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Diretorios do sistema


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Diretorios do sistema

  1. 1. Appendix C. System DirectoriesThis is a list of the primary Red Hat Linux system directories. Each directory is described briefly. Foradditional directory information, refer to the Official Red Hat Linux Customization Guide and OfficialRed Hat Linux Reference Guide indexes.• /bin - Used to store user commands. The directory /usr/bin also stores user commands.• /sbin - Location of many system commands, such as shutdown. The directory /usr/bin also contains many system commands.• /root - The home directory of the superuser.• /mnt - This directory typically contains the mount points for filesystems mounted after the system is booted.• /boot - Contains the kernel and other files used during system startup.• /lost+found - Used by fsck to place orphaned files (files without names).• /lib - Contains many library files used by programs in /bin and /sbin. The directory /usr/bin contains more library files.• /dev - Stores device files.• /etc - Contains many configuration files and directories.• /var - For "variable" files, such as log files and the printer spool.• /usr - Contains files and directories directly relating to users of the system.• /proc - A virtual file system (not actually stored on the disk) that contains system information used by certain programs.• /tmp - A "scratch pad" for users and programs. /tmp has global read/write access.• /home - Typical location of user home directories.