Grant Writing Introduction


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Grant Writing Introduction

  1. 1. Original author: Helen Siukola Jancich, Clinical Associate Professor Purdue University Calumet Modified by: Anastasia Trekles, Clinical Associate Professor Purdue University Calumet
  2. 2.  Every year, the federal and state governments give out millions of dollars in grants to all types of organizations. Grant writing is a skill anyone can learn, and having good written communication skills in general is key. Grant Writing skills are essential to the survival of many businesses and schools. Grant writers are in high demand.
  3. 3.  Instructional technology tools to enhance grant writing ◦ Internet – find grants ◦ Word – write grants ◦ Excel – develop budget ◦ Inspiration – concept map to plan proposal and presentation ◦ PowerPoint – present grant ◦ Social networking – connect with grant writers, partners, and foundational resources ◦ Digital images – enhance applications
  4. 4.  Private Foundations ◦ Required to distribute at least 5% of their total assets each year to maintain tax exempt status. Federal Programs ◦ Every year the government gives a great deal in grants; find out what’s available at at any time State Programs ◦ Every state is a major source of financial aid assistance to small business and education programs.
  5. 5.  Personal need grants ◦ Each year, millions of people receive FREE grants for a wide variety of personal needs. Business grants ◦ Each year, over one million people receive FREE grants to start a new business or expand an existing one. Education grants ◦ Each year, over six million people receive FREE grants to attend college, and K-16 schools are awarded funds for research and development.
  6. 6.  Identify needs Identify grant makers Cultivate grant makers Develop grant request Account for use of grant money
  7. 7.  Identify short and long term needs for your school or community Prioritize needs/projects Match to interests and missions of grant makers
  8. 8.  Research, research, research to find the foundations and agencies that offer grants related to your needs and project idea This type of research is a good activity for volunteer or student intern Keep notes and files, including those you eliminate from consideration and why
  9. 9.  Cultivate = Educate Educate before you ask Grant request may initially be the tool for educating Plan acknowledgements and follow up Look for ways to get your project’s ideas and name before the foundation
  10. 10.  Accounts for 10-15% time Follow specific guidelines and requirements of each grant maker Invest time in developing materials you will use again
  11. 11.  Develop procedures to assure spending as budgeted Monitor progress against grant proposal Keep lines of communication open with foundations Good cultivation technique
  12. 12. Government Foundations Federal  Operating State  Community Local  Independent  Corporate Visit  Public Charity / to identify federal grant programs and see a sample grant application.
  13. 13.  Office of Grants Management: management Corporations eligible through Title IID Award Size varies depending on year and program In some grants, a minimum of 25% of funds must be spent on professional development, so plan accordingly
  14. 14.  Serves a geographic area and administers pools of money Is there a community foundation in your community?
  15. 15.  Most are “family foundations.” May be administered by individuals or trust officers. May be linked to businesses, but represent private giving.
  16. 16.  Are established by  See corporations to give http://www.grants % of net profits. Giving is affected owledge- by profit, location Base/Funding- and employee Resources/Corpora interest. tions/Corporate- Some giving is in- foundations-vs- kind. giving-programs Prefer to support for more one-time projects. information
  17. 17. Examples:AIDS Task Force of LaPorte & Porter Counties (Merrillville) Local Arts Councils
  18. 18.  Visit Helen’s website for links to grant opportunities, writing tips, and other related information: ants.htm Visit Glenda O’Neal’s website for some additional resources and a great deal of further help with grant writing: Buy Glenda’s no-nonsense textbook, Let’s Write a Grant, at
  19. 19. ◦ Where you have relationships and good connections◦ Located nearby◦ Known to fund similar programs in your area
  20. 20. If your proposal is not accepted, resubmit 2 more times.
  21. 21.  Thanks to Glenda O’Neal for allowing me to adapt her PowerPoint and for sharing her excellent book, Let’s Write a Grant, as a resource. Much success as you collaborate with your critical friend to begin the grant writing process. Please feel free to contact Helen at or Staci at for additional resources, insights, questions, and more.