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Public Forum: DOJ Collaborative Reform Review of 
Officer­Involved Shootings in Philadelphia 
THURSDAY, JULY 10, 201...
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Notice of Public Forum - DOJ Collaborative Reform Review of Officer-Involved Shootings in Philadelphia


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On Thursday July 10, 2014, the US Department of Justice Community Oriented Police Services Office and the Police Advisory Commission will hold a public forum in City Council chambers to discuss the ongoing DOJ review of officer-involved shootings by the Philadelphia Police Department.

The forum is an opportunity for the public to offer commentary and ask questions about police shootings in Philadelphia and the Collaborative Reform Review Process currently underway in our city. DOJ officials and members of the team conducting the review will be present.

If you or your organization would like to offer public commentary at the forum, contact the Police Advisory Commission at (215) 685-0891.

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Notice of Public Forum - DOJ Collaborative Reform Review of Officer-Involved Shootings in Philadelphia

  1. 1.     Public Forum: DOJ Collaborative Reform Review of  Officer­Involved Shootings in Philadelphia    THURSDAY, JULY 10, 2014  6:00 PM ­ 8:00 PM  City Council Chambers, 4th  Floor, City Hall   On Thursday July 10, 2014, the US Department of Justice COPS (Community Oriented Police Services) Office and the Police Advisory  Commission (PAC) will hold a public forum in City Council chambers to discuss the ongoing DOJ review of officer­involved shootings  by the Philadelphia Police Department.  In May 2013, Philadelphia Police Commissioner Charles Ramsey requested the COPS office to conduct a comprehensive review of  officer­involved shootings. As with a similar review conducted by the COPS Office in Las Vegas from 2010 to 2012, there will be an  analysis of training, policies and tactics, along with the department’s investigative, disciplinary procedures and transparency in  response to critical incidents.  The forum is an opportunity for the public to offer commentary and ask questions about police shootings in Philadelphia and the  Collaborative Reform Review Process currently underway in our city. DOJ officials and members of the team conducting the review will  be present to field questions and describe the work they’ve done over the last year. An initial assessment report, the first in a series, is  due in the fall, followed by six­month progress reviews to assess the Police Department’s progress implementing the recommendations.  In addition to the July forum, the Commission will accept comments and questions regarding police shootings throughout the course of  the entire 18­month review process. Our goal is to use the review process as a framework for detailed public discussions around the use  of deadly force by Philadelphia Police officers.  Please contact our office if you or your organization would like to offer public commentary at the forum.   Sincerely,    Kelvyn Anderson  Executive Director  Police Advisory Commission  215­685­0891