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Poster icis


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Published in: Spiritual
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Poster icis

  1. 1. Interactive to Me – Interactive to You? A study of use and appreciation of interactivity on Swedish newspaper web sites Reader participation in online Respondent recruitmentAnders Olof Larsson newspapers – Is it all hype?, – Two of Sweden’s most popular onlineDepartment of While rather few visitors on online newspapers. 1804 respondents tookInformatics and Media newspapers actually use the interactive part, 1343 completed (74 %)Uppsala University features available to them, research has indicated that indirect effects of 54 % women, mean age = interactivity might be Survey questions dealt with… ”I don’t want to - or feel the need to - Use and appreciation of interactive participate in an online discussion or e- features, based on Chung’s typology Screenshot from mail the editors, but other people can, (2008, 2009): and it’s really cool that the site offers users that option” (Deuze, 2003) - Human – Communicate (Chat, discussion board) Factors were used as the basis for Based on the results of an online survey, - Human-Medium – Contribute visitor personas this study presents a typology of (Reader blogs, upload news, pictures) Five factors extracted, 50,2 % variance newspaper web site visitor personas - Medium – Experience explained – five personas: (Video, audio streams, graphics) - Medium-Human – Customize The Bystander,The Prosumer, (Customize content, share to SNS) The Lurker,The Filter,The Critic Sociodemographics (… and more): Take home: - Age, education, gender, salary ”the average newspaper web site visitor - Societal engagement could be described as jaded and - Years online, Web-Oriented Digital uninterested in the opportunities to Literacy (Hargittai 2005, 2009) interact” - Frequency/Intensity of visits Low levels of use and appreciation Analysis Institutional respect – ”The news are Variables for use and appreciation were untouchable” used in factor analysis. The factors were Readers are ”slow learners” – journalists then used as dependent variables in a too… series of regression analyses – using Screenshot from sociodemographics as independent Newspaper web sites as ”more than variables reader’s playgrounds”? (Ye, 2006)