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Andersen Eagle E-Series Verilock Integrated Window Security Sensors


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VeriLock is an integrated home security system. When paired with a Honeywell® security system, these innovative sensors can detect whether windows and doors are locked or unlocked* - a feature no other sensors can provide. Learn how VeriLock is unique among window manufacturers, compatibility with leading residential security system providers, preserves the beauty of windows and doors, protects the window & door manufacturer’s warranty, adds to energy efficiency efforts, and product availability.

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Andersen Eagle E-Series Verilock Integrated Window Security Sensors

  1. 1. integrated security sensors "VeriLock" is a trademark of Andersen Corporation. "Eagle" is a registered trademark of Eagle Window & Door Manufacturing, Inc. © 2011 Eagle Window & Door Manufacturing, Inc. All rights reserved.
  2. 2. Opportunity • Windows and doors play a key role in security as potential entry points to a residence or building • Existing security sensors can impact the beauty of and warranty coverage for windows and doors • Existing security sensors can only detect if a product is open or closed and can’t detect if a closed product is locked or unlocked
  3. 3. VeriLock Integrated Security Sensors ™• Patent-pending technology ®• Integrates wireless security sensors into Eagle windows and doors• No other window and door manufacturer offers any type of security sensors – visible or integrated• Provides the opportunity to simply know if your windows and doors are actually locked, not just closed**When integrated into a security system compatible withHoneywell® 5800 Series transmitters
  4. 4. Different & Better Security• Most security sensors can only detect whether a window or door is open or closed• VeriLock™ sensors can also detect whether closed windows and doors are locked or unlocked**When integrated into a security system compatible withHoneywell® 5800 Series transmitters
  5. 5. Compatible with Leading Residential Security System Provider• VeriLock™ sensors: – Are designed to work in conjunction with a security ® system compatible with Honeywell 5800 Series transmitters* – Send wireless signals to the security system to provide customers with real-time information on the status of their windows and doors*Eagle is not affiliated with Honeywell. Eagle’s wireless sensors are independent ofthe security system, yet communicate with it to provide added features and benefitsfor windows and doors that only Eagle offers. “Honeywell” is a registered trademarkof Honeywell International Inc.
  6. 6. Preserve the Beauty of Windows & Doors• Visible security sensors can detract from beautiful wood interiors• VeriLock™ sensors preserve the beauty of Eagle ® windows and doors because the sensors are built into the product and are virtually invisible
  7. 7. Protect Window & Door Manufacturer’s Warranty• Installation of traditional concealed security sensors can adversely impact product performance and void portions of the window and door manufacturer’s warranty• VeriLock™ sensors are factory-installed by Eagle and do not void the window and door limited warranty• VeriLock sensors are warranted for two years*, which is comparable to other similar security system components*See the limited warranty for details.
  8. 8. The Wireless Difference• VeriLock™ sensors are wireless, reducing the costs, time and hassle associated with running wires to individual window and door openings• VeriLock sensors operate at a frequency different than most common household electronics, such as cell phones, WIFI routers, microwave ovens and baby monitors• Windows and doors are delivered to the job site with the security sensors already installed
  9. 9. Adds to Energy Efficiency Efforts• Your windows and doors are tested for performance in a locked state• Windows or doors may be left unlocked throughout a home without the owner’s knowledge, allowing unwanted air to go out of or come into the home• VeriLock™ integrated security sensors* allow you to simply see if your windows and doors are locked (in the optimal mode for energy efficiency), saving you from lost energy*When integrated into a security system compatible withHoneywell® 5800 Series transmitters
  10. 10. Project Applications• Consider using VeriLock™ sensors in the following applications: – Single-family residential dwellings – Multiple-unit light commercial dwellings, such as assisted-living complexes – Remodel/replacements projects
  11. 11. Product Availability ®• Eagle Axiom casement and awning windows ®• Talon double-hung windows – Including full frame, RetroFit and monumental single-hungs ®• Ascent hinged French doors – Including inswing and outswing, single and double doors ®• Ascent sliding doors – Including 2-panel and multi-panel doors where active panel is hinged off the jambAdditional products may be added at a later date. See your Eagle sales representative for availability.