Governance Center for SharePoint - Sept09-2


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This is an update of the recently published presentation, with some minor corrections, typos etc. Covers Governance Center for SharePoint and how The Governance Framework for sharePoint is used to enable organizations to manage complex SharePoint environments.

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Governance Center for SharePoint - Sept09-2

  1. 1. Driving business from yourSharePoint investmentGovernance Center for SharePoint<br />Anders B. Skjønaa<br />Partner<br />Netmedia Software<br /><br />
  2. 2. About Us/About You<br />Anders B. Skjønaa<br />Netmedia Software<br />Partner, CEO<br />SharePoint SailingDenmark<br />Microsoft Consulting Information Work<br />GovernanceICASA Speaker<br />ItalyTraining Kids Basketball<br />Blog:<br />Web:<br />Mail:<br />Twitter: @skjoenaa<br />In the room?<br />
  3. 3. Governanceprinciples<br />The goal is to ensure that SharePoint investments deliver on expected business goals!<br />Governance is effectively conducted through a solid framework<br />Reference frameworks for governance:<br />
  4. 4. The pains of governance<br />Developing a governance plan CAN beextremely time and ressource consuming<br />How do wemake sure thatwe cover all bases?<br />Governanceneeds to be made operational to have anyimpact<br />How do we make the effect of our efforts visible to the management?<br />Who is really the owner of SharePoint governance?<br />
  5. 5. The pains of governance <br />”Developing a governance plan can be extremely time and ressource consuming”<br />The SharePoint Governance Framework<br />By usinga formal governance frameworkyoucanspendall resources on planning!Estimatedsavings: 60-80%<br />
  6. 6. The pains of governance <br />”How do we make sure that we cover all bases?”<br />SharePoint Service Catalogue<br />Using a catalogue of services exposed with SharePoint it is<br />easy to scope exactly what to <br />plan for...<br />Onlyplan for whatyou<br />have to implement!!!<br />
  7. 7. The pains of governance <br />”Governance need to be<br />operational to work. How <br />can we make sure its not just<br />a big pile of documents?”<br />Governance Center for SharePoint™<br />This ”out-of-the-box” solutionbreaks governance plans<br />into operational tasks<br />and controls<br />
  8. 8. The pains of governance <br />”How do we make the effect of our efforts visible to the management?”<br />Governance Dashboard<br />Using visual presentation of current status of all systemsand how they supportbusiness goals. <br />Governance Organization<br />Management is involved in <br />setting goals related to<br />the business<br />
  9. 9. SharePoint Governance adoption* <br />68% of sharePointprojectdoes not includegovernance<br />93% (of thosethatdid) startedplanningAFTER goingintoproduction<br />None of theseprojectsuseda formal governanceframework<br />75% of governance plans werenot maintainedafter 3 months<br />More than 50% had to redo parts - or all - of the SharePoint planningafter 12-18 months<br />*Basedon internet survey made by Netmedia Software in 2008/2009<br />
  10. 10. Full platform governance<br />SharePoint platform<br />(Providing platform services for applications)<br />”Green governance” relates<br />to applications and typically <br />has a business focus<br />Examples:<br /><ul><li>Regulatory Compliance
  11. 11. Security
  12. 12. Update frequency
  13. 13. Branding
  14. 14. Metadata
  15. 15. Workflow / proces latency
  16. 16. Etc.</li></ul>Document Management<br />Intranet<br />Extranet<br />Contract Management<br />Governance<br />”Blue governance” relates<br />to the it infrastructureand<br />has a focus on driving the platform<br />from a technical point of view<br />Examples:<br /><ul><li>Availability
  17. 17. Application ”on-boarding”
  18. 18. Backup / Restore procedures
  19. 19. Scalability
  20. 20. Change Request procedures
  21. 21. Etc.</li></ul>Governance<br />
  22. 22. Establishing the organization<br />Executive Stakeholders<br />Establishing the governance organization<br />is best done early in the implementation<br />project. <br />Role guidelines<br />Executive Stakeholders:<br />Participates in establishing SharePoint <br />vision and setting the business impact. Has<br />an interest in following ROI on SharePoint.<br />Business (Content Owners):Own individual business applications.Will drive related governance policies forthese applications and bridge applications<br />to business impact.<br />End Users:<br />Will actively drive governance controls <br />and tasks in the daily work. A very important<br />groupto have on board in governance<br />to optimize adoption.<br />IT:<br />Owners of the tech platform and related<br />policies and controls. A very important<br />role in the governance board in relation<br />to service level maintenance and scoping<br />of the platform.<br />Governanceboard<br />Business<br />(Content Owners)<br />IT<br />Governance<br />roles<br />Operational Team<br />End Users<br />
  23. 23. The SharePoint GovernanceFramework<br />Boardorg.<br />SharePoint Vision<br />Goal A<br />Goal B<br />Goal C<br />System 1<br />System 2<br />System 3<br />System 4<br />System 5<br />System 6<br />Operationalorg.<br />Rule<br />Rule<br />Rule<br />Rule<br />Rule<br />Rule<br />Rule<br />Rule<br />Rule<br />Rule<br />Rule<br />Rule<br />Task<br />Task<br />Task<br />Task<br />Task<br />Task<br />Task<br />Task<br />Task<br />Task<br />Task<br />Task<br />Procedures/Guides<br />Procedures/Guides<br />Procedures/Guides<br />The SharePoint Governance Framework is developed and owned by Netmedia Software ApS. <br />The SharePoint Governance Framework may be referenced and used freely with proper reference to the owner and the owners internet website.<br />
  24. 24. Governance Center for SharePoint 2.0<br />
  25. 25. Governance Center for SharePoint 3.0<br />Available in October 2009<br />Business Value Management<br />Easyidentification of business impactonthe Governance Dashboard<br />Governance Planning Tool<br />Guideddocumentation and planning flow<br />Governance Task & Control Management<br />With built-inrisk/impact modelling<br />Standard Operating Procedures<br />Quality assurance throughcontrolled procedures<br />SharePoint Service Catalogue / Governance Handbook<br />Best Practices and tool for rapid implementation<br />Training<br />Optional subscription based online training module for SharePoint users and administrators<br />Change Management<br />Workflow based management of change requests for the governance board <br />Automated Site creation policy enforcement<br />Governance Center automatically applies governance policies to all new sites oncreation<br />Customizationusingstandard SharePoint API<br />
  26. 26. Business impact<br />Business Impact<br />All systems automatically report their impact to a business impact area, which again is reflected in the graphical interface on the governance dashboard.<br />There is a direct and visible link from business goals to each system, policy and control.<br />The Business Impact indicators makes the governance plan relevant for business management and helps all levels of the organization to keep in shape at all times.<br />Governance<br />
  27. 27. Security<br />Security<br />Fully automated policy creation for new sites; team sites, publishing sites, project sites, My Sites etc. makes site ownership and responsibilities easy to understand and engage with.<br />Policies can be strict and not allow access for users before governance controls and tasks have been completed, or simply raise a warning and a risk on the governance dashboard, if a site is not in compliance. <br />Governance<br />
  28. 28. Productivity<br />Using the framework and tools for planning and documenting governance policies and controls, is estimated to save 60-80% of governance planning time, compared to not using a framework or tool at all.<br />Using the Governance Dashboard makes it easy for any user to find individual controls and tasks that must be done to stay in compliance. Finally the Change Management workflow automates the collection and handling of change requests, making decisions faster and lowers the cost of Change Management procedures.<br />Governance<br />Productivity<br />
  29. 29. Compliance<br />Always stay informed and in compliance by using the Governance Dashboard and the graphical drill-down webpart that allows you to find individual systems, policies or controls that needs your attention.<br />Using the policies and controls lists you can enter regulatory compliance rules from external governance agencies and record history with the control log and history functionality of Governance Center for SharePoint 3.0<br />Governance<br />Compliance<br />
  30. 30. Typical implementation process<br />Netmedia Software and our selected partners<br />deliver advisory services and implementation services<br />when implementering SharePoint governance using<br />Governance Center for SharePoint 3.0<br />It is recommended to have an experienced resource <br />onboard in the governance implementation. This willmake the process easier as well as faster, and will help you<br />Prepare an governance plan that embrace the entire<br />SharePoint platform and investement.<br />To prepare for governance of a SharePoint platform, you<br />may want to take a look at the Governance Master Classestrainings on<br />
  31. 31.<br />