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Advanced BlackBoard Learn Tips


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Published in: Education, Technology
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Advanced BlackBoard Learn Tips

  1. 1. Office of Learning & Technology Purdue University North Central
  2. 2.  We will cover:  Utilities: Enrollment manager and master course      creation Rich text editor features Embedding links, files, and mashups as course Items Managing your Content Collection Importing and exporting tests, surveys, and question pools Adaptive Release
  3. 3.    These are features that are not commonly needed all the time But, they add flexibility to your course style and functionality, and give you more options for presenting your content to students Learn can be a fairly flexible system to work within, and can do things streamline your workflow as an instructor
  4. 4.  Enrollment Manager  Adding a user with an Instructor role  Modifying a user’s instructor role  Deleting a instructor from your course
  5. 5.  Using the Rich-Text Editor  Text Options  Formatting Options  Hyperlinks
  6. 6.  Creating an Item (Embedding) ▪ Files ▪ Mashups ▪ Media
  7. 7.  Content Collection  Uploading a File  Uploading Multiple Files
  8. 8.  Exporting/Importing     Pools Rubrics Quizzes Surveys Note: The importing/exporting process is the same for all items. Reminder: You will need to deploy/link your item to a content area for quizzes and surveys or an assignment for a rubric in order for your students to access it.
  9. 9.  Adaptive Release  It’s not just for quizzes – can be applied to any item  Set rules by date, membership, grade, revi ew status  Advanced adaptive release allows for specific rules on visibility, including multiple criteria for one item
  10. 10.     Staci: Alex: Twitter: @PNCOLT for all workshop notes, links, and training needs