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Social media

  1. 1. SOCIAL MEDIAHow to make it work for your business
  2. 2. IntroductionsNameBusiness/Organization
  3. 3. Most important things to rememberabout is Social Media Engage, participate, share, interact, socialize Two way Communication
  4. 4. Who is Using Social Media and Who is Using It Facebook-845 Million Monthly Active Users (Dec. 2011) (US population is 313 million) Twitter-1 million tweets monthly My Space-62 Million worldwide monthly users (decline from 130 Million monthly users in 2010) Friendster-75 million members (decline from150 million in 2010) Blogging-346 m global blog readers Ning-1.5 m Ning Networks/33 m registered users You Tube-13 m new monthly users/65,000 videos uploaded daily Linked In-46 million members in 200 countries Flickr-3.2 million uploads in August
  5. 5. Demographics of Users Facebook Twitter 55.7 % Female/44.3 %n Male 54.6 Female 45.4 MaleAge Male Female14-20 23.5 22.2 42.3% are 30-4921-29 30.7 28.3 41.5% are 18-2930-44 25.5 25.145-54 10.4 12.1 13.7% 50-6455-63 5 7.5 2.6% 65+64+ 4 4.8Source Advertising Age
  6. 6. FacebookThere is a HELP BUTTON
  7. 7. How to Use Facebook There are two different types of pages 1. Personal Page 2. Fan Page
  8. 8. Signing up for Facebook Personal Page Don’t forget to fill out all the information Will help people find you later Business Page• You can also create a page for your business after you create a personal page• After you sign up, you will have options on how to find friends
  9. 9. Personal Pages-Feed Facebook home page List updates from your friends and fan pages You are the only person that sees this page Same regardless of original profile page or timeline
  10. 10. Personal Pages-Feed Notifications Status Updates You can change Application Your friends’Friend Request Upload Pictures the way you view Notifications activities and Messages and Videos your feed instant messaging Notification Always on the side
  11. 11. Customize what you see on your Feed
  12. 12. Your ProfileClick here to see your profile
  13. 13. Profile Page-Wall This page is all about you and your activities Two types-Original or Wall and Timeline If you sign up today, your only option is timelineAccess your Wall or timeline byclicking your name on your feed
  14. 14. Profile Pages-Wall vs Timeline
  15. 15. Timeline’s New Features Cover PhotoHighlighting a post on Timeline Sort and view by date
  16. 16. Timeline-New Features-LifeEvent
  17. 17. How Do I Find Friends-on Facebook Search by name Click on People you May Know  Categorize by “keywords”- pulls up people based on information they put in their info section Look at your friends’ friends Email-When you sign up
  18. 18. Use Facebook As…..
  19. 19. Fan PageNotice How Profile Changes
  20. 20. Fan PagesSimilarities Differences  Fan Pages are only Feed and profile page Timeline Format Apps  Fans or Likes versus Highlight post Friends  Admins-An admin has to like a page before they can be made an admin  Admin Panel  Offer /Events / Milestones vs Life Event  Advertising Page and Promote Post  Insights
  21. 21. Fan Pages-Admin Panel You can hide panel Promoting Post-must have more than 400 likes
  22. 22. Fan Pages-Insights Insight Panel Insights on under Admin Panel Each Post
  23. 23. Fan Pages-Liking Other FanPagesLike their Page and theirupdates will show up inyour feed
  24. 24. Liking other pages makes Sharing a Post easierClick to Share and their postwill show up on your timeline You can add commits
  25. 25. Another way to Share A Post You can share Notice how facebook on a Friend’s Page, a is being usedGroup Page or a Fan Page
  26. 26. Searching on FacebookSearching Searching for Fan for Friends Pages
  27. 27. Categorize Friends Timeline •Click on FriendsOld Version •Hover over Picture which brings up a•Click on Friends window, hover over “Friends” and choose•Choose list or create a new one from list or create a list
  28. 28. Facebook Status UpdatesStatus Update
  29. 29. Status Updates on Facebook
  30. 30. Posting with a Link
  31. 31. Posting with a Picture or VideoAdd Photo Upload photo with post
  32. 32. Chatting on FacebookCan only use on personal page Chat
  33. 33. Create an Event versus Status UpdateSteps to Create Events1. Make sure that you are using Facebook under the correct Click to get on Home Page account.2. On Home page, click events3. On event page, click “create Click Events event” box4. Fill out the form and don’t forget to add a picture and a link back to your website. You can also list who you want to invite ClickTip: Events will show up in searches on facebook and other search engines (i.e. Google and bing)
  34. 34. Facebook Events
  35. 35. Fan Pages
  36. 36. How to Find Fans Advertising External Website
  37. 37. Finding Fans-External Website
  38. 38. How to Find Fans Advertising  Ask others to External Website promote your site Referrals/Ripple  Marketing Effect Material E-newsletters  Use other social Business Cards media Stationary  Email Offer Rewards  Include in signature of email Promote it to  Announcement email your own Friends
  39. 39. Growing your Fan Base Need to be signed in as self to invite Friends
  40. 40. Advertising on Facebook• Create an ad campaign todrive traffic and engagementwith your Website, Application,or Facebook Page.• Advanced Targeting Target byage, gender, location, interests,and more.•Flexible Pricing Buy clicks(CPC) or impressions (CPM).
  41. 41. Advertising on FacebookCreating Targeting
  42. 42. Advertising on Facebook  Paying
  43. 43. Promoting a Post Have to have over 400 fans Can choose price based on impressions Can choose Duration Not available on every post
  44. 44. Privacy Settings Control your Global Privacy Settings Control your privacy settings per individual post
  45. 45. Tagging Tagging Pictures Tagging Updates Managing How you are Tagged (you will find the under Privacy Settings)
  46. 46. Applications  Have to be administrator  Have to start from fan page  Application has to be Fan Page Friendly
  47. 47. How to Keep Fans Interested Post Regularly and make it interesting and relevant but don’t over post Ask Questions to Encourage Interaction Ask for pictures to Encourage Participation Applications-YouTube/Blogging Discussions Conduct Surveys and Polls Special Offers Click on “Likes” Share other Page’s content
  48. 48. What not to do: Don’t post inappropriate comments and pictures Don’t post your every move Don’t assume that it is private Don’t forget you are a page administer
  49. 49. Questions about Facebook
  50. 50. You TubeShare your videos with friends, family, and the world. Showcase Product-realtors, cars, hotel rooms, attraction Presentations Instructional videos Embed video on your website
  51. 51. Sharing and Embedding Video
  52. 52. You TubeShare your videos with friends, family, and the world. Showcase Product-realtors, cars, hotel rooms, attraction Presentations Instructional videos Embed video on your website Create a You Tube Channel
  53. 53. You Tube ChannelCatalogs yourvideosCatalogs othervideos onYouTubeCan link fromyour website orFacebook
  54. 54. You TubeShare your videos with friends, family, and the world. Showcase Product-realtors, cars, hotel rooms, attraction Presentations Instructional videos Embed video on your website Create a You Tube Channel Link it to Facebook and other social media-share video on Facebook Engage other You Tube users by posting
  55. 55. Signing Up for You TubeYou willneed agmail/Googleaccount
  56. 56. Flickr/istockPhoto management andsharing Upload from your desktop, send by email, or camera phone. Edit Pictures-Get rid of red eye, crop a photo, or get creative withfonts and effects! Organize-Use collections, sets, and tags to organize your photosand videos. Share-Use groups and privacy controls to share your photos andvideos. Maps-Share where your photos and videos were taken, and seephotos and videos taken near you. Make Stuff-Cards, photo books, framed prints, Target pick up,DVDs, etc.
  57. 57. How does Flickr Work• Keywordsand Tags areimportant•Link fromwebsite andsave spaceon yourserver•Have tohave yahooaccount
  58. 58. Photos that you Can Use
  59. 59. iStock Photography
  60. 60. Twitter Twitter is a free social networking and micro-blogging service that enables its users to send and read messages known as tweets. 140 Characters but you include links Following/Followers
  61. 61. Business Applications forTwitter Keep people informed-Media Get feed back-ask your followers whatthey think about something Give advice: example pet store ownercould recommend a certain new dogproduct Key: Be interesting and have a purpose Create multiple accounts
  62. 62. Tweet Tip: Always include a link to your website.
  63. 63. Twitter Tips You can ask people to follow you Get followers by following others Retweet You can block people that have followed you Use @ sign to tag someone in your tweet You can use list to decrease the “noise” Don’t have anything to say? Share pictures
  64. 64. Blogger/BlogSpotCommunicates your messageAllows Feed BackOther’s OpinionsSearch Engine resultsAccording to Source Small Business TrendsWebsite Bloggers have 55% more visitors totheir website.
  65. 65. Blogging Tips Blog Often-Put it on your to do list Analyze what you post  Does it communicate your message  Does it fit your purpose  Is it useful information  Stay on point  Remember that your potential customer are reading your blog Encourage Involvement-Cautiously Respond to Comments Make your blog readable-don’t go crazy with fonts Make sure your blog is on your website includes or is linked your blog on your website Add Links  Link back to a relevant page on your site  Link to related articles  Link to examples on your web site
  66. 66. Linked InSocial Media for ProfessionalsGreat for Business to BusinessNetworking
  67. 67. Linked In Connect with colleagues and professionals Improve your career  Look for jobs  Learn about the company Get advice-It is ok to link to people that you don’t know Find out about your potential new employees
  68. 68. Overwhelmed? Let one outlet update other outlet Start with one at a time RSS feeds  Netvibes  Outlook  Google Reader
  69. 69. Post Tweets to Facebook
  70. 70. RSS Widgets Twitter Facebook MySpaceNewspapers Weather Games ShoppingMuch, much, more
  71. 71. RSS AddContent
  72. 72. RSS Feed-Outlook
  73. 73. RSS Feeds-Google Reader
  74. 74. Other Business ToolsProductReviews
  75. 75. Other Business Tools Google AlertsGoogle Analytics
  76. 76. Other Business ToolsE-Newsletter
  77. 77. Don’t Forget Website and Email
  78. 78. Remember: Build it and they will not come Set it up and don’t forget it Social Media is interactive
  79. 79. Upcoming Seminars How to Work a Room Create a Website Public Relations 101 Are you Prepared for an Emergenc
  80. 80. How to Find MeStephanie WellsAnderson County Tourism Council115 Welcome LaneClinton, TN 37716865-457-4547865-659-8687 Cell/ StephanieAileyWellsFacebook Fan Page- AndCoTourism
  81. 81. You can find this Presentationat