the rights and duties of the parties will begoverned and interpreted in accordance with the laws of theState of Illinois.●● Failure to exercise any right will not operate as a waiver of thatright, power, or privilege.●● Neither party is liable for delays or lack of performance resultingfrom any causes, such as strikes, material shortages, or acts ofGod that are beyond that party’s reasonable control.●● These terms and conditions may not be altered, amended,or modified.●● Neither party will be bound by any terms contained in customer’spurchase orders, acknowledgements, or other writings.Fields marked with a denote coverage by Motorola Solutions’ Standard Warranty.Cancellation: The plan is paid in full at the time of purchase and is noncancelable and nonrefundable.Model  Number Year  1 Year  2 Year  2  &  3 Year  2-­‐4 Year  3-­‐5 Year  4-­‐6BC130                            $  31                            $  59                            $  88 N/A N/ACP110                            $  30                            $  54                            $  81 N/A N/AModel  Number Year  1 Year  2 Year  3 Year  3  &  4 Year  3-­‐5 Year  4-­‐6CP185                            $  31                            $  59                            $      88 N/ACP200                            $  31                            $  59                            $      88 N/ACP200-XLS                            $  30                            $  54 N/A N/AEX560-XLS                            $  35                            $  66                            $      98 N/AHT750                            $  35                            $  66                            $      98 N/AHT1250                            $  35                            $  66                            $      98 N/AMT1500                            $  40                            $  76                            $  113 N/APR400                            $  31                            $  59                            $      88 N/APR860                            $  35                            $  66                            $      98 N/APR1500                            $  40                            $  76 N/A N/AXPR33XX                            $  35                            $  66                            $      98 N/AXPR35XX                            $  35                            $  66                            $      98 N/AXPR61XX                            $  35                            $  66                            $      98 N/AModel  Number Year  1 Year  2 Year  3 Year  3  &  4 Year  3-­‐5 Year  4-­‐6CDM1250                            $  35                            $      68                            $      98 N/ACM200                            $  31                            $      59                            $      88 N/ACM300                            $  31                            $      59                            $      88 N/ACDM1550-LS+                            $  35                            $      66                            $      98 N/ACDM750                            $  35                            $      66                            $      98 N/APM400                            $  31                            $      59                            $      88 N/APM1200                            $  40                            $      76                            $  113 N/APM1500                            $  58                            $  109                            $  164 N/AModel  Number Year  1 Year  2 Year  3 Year  4 Year  4  &  5 Year  4-­‐6EX500                            $  35 N/A N/AEX600-XLS                            $  35 N/A N/AXPR63XX                            $  35                            $      66                            $      98XPR65XX                            $  35                            $      66                            $      98XPR73XX                            $  35                            $      66                            $      98XPR75XX                            $  35                            $      66                            $      98SL75XX                            $  35                            $      66                            $      98Model  Number Year  1 Year  2 Year  3 Year  4 Year  4  &  5 Year  4-­‐6XPR43XX                            $  35                            $      66                            $      98XPR45XX                            $  35                            $      66                            $      98XPR5XXX                            $  35                            $      66                            $      98Portable  Radios  with  1-­‐Year  Standard  WarrantyPortable  Radios  with  3-­‐Year  Standard  Warranty2013  BearCom  Extended  Warranty  Prices  for  Motorola  RadiosMobile  Radios  with  3-­‐Year  Standard  WarrantyPortable  Radios  with  2-­‐Year  Standard  WarrantyMobile  Radios  with  2-­‐Year  Standard  Warranty