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PepsiCo Digital Campaign


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ADV 420 NMDL PepsiCo Digital Marketing strategy.

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PepsiCo Digital Campaign

  1. 1. By Alexandrea Andersen Look at all the brands in the PepsiCo photo. Did you know all these are from PepsiCo? In a world of snacks and sodas it can be difficult to compete with giants such as Coca-Cola. PepsiCo must compete against all other snack products to succeed in their market. Consumers must know which products are a part of the PepsiCo family. Brand loyalists need to be made. Investors need to understand what products their money is supporting.Picture from:
  2. 2. Marketing ThemeUltimate GoalMake it obvious that all theproducts in the PepsiCo family arein fact a product of PepsiCo. How Use digital marketing such as social media, SEO, and advancing mobility tactics.Photo from:
  3. 3. Social Media: FacebookCurrently brand pages such as Mountain Dew have millions of likes. PepsiCo only has58,241.Goal: increase likes of the PepsiCo Facebook page to increase exposure of thecompany.How:Make the pages interact with each other.Each brand page will share PepsiCo’s Facebook page posts on its individual page.Consumers who like the brand page will associate the brand with PepsiCo uponreading these posts on the brand’s page.A linkable box will be created on PepsiCo Facebook page listing all the brands in thecompany and link each brand to their individual page.Pictures from:
  4. 4. Social Media: BlogPepsiCo will construct a personal blog outside of their corporate one.Every post will tell company news such as upcoming event sponsorships,consumer interviews and exclusive new product information posts. All thisinformation being available to consumers without having to read formaldocuments will attract the attention of consumers of all ages. PepsiCo’s soda brand Mountain Dew will be releasing a new flavor this week. Get all the exclusive information and real consumer flavor descriptions here.
  5. 5. Internet MarketingWebsite adjustment: Place scrolling bar of brands at top of homepage todraw instant attention to them.Consumer satisfaction guarantee: A unit of people that monitor allsocial media within in the PepsiCo family to provide consistentresponse with consumers. Responses will come from the PepsiConame directly.Google AdWords campaign implementation. A$100 monthly budget to gain impressions onthe first page of Google searches for thesekeywords and ones that are similar. PepsiCo Quaker Oats Tea Carbonated Sodas Sample Iced Tea Pepsi Sodas Ad Cola Sports drinks Gatorade Healthy snacks Snack Frito Lay Juice Drinks and Mountain Dew
  6. 6. MobileSmart phone applicationPepsiCo consumers will double their chances in winning brandspecific promotions along with learning information about eachbrand and the PepsiCo company. Mountain Dew promotionMobile website blockWhenever a user tries to access a brand’s mobile website they willautomatically be directed to which will have a featured list ofall the products including the one they were searching for.Informs all consumers of that brand that PepsiCo is the father of the brandand so many other brands are within that family. Sticking with our maingoal.
  7. 7. Measuring SuccessLikes: If the PepsiCo Facebook page reaches over 1 million likes.• We know that the awareness of the company has increased That is an increase of 941,759 “Likes”CPC: If our CPC Google Adwords budgetis effective in using our entire $100monthly budget and exceeding ourbudget with impressions to thewebsite.• Our search-ability campaign is effective in reaching our target consumers
  8. 8. Measuring Success continuedGoogle Analytics: Tracking sources of our websites’ impressions. Goal is tohave our top referring sources to be Google and Facebook. – Our sources of advertising and promotion are efficient if these sites are our top referring sitesConsumer satisfaction: Receiving positive comments from our consumersboth about the brands and company. – Company awareness and brand awareness through the company have increased and start initiating brand loyalists From John Doe to PepsiCo: I am crazy about Mountain Dew’s new flavor! Thank you for your hard work on this great product. Cannot wait to see what promotions you line up to go with the product.
  9. 9. Budget$2 million for the implementation of all changesand executions in this marketing strategy.Money allocated to: • Facebook editor and monitors • Consumer response team • Blog writers and brain-stormers • Google AdWords campaign • Traffic analyzing team • Reconstruction of website/mobile website • Mobile application construction • Implementation and promotion of mobile application • Promotions run for each brand and their incorporation with the company
  10. 10. More Information• The target for these marketing executions is 18-44 year olds that are active on social media.• Promotions take place all year round in the PepsiCo family. Specific brand promotions will require peaks of advertising during the year. – Specifically the Doritos campaign involving being in a commercial. The peak being November and December before the upcoming Super Bowl game This marketing strategy will make all PepsiCo product consumers and PepsiCo investors aware of the products in the PepsiCo family. Goal accomplished!Background Picture from: