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Fmm SXSW Presentation


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FMM SXSW Game Design Competition presentation.

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Fmm SXSW Presentation

  1. 1. • Escape from Full Moon Manor !
  2. 2. • 2D Sidescrolling Action-Puzzle game. • Casual Game – each level 5-10 minutes in length. • Switch between 3 characters, each with their own abilities. • Playable in browser
  3. 3. Has the ability to absorb elemental magic from enemies.
  4. 4. Has the ability to infuse his body with the elements by accessing elemental altars to serve as support.
  5. 5. Has the ability to possess enemies and gain their movement types.
  6. 6. Thank You ! • Debbie Colon – • Full Moon Manor Development blog: –