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Business building-taining-guide


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Business building-taining-guide

  1. 1. STEMTech Training Manual Table of Contents: Introduction. ...................................................................................................................3 . Leverage and Duplication..............................................................................................4 Linear & Residual Income. .......................................................................................5 - 7 . Action Planning Session........................................................................................8 - 10 . Who, Where and What?........................................................................................11 - 12 . The “How to” of 3-Way Calls................................................................................13 - 14 How to Host an In-Home Meeting........................................................................15 - 17 . The Approach Market............................................................................................18 - 19 Never run out of people to talk to! How to Host a Hotel Meeting................................................................................20 - 22 • Hotel Meeting Sign-In Sheets. ........................................................................23 - 24 Proven 4-Step System for the Cool Market™.....................................................25 - 41 How to work with leads Rapport Building Questions.................................................................................42 - 43 STEMTech’s Talking Points..................................................................................44 - 45 Networking Through the Holidays ......................................................................46 - 48 How to turn any Holiday into an opportunity to build your business Dream Building.............................................................................................................49 Personality Styles . ..............................................................................................50 - 512
  2. 2. IntroductionCongratulations on deciding to build a home based business with STEMTech. You havemade a wise decision. Now you will want to take action.Question: Once upon a time five ducks sat on an island in the middle of a lake. Threeducks decide to go in the water…how many ducks are still on the island?Are there Two? One? Five?Answer: Five.Why?Deciding is NOT DoingYou start “Doing” by taking action and completing the “Business Builders Quick Start”. Ifyou have not done this yet, stop here and go do that now.STEMTech has category creating, patented and unique products that support the powerof your own Adult Stem Cells. Your own adult stem cells can become virtually any cell inyour body and have been found to be the body’s natural renewal system. You can haveconfidence in the STEMTech product line because they have been clinically studied.To learn more about the products and the science behind them, watch the “EverythingSTEMTech” DVD that comes with your Distributor Kit. 3
  3. 3. LEVERAGE AND DUPLICATION Leverage and Duplication When you build a team and all focus on and take action toward achieving a common goal, you are utilizing the power of leverage. I would rather earn one percent of the efforts of 100 people than 100 percent of my own efforts. -J. Paul Getty, Billionaire Duplication is the key to leverage. Your team will follow what actions you take or not take. To have a duplication process that is the most effective for everyone to achieve their dreams and goals with STEMTech, you will want everyone on the same page and plugged into the system that is here for you. This system has been used to build huge groups and, when followed, have an impressive track record that proves it works. 4
  4. 4. LINEAR & RESIDUAL INCOME Linear & Residual IncomeWhat is the difference between Linear and Residual Income? How many times do you get paid for every hour you work? If you answered once, then your income is Linear. Linear Income is produced from the trading of one’s time for money, as in a normal job setting. NO WORK. NO PAY.For example, if you make $20 per hour and you work for 1 hour, youtraded one hour of your life for $20. If you want another $20 … youhave to trade another hour of your life. Thus, when you are done doingthe work, the company is done paying you. So, after a typical week ifyou gave 40 hours of your life, you were paid $800.With Linear Income, nothing that you do today as you trade time fordollars goes toward creating future income. If you want another week’sincome, you must produce the same work effort in the second week as you did in the first week.It’s one of the reasons people live paycheck to paycheck and have difficulty getting aheadfinancially. The only way to make more money in the future is to trade more hours, but eventuallyyou run out of hours.Employees and Professionals like stock brokers, doctors, lawyers and corporate executives areLinear Income people. 5
  5. 5. LINEAR AND RESIDUAL INCOME But What if….. You could answer the question, “How many times do you get paid for every hour you work?” with “I get paid over & over again.” Is this possible? YES!! It’s the definition of Residual Income. People receiving Residual Income do something ONCE & receive INCOME MULTIPLE TIMES for that action. With Residual Income,what people do today continues to pay them in the future. If the $800 was created as residual weekly income instead of Linear Income, then in the second week they would get paid $800 again, but the difference is instead of trading their time for dollars again, this time they could go to beach, relax and lay in the sun. This is because they are separated from the continuous creation of their income. It’s an important way that people can become financially secure. There are a several ways to create Residual Income. People might have royalties coming from writing a book, recording a song or making movies. They could also be receiving Residual Income from an investment that is paying dividends. These types of Residual Income however, require significant talent or investment. With Network Marketing, people can leverage their time through the efforts of others in their team. It is the way to build Residual Income even if they don’t have special talents or money to invest. As the group builds and they are trained to duplicate your actions, you are separated from the creation of the income, thereby creating Residual Income. People can create Residual Income by building a Network Marketing business ONCE, and Making Monthly Recurring Income. 6
  6. 6. LINEAR AND RESIDUAL INCOMEThe Power of Residual IncomeWhen you trade time for dollars, you make Linear Income. When the income you have is sepa-rated from the time you spent earning it, you make Residual Income.STEMTech gives you the ability to earn immediate income when you notify everyone and lever-aged residual income that grows as your team grows and duplicates your actions.Maybe $100, $200 or $500 doesn’t seem like that much money, but when it continues to comein month after month, that’s residual income. If you had $___ in the Your monthly bank earning 5% interest income would be... $24,000 $100 $48,000 $200 $72,000 $300 $120,000 $500 $240,000 $1,000 $480,000 $2,000 $720,000 $3,000 $1,200,000 $5,000 $2,400,000 $6,000How long would it take you to put $24,000 in the bank?How about $120,000 or $240,000 or $1,200,000? 7
  7. 7. ACTION PLANNING SESSION The Proven 4-Step System™ Action Planning Session The Enroller’s Responsibility After Enrolling your new distributor, continue the cycle of duplication using the Proven 4-Step System™. You have enrolled a new distributor…now your job begins! The goal of the Action Planning Session is to understand the goals of your new distributor and implement an action plan that matches their goals. The emphasis at the conclusion of this session is on action, because the fastest way to get a new distributor excited is to help them get their first few people enrolled and have them start making some money. A new distributor isn’t considered “in the business” until this occurs. It’s been said that people don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care. When you are going over their goals, be sure to take a genuine, personal interest. Not all of your new distributors will have Chairman’s Club as their goal at first. Over time, that could change as they see what is possible. The good news is that practically everyone you sponsor who wants to earn part-time income will need to get to at least the sapphire rank. Just imagine the majority of your team qualifying as sapphire. Call your new distributor to confirm your appointment. If you are local you should do the session in person, however you can do it over the phone. When you confirm the appointment, make sure that they have completed the “Proven 4-Step System Workbook™” and the “Quick Start” including the checklist. If they haven’t completed it yet, let them know that you can’t help them until they have. Be polite, but firm. If you train them without making sure they have done their part, then you are reinforcing their being uncoachable and therefore unduplicatable. Before you begin, be prepared. Make sure you know what to do and have everything you need. Print a copy of the “New Distributor Action Planning Session Worksheet” (see the Document Data CD and this Training Manual) so you make sure you cover everything. If you feel you need help, have an experienced upline do one or two of these sessions with you until you know exactly what to do. When doing this by phone, both you and your New Distributor should be in front of a computer with internet access available. At the very least, make certain your new distributor has downloaded and printed out the information and has it in front of them. It’s important to remember that duplication plays a key roll in creating momentum in your group. Make sure everyone in your group duplicates the Action Planning Session. Ask your new distributor to have in front of them their completed “Proven 4-Step System Workbook™” and the “Quick Start” including the checklist. 8
  8. 8. ACTION PLANNING SESSIONHere are the areas to cover during the Action Planning Session:1. Ask your New Distributor if they have any questions before you begin. If they have a questionthat you aren’t going to cover during this training, BRIEFLY answer their questions until they areready to begin. a. Talk about STEMTech products. Explain what you know about each product and share your personal experience by using your “30 Second Testimonial”. Your excitement and testimonials about the products are important. Make sure they are on a large enough auto- ship order to be sure the whole family can get results2. Review the “Quick Start” including the checklist a. Review their “24 in 48 hours” and how to build without rejection by NOTIFYING b. Review how to take someone through the Proven 4-Step System™ using the diagram in the “Quick Start” c. Review the content of Walk them through the team site, especially where to find Trainings, Contests, Event Calendar, video and audio downloads, BMW earners, Conference Call times, Updates and especially pictures of you or your upline (if applicable). d. Review Conference Calls: which ones are they going to listen to live? Let them know you will be calling them before the call to help remind them in the beginning. e. Review setting up their home business, i.e., 3 way calling and organizing your prospect book (3 ring binder with 1-31, a-z, jan – dec tabs) f. Websites - Review their Wealth Builders, STEMTechBiz and StemSport websites. Teach them where to find the FAQ’s; where to find information in “The Tour” section and how to get their first URL in the WBS. Remind them to be on the WBS training call. h. Help them place 2-3 articles or press releases. i. Review offline marketing tools, i.e., The Stem Cell Theory of Renewal booklet, DVD’s, brochures and the “Your Business at Home” magazine with a free DVD included.3. Review their completed ‘Proven 4-Step System Workbook™” a. Review the Workbook with them and go into detail with their answers. If they are comfortable sharing with you, ask them questions about their “Why”. Help them to create all the details to fully expand and make their “Why” alive. If you are local to them, make a time to go “Dream Build.” b. Compare their income goals with the hours committed to doing the business and adjust their expectations if necessary. Example: If someone can only work 2 hours a week and he or she wants to be at $10,000 a month income in a year, you may want to let them know that although possible, it is unlikely. Let them know that some adjustments are necessary. Conversely, if someone’s sights are set too low, they are doing themselves a disservice. This takes some experience, so learn from your upline. c. Review their Warm Market database list in the “Who You Know” Booklet. Make sure 9
  9. 9. ACTION PLANNING SESSION they understand the importance of putting everyone on the list and that they will only be NOTIFYING them. Even if they have an electronic database, they should transfer them to the booklet. d. Review the “Rewards & Recognition” brochure with them. It will help them “Dream Build” and see what is possible with STEMTech. e. Explain the Director, Sapphire and BMW qualification process. Only cover what is essential for them to learn these rank levels. It’s important here to talk about how the speed of the leader is the speed of the group. Set the example and teach them to do the same. If a BMW is part of their goals, lay out a plan to sponsor 20 people and find 5 of those who also want a BMW. f. Coach them on their personal Preamble. Have them email/fax it to you, then read it to you, so you can work on it with them. They can start with the examples from the “Quick Start” or the Proven 4-Step System Workbook™ g. Schedule the date and time of their first 2 home meetings. You will be there either in person or on speaker phone if you are not local. h. Make sure they understand how to correctly do a 3-way call and edify the upline. (See the section of “STEMTech’s Training Manual”). Email them your “30 second testimonial and your Preamble” so they can talk about you to their “Warm Market”, and how their “Warm Market” will be able to meet you (if local) at their In-Home meeting or for the introduction of a 3-way call. 4. Schedule a follow-up training. The ‘Action Planning Session” is the beginning of their training; schedule a time in several days to get together to answer more questions. Have your new distributor continue to develop their Warm Market list and write down any questions they may have. Have them call you after every 5 people they speak with to go over their results and give you feedback until they are comfortable with the system. Coach them daily if needed. Remember, your immediate goal is to help your New Distributor enroll their first several distributors. Duplication plays a key roll in creating momentum in your group. Teach them how to duplicate what you are doing with them. 10
  10. 10. WHO, WHERE AND WHATWho, Where and WhatVery common questions people have when starting a business with STEMTech are: “Who, Whereand What.” “Who do I talk to?” “Where do I find people to talk to?” And “Once I find them,what do I say to them?”I. The “Who” are the different categories of people to talk to. The “Warm Market,” the “ApproachMarket,” and the “Cool Market.” a. The Warm Market are the people that you already know. You friends, family and acquaintances are your warm market. b. The Approach Market are the people that you don’t know yet, but you meet them as you go about your daily life activities. You may meet someone in line at the bank, in a coffee shop, on an airplane, your waiter or waitress, etc. c. The Cool Market are people that you do not know and they have responded to an ad either online or print or other media. You know they are looking for something or they would not have reached out to your offer.II. The “Where” is where to find these different “Markets” of people. a. You find your Warm Market in your address books, holiday card list, etc. The “Who You Know” booklet was designed so that you could have the top several hundred people you know in one place. This list of contacts of the people you know is one of the most important assets you may have when building your STEMTech business. b. You find your Approach Market when you are doing your daily activities. They are the people that help you in the store, your server in a restaurant, the person next to you on a plane or waiting in line in a store or bank, etc. c. Your Cool Market are people who have filled out the survey on your Wealth Builders website. They will get to your site in many ways: from articles or press releases that you post, from internet pay per click ads, from your car wrap or magnetic sign you have on your car, or sizzle cards to name a few. They may also come from the generic opportunity seeker leads that you purchased from the back office of your Wealth Builders web site. See the Wealth Builder back office for training on how to place these types of ads. They may also come from messages left on your TeleCenter 800 number. You may have put your TeleCenter number on a sign on your car, or you may have run an ad. They are people who are reaching out to you. 11
  11. 11. WHO, WHERE AND WHAT III. The “What” is “What do you say to the different markets?” a. For your Warm Market you will use the NOTIFICATION PRINCIPLE and NOTIFY them with your “Preamble” of “what you are doing now”. You will also get referrals from your Warm Market. See the “Quick Start” and the Proven 4-Step System Workbook™ that explains how to use the Proven 4-Step System™ for the Warm Market. b. For your Approach Market, it tends to be a 2 part process. First, you will tell them your ONE LINER and build enough RAPPORT so that when you give them a tool, they “Know you, Like you and Trust you” enough to give you their contact information. Then use your PREAMBLE when you call them using the Proven 4-Step System for the Warm Market™. c. For your Cool Market, you will build RAPPORT so that your Cool Market Lead gets to “Know you, Like you and Trust you.” And you will use your PREAMBLE when you call them using the Proven 4-Step System for the Cool Market™. 12
  12. 12. THE “HOW TO” OF 3-WAY CALLS The “How to” of 3-Way CallsWhat if people ask me questions that I can’t answer?Don’t worry! The wonderful thing about this business is that you learn as you go. You don’t haveto wait to obtain more knowledge. If you have NOTIFIED your “Warm Market” correctly andpointed to a tool for Steps 1 & 2 you probably won’t get questions until they have completed thesesteps.Anytime after Steps 1 & 2, your new person may ask a question you can’t answer. The solution: youdo a 3-WAY CALL with your Enroller/Upline. It’s not only going to help you answer the question,but it is important third party validation. It shows your new person that your team is there to help.The Mechanics of Making a 3-Way CallAlmost everyone with call waiting on his or her phone has 3-way calling capability. Making sureyou have 3 way calling on your phone was one of the things on the “Business Builders CheckList”. After you call the first person, press “flash” on your phone; you will hear another dial tone.The first party is now on hold. Dial the second number, then press “flash” again. Now, you andBOTH parties are all on the same line. It’s easy... Practice with your wife, husband, sister orUpline before you do it in a real situation.Edification Principle and 3 Way EtiquetteBefore you call your Enroller/Upline you will want to “Edify” them to your new person. This meansthat you let your new person know how important, how accomplished or how committed toSTEMTech your Enroller/Upline is. A great way to do this is to tell your new person the Enrollers/Uplines “Preamble.” (See the “Proven 4-Step System™ Workbook” and the “Quick Start” bookletsif you don’t yet know what a “Preamble” is.)For Example:You are on the phone with Chris (your new person) and they ask a question you don’t know theanswer to, you say:“Well Chris, that’s a great question and I don’t know the answer to that yet. Let’s call my UplineTony, he has put aside flying his helicopter for now because he knows that focusing on buildingwith STEMTech will enable him to fly whenever and wherever he wants soon. He has also beenvery successful helping other people on his team get success. Hold on, I’m going to 3 way himinto our call.” 13
  13. 13. THE “HOW TO” OF 3-WAY CALLS Hit “flash”, then dial your enroller’s number and hit “flash” again. Important point: don’t leave your prospect on hold while you update your enroller on what has transpired on the call. You will both hear the phone ringing and when your enroller answers. Both of you will be on the line together. Introduce yourself and your new person in your first sentence. It’s very important your enroller knows that there are two people on the line immediately. Tell your enroller a little about how you two know each other and something about your new person. Plus, let your enroller know what Steps your new person has completed in the Proven 4-Step System™. Unless you are with someone whose experience in network marketing is much greater than yours, you should always complete at least Step 2 before a 3 way call is initiated. This way your enroller is validating what has been said and not just saying something your new distributor has never heard before. For example: When your Upline Tony answers your 3 way call: “Hello Tony, this is (your name here). I have Chris on the phone with me; he is my neighbor and wants to retire early and he has gone though all four steps of the Proven 4-Step System™. He asked me a question about the compensation plan I couldn’t answer.” Your job now is to be quiet and let your Upline take over the conversation. Do not interrupt or interject unless invited to do so. The 3 way call is one of the most powerful techniques available to you. Your new person sees that there is assistance available, that you are part of a great team and that someone with credibility has the same belief about STEMTech’s business and products that you do. 14
  14. 14. HOW TO HOST AN IN-HOME MEETING How To Host an In-Home Meeting The STEMTech secret to success!There is no better resource available for immediate and lasting success than an OpportunityMeeting, whether in a hotel or an in-home setting. Many things hold true for both the homemeeting and hotel meeting event. However, an In-home event provides a more inviting, relaxedand non-threatening introduction to our opportunity. Home meetings are much more casual butoffer far more potential for distractions which can sabotage your efforts. Care and preparationneeds to be taken prior to the event for maximum success.While both events (Hotel and In-Home) provide a great showcase, there are subtle differences.The first difference is that there are far less people inviting guests to the home meeting and so thehost must invite more to have the same attendance. 1. To have 8-12 show up for the home meeting, you must invite at least 20, maybe even 30 people. If you can, give your guest a choice of 2 different dates and times. 2. Your numbers will increase if you have taken each guest through Steps 1 and 2 of STEMTech’s Proven 4-Step System™. Another way to increase the number of people that show up is to have your local upline, who will be at the meeting, talk to those you’ve invited a day or two ahead of time. This introduction and commitment to attend given to your upline may be the extra incentive a person needs. 3. Making a phone call to each, 1 day ahead or 2 hours before the meeting starts could motivate more to attend, but it’s up to you. Some will want to make the calls because they feel it’s that important, others will feel obligated to give a reminder and some will feel it’s too pushy. Do what feels right to you. 4. Before the time people start showing up at your home meeting, make sure everyone in your home is ready for them i.e., nobody watching TV in the room where the meeting will be taking place. All distractions must be put aside. Make certain that the home is set for the event…make the home “Party Ready”. Having guests step into an untidy location (clutter everywhere, kids toys underfoot, etc.) creates a visual distraction from the very start. 5. Don’t forget pets and children. Both can be a significant distraction. Have the pets out of earshot and young children entertained in another room (if possible). If you compete for someone’s attention over a cute child or pet, with either one…you will lose! 6. Serve individual chilled bottled water with the caps on so you prevent spills. It is much better not to serve food because you don’t want others to think they have to put out a great spread to have a home meeting at their house. If you are having a lunch or dinner 15
  15. 15. HOW TO HOST AN IN-HOME MEETING meeting, that would obviously be different. Everyone will be sitting at a table and know they are there to eat and talk business. Some cultures are used to food being served so be aware of what is expected. Try, however, to keep it simple as this will be duplicated throughout your group. 7. Location, location…make certain that you have everyone seated where you can control the flow of the event. Have guests sit so that they face you in a living room (if a large crowd) with a TV and DVD player available for a video. Smaller groups work well around the dining table, with a laptop available for the DVD. 8. Dress should be casual. Let your invited guests know that so they don’t think you’ll be in a suit and tie. If they are coming from their job, don’t make them go home to change because they may not come once they have gone home. 9. Mind the time. Just as in a hotel meeting, you should be focused and stay on point. Remember, that people may have hired babysitters and/or have an early morning the next day. Start on time and finish on time, allowing for questions and enrolling. Going too long will cause some people to leave without you’re being able to talk with them. Maximum time should be 1 hour to 1 hour and 15 minutes. 10. For the meeting, the upline can attend in person or on a speaker phone. • Introduction (2-4 minutes): Ideally the host will open the meeting, welcome the guests and introduce the speaker. They should tell their personal story (brief and to the point i.e., your “30 second testimonial”) and edify the initial speaker (usually their upline leader). The host’s validation of the speaker gives him/her credibility as they conduct the event. • Company Story and Product information (15 – 22 minutes): Play the 15 minute STEMTech Story DVD and you may want to also play the 6 minute Brief Product overview DVD. It is the DVD included in the “Your Business at Home” magazine. • Additional Testimonials (5 minutes): If you have other people in the room who have either business and product testimonials, have them give their testimonials at this time. If you or anyone in the room has been to an event, like a Director Leadership Conference, Convention, Super Saturday or Showcase and met with some of the corporate leadership, they should talk about this. • Timing (5 minutes): The timing for STEMTech is now! There is a convergence of many trends. There is massive media coverage regarding stem cells, and a tremendous demand for wellness products. There is a huge significance of us being first to market with a stem cell enhancer, and our company’s growth is gaining momentum. See the STEMTechBiz DVD, the Proven 4-Step System training section to learn more about STEMTech’s momentum. 16
  16. 16. HOW TO HOST AN IN-HOME MEETING • Compensation Plan, BMW Bonus and Systems (5 - 10 minutes): Don’t get into a technical explanation of the compensation plan. Keep this limited to the AutoShip and FastStart, showcasing the value and ease in creating a solid residual income. A white board or Chalkboard works well to showcase the program. Discuss the value of STEMTech’s Proven 4-Step System™, the simplicity behind the system and the power of duplication that it provides. You can also show the Compensation Plan DVD or just review the Compensation Plan Brochure. • Show what you get in the Business Development Training Kit when you enroll as a business builder (5 minutes): Open the box, show them the different booklets, the DVD’s and CD’s and talk about how to use each booklet. • Pass out and review Step 4: “Getting Started the Best Way” of the Proven 4-Step System™ (5 minutes): Hand out the printed Step 4 from the TeleCenter faxed from box 400 or on line at and www.teamSTEMTech. com/stepfour or from the “Business Development Document CD.” Show them the various ways to get started and the different packages with the discounts and rebates. Always review the “Test Market” with them.11. Your goal with Step 4 is to give them the information they need to “Get Started the Best Way for Them.” • Consider a Fast Start Training and Brief Proven 4-Step System™ overview (25 minutes): Watch the Fast Start Training (15 minutes) and the Proven 4-Step System (10 minutes) overview on the “Everything STEMTech DVD.”12. Schedule your own or a new distributor’s home meeting. You can always ask who would like to have the next one, but always have one planned and announce it toward the end of your presentation. If it’s at a different place, then have directions, time and date to hand out. Remember… This is an educational process for your distributor as well as your guests. You will DO ONE event (you will conduct the first one for your distributor), you will SHARE ONE, (meaning you will have your distributor do a part of the event), you will WATCH ONE (you will have your distributor conduct the event as you observe and support). After the event you will provide any constructive advice as needed; then they are off and running to have their own home meetings. One way to have a successful home meeting is to have as many people as possible invited to the home meetings; standing room only is your mission. 17
  17. 17. THE APPROACH MARKET The Approach Market The Approach Market are people that you meet as you go about your daily life activities. You may meet someone in line at the bank, in a coffee shop, on an airplane, your waiter or waitress, etc. In your “WhoYou Know?” booklet is a section to write in the names of people that you have met since starting your STEMTech business. Your Approach Market is a source of free leads to talk to. You may have heard it called the “3 foot rule.” Differences in Approach Market prospecting are based on how much time you have with your prospect. Short 1-3 minutes (i.e., Bank line, elevator) Goal: Become fast friends Medium 4-6 minutes (i.e. Starbucks, waiter/waitress) Goal: Find out 2-3 things about their life (i.e. career, sports, family) Long 10 min to 5 hours (i.e., airplane, wherever you spend money, i.e., dry cleaners) Goal: Engage in conversation about their life as with “medium” but you have more time to create rapport. Remember the best conversation someone will remember having with you is where they do the talking and you do the listening. If you are standing in line or sitting next to someone, you could strike up a casual conversation. When they ask about “what you do”, you say your ONE LINER. Remember, most of the time when they ask what you do it’s just a matter of reciprocity, of being polite. They may not really be interested. If you spark an interest with them they will ask you questions about it. Come up with your own ONE LINER. It is suggested however, to refer to stem cell nutrition because this is what makes us unique and will get their attention. Here is an example ONE LINER: “I teach people how to make money with the media frenzy surrounding stem cells.” 18
  18. 18. THE APPROACH MARKETYour goal is to build rapport so that they know you, like you and trust you.Always have tools with your contact information on it, like brochures, DVD’s, and YourBusiness at Home magazines with the free DVD included.For followup, always have them write their phone number and email if they have it. If you do notget their name and number and just give them your information, the chances go down to less than5% that you will get a call from them. If they didn’t want to give you their contact information, thenit just means you asked for it before you built enough rapport.It could be a simple way to get 5-10 new contacts a day. Think about these 5 new names a dayadded to your list 5 days a week. That is 25 per week or 100 per month. If you FOLLOW UP withthese you will most likely enroll new distributors and new customers. As you can see, with theApproach Market you should never run out of people to talk to. 19
  19. 19. HOW TO HOST A HOTEL MEETING How To Host a Hotel Meeting Remember – the Hotel Meeting is all about the new person. Their experience starts the moment they step into the hotel. The first impression is always a lasting impression. The guidelines below will help in conducting a professional…and duplicatable...event. Your hotel meetings also provide an avenue to create some serious growth and momentum in your area. By incorporating a series of smaller local “In Home” meetings as ‘feeders’ for the Hotel event, you are assured of having a sizeable turnout. Your hotel meetings also provide your local leaders a way to create some momentum with ‘impending events.” As the meetings grow in size, you will want to invite your Upline Triple Diamonds and Corporate staff as Guest Speakers as a way to create additional excitement and growth. At this point you are probably also eligible for a Corporate Showcase or Super Saturday in your area. Set Up: • Name Tags; Blue for guests always, Red or White for distributors • Sharpie Markers for name tags • 4 Clip boards – 2 for guests and 2 for distributors • Guest Sign in Sheet (see Document CD or • Distributor Sign In sheet (see Document CD or • Pens for sign in, always have extras • Registration table outside the meeting room • Product display and/or signs/banners for your registration table. Note: Its always a good idea to have the product display be empty bottles. • STEMTech banner with a way to hang it (tacks/tape) • 45 minutes worth of Music with increasing intensity toward the end of the 45 minutes. You want a high energy song as your last song because it will be the song you they hear right before the meeting starts • Receipts for the meeting cost for distributors printed on at least 40 lb paper (see Document CD or • CD player or ability to play on laptop with speakers or hotel audio system • Projector & screen for power point or overhead if using transparencies • Extension cord or strip if not supplied by hotel • 20 or more 3 part distributor applications • White board or flip chart with markers • Camera and someone as designated photographer to document your meeting • Sales aids for sale (optional) • Meeting room chairs, theatre style 20
  20. 20. HOW TO HOST A HOTEL MEETING Important: Always have fewer chairs set up than expected participants. You will add chairs to the back row as the seats become completely full. This avoids having empty front row seats. It also gives an important impression of the fact that you have so many people at your event you had to put down more chairs. Your new prospect thinks, “wow, they filled up”, as opposed to “wow there are a lot of empty chairs”. Also by not putting all the chairs down right away, you leave room in the back for the Pre-meeting (see below) “cocktail party” feel for making the guests comfortable.The Basics: • Always start and end on time no matter what! • Start the 45 minutes worth of Music during your set up prior to the pre-meeting • No smoking anywhere visible by anyone who is part of the meeting.Registration Table: • 2 local people who are greeters designated to sit at the registration table outside the meeting room to greet distributors and guests, with 2 clip boards in front of each of them; one Distributor and one Guest sign up sheet for each greeter. • Greeters fill in the name badge. Write first names only and write them large. • If the guests are a couple, underline the names so it is understood that they are there with a partnerRunners • A runner is someone who knows most or all of all the distributors and they take the new guest to the person who invited them (or the upline if they are not there or busy). • This cuts down on guests just strolling in and not getting the full benefit of the pre-meeting. • Depending on size of meeting, have 2, 3 or 4 designated runners • The runner also helps with name tags if the registration table becomes busyThe Pre-Meeting • Open the doors a half-hour before the meeting and encourage people to mingle. Do not let them sit down; have them put something on the chair if they want to reserve their seat. It is easier to talk with each other when standing and keeps the atmosphere livelier. Being able to address couples that are standing side-by-side is far more effective. • The new guest will begin to subconsciously answer these important questions during the Pre-meeting and the rest of the presentation will serve to validate those answers. • Is it Fun? Is it Simple? Will they help me? Can I do it? 21
  21. 21. HOW TO HOST A HOTEL MEETING The Meeting • Everyone running or part of the meeting should know what the last song is before the meeting starts so they can get everyone in their seats during that song and you start on time. You can also ring a bell in the hallway or flash lights to signal that the meeting is about to start. Do this 3 minutes to the start time. After the Meeting and before the Fast Start Training • Turn the chairs around and form small circles with your guests and find out who wants to sign up right on the spot. Have chairs in a circle with nothing in between. Make sure to have 3 part applications on clipboards/STEMTech order boards. Focus on the person who is ready to enroll; this will inspire others to do the same. Encourage only questions that have to do with the sign-up procedure and do not allow for distraction with non-related questions. Ask your up line to answer questions outside of the group. • Pre-schedule and announce at least one home meeting 3-5 days after the Hotel meeting to keep the momentum going. Repeat the same information at those meetings. That is the power of duplication. 22
  22. 22. Guest Sign-InName Phone Email Guest Of 23
  23. 23. Distributor Sign-In Name Paid Phone _____________________________ ___________ ___________________ _____________________________ ___________ ___________________ _____________________________ ___________ ___________________ _____________________________ ___________ ___________________ _____________________________ ___________ ___________________ _____________________________ ___________ ___________________ _____________________________ ___________ ___________________ _____________________________ ___________ ___________________ _____________________________ ___________ ___________________ _____________________________ ___________ ___________________ _____________________________ ___________ ___________________ _____________________________ ___________ ___________________ _____________________________ ___________ ___________________ _____________________________ ___________ ___________________ _____________________________ ___________ ___________________ _____________________________ ___________ ___________________ _____________________________ ___________ ___________________ _____________________________ ___________ ___________________24
  24. 24. THE PROVEN 4-STEP SYSTEM The Proven 4-Step System For the Cool Market™ How to Work with LeadsYou should already be familiar with and have used The Proven 4-Step System for the WarmMarket™ to enroll distributors in your group before starting on this section. If not, refer to theQuick Start and the Proven 4-Step System’s™ Workbook. 25
  25. 25. THE PROVEN 4-STEP SYSTEM Why should you call your “Warm Market” first? You will want to have experience enrolling people in your business. People like to join others who are experienced with a company. The time you spend working with your Warm Market will give you experience so that you will be able to answer the business questions that may come up in talking to a “Cool Market” prospect. Also, your belief in the product will grow as your “Warm Market” gets results with the products. What is the difference between “Cold” and “Cool Market” Leads? A “Cold Market” lead means you don’t know them and they are not currently looking for a business. An example of a ‘Cold Market” lead is having a list of people who have been involved in a network marketing company in the past, but have not asked to be contacted. “Cool Market” refers to a person/prospect who has answered an ad or filled out your survey on your Wealth Builder’s website and is therefore waiting and expecting someone to contact them. Where do you find “Cool Market” leads? A person who has filled out the survey on your Wealth Builders website is a Cool Market lead. They will get to your site in many ways: from articles or press releases that you post, from internet pay per click ads, from a wrap or magnetic sign you have on your car, or sizzle cards to name a few. They may also come from the generic opportunity seeker leads that you purchased from the back office of your Wealth Builders web site. See the Wealth Builder back office for training on how to place these types of ads. They may also come from messages left on your TeleCenter 800 number. You may have put your TeleCenter number on a sign on your car or you may have run an ad. What is the Proven 4-Step System for the Cool Market™ and why does it work? The System is a simple way to identify and sort for the Cool Market prospects that qualify for your time. The Proven 4-Step System™ gives your prospects the information they need about the STEMTech business opportunity and products you have. The system will let them make their own decision. Even if your time is limited, the Proven 4-Step System for the Cool Market™ will let you build effectively with the time you have available. How Does the Proven 4-Step System™ save you time? One of the toughest things for a person building a business to do is know which prospect deserves their time. You may be speaking with the next Chairman’s Club Director at STEMTech, or the biggest time waster who will never enroll. When you take your prospect through the 4 steps, their willingness to watch, read and hear the information will let you know if they qualify for your time. There is a natural place for them to make a decision and that is Step 4. So you don’t ever have to worry about “closing prospects.” 26
  26. 26. THE PROVEN 4-STEP SYSTEMLet’s Get StartedEffective duplication is the only way to produce large residual income. The key to effectiveduplication is taking the correct action each step of the way. The Proven 4-Step System for theCool Market™ is all about sorting. With good sorting, you cut down on three time-consuming (andnon-productive) things: • Talking to people who do not qualify for you to devote time to them • Having “lag-time” between follow-up calls • Having ‘lag-time” if waiting for them to open and review literature that you have sent themIt is alright if a prospect “falls out” at any Step. The System is designed to sift through peoplequickly, to identify the ones who are interested and teach them to duplicate. Starting with the“Quick Start” that teaches them how to NOTIFY their “Warm Market” and using The Proven 4-StepSystem for the Warm Market™.Each of the 4 Steps in this System builds a firm foundation from which the next Step is developed.See the diagram on page 25. Prior to Step One Action 1: Build rapport and Qualify Action 2: Tell them your “Preamble” Steps One & Two are “Watch or Read” & “Read or Watch” • Wealth Builders websites have Steps One “a Flash Movie” & Two “The Tour”, or • The TeleCenter Boxes 100 and 200. Box 100 is a 4-Minute Message and box 200 is a fax. Step Three is a “Live Event/Live or Recorded Live Conference Call” • The TeleCenter Box 300 • Live Step 3 Conference Call Tuesday at 6 pm pacific at 218-486-1400 PIN code 8324 • Recorded live recent Step 3 Conference Call on or Step Four is “How to Get Started”. Giving your prospect the information they need to decide the best way to get started for them: • The TeleCenter Box 400 • • • You can print Step 4 from the Document CD in this Business Development Training Kit 27
  27. 27. THE PROVEN 4-STEP SYSTEM You will not have to know all the facts and figures about STEMTech. The Proven 4-Step System™ takes care of this for you. Information is contained in the STEMTech tools that the system uses. With this system, you can easily talk with someone about the business and the products. Your prospects will say to themselves, “I can do that…That is simple!” When you hear that phrase, you are witnessing the beauty of duplication in its purest form. The Four Key Questions your prospect will be asking themselves subconsciously are: 1. Is it fun? 2. Is it simple? 3. Will someone help me to succeed? 4. Will I make money? If you follow the Proven 4-Step System for the Cool Market™ these questions will be answered for your new prospect. Prior to Step One: Action 1 - Building Rapport With “Cool Market” Leads, you have three goals in your initial approach: • To find out if what you have is right for them • To create a friend so they get to “know you, like you and trust you” • To introduce them to STEMTech with The Proven 4-Step System™ in a powerful way Building rapport with prospects involves a casual conversation that lays the groundwork for a relationship by establishing mutual interests. You will find common interests and goals while you develop a friendship. It’s been said, “People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.” Your business will be built on personal relationships. In general, you build rapport around the topic of network marketing as a vehicle to fulfill their goals and dreams. It is important to find out their experience in network marketing. (See “Rapport Building Questions”) Exception: If this person has absolutely no experience or opinions about network marketing, you will build rapport around the job or career they currently have. Do they enjoy their job? Are they a people-person who would enjoy talking and working directly with people? (See “Rapport Building Questions”) 28
  28. 28. THE PROVEN 4-STEP SYSTEM Your Goal is to establish rapport and get to know them. They will need to “know you, like you and trust you” before they will “join you.”Helpful Introductory Scripts • Prospect who filled out your survey on your Wealth Builder website. “Hi, is Anna there? Hi, Anna, this is _____. Earlier today you saw our flash movie about the Stem Cell business. You filled out the survey and said you would like to earn an extra $___ a month and that you have ___ hours to work a home-based business.” • Prospect who left a message on your TeleCenter I’m returning your phone call from today. You had left a message on my 800 number. You said you were responding to my car wrap. Is now a good time to talk? • Prospect from a list of leads that have seen a generic website for a home based business. (An example of these kinds of leads is the business opportunity leads that you can purchase in the back office of the Wealth Builder internet tool.) “Hi, is Anna there? Hi, Anna, this is _____. Two days ago you saw a website about a home based business. You filled out the survey and said you would like to earn an extra $___ a month and that you have ___ hours to work a home-based business.”Helpful Scripts to Continue the Conversation • If the prospect says he or she doesn’t remember the site or watching the flash movie, just jog their memory about things on the site. Also, look at your lead sheet to remind them of more of their answers. • “It was ___ days ago.” • When the prospect says he/she remembers (or gives another positive response), say: “Great! Is now a good time to talk?” • If they say they do not remember even with the reminders you give them then ask: “Would you like to learn how to capitalize on the stem cell media frenzy?” • If they ask, “How long will this take?” You reply: “About 10 to 15 minutes. Or if you are rushed, I can call you back at a better time. How is tonight… say 7 or 9 pm, or tomorrow at 9 or 10 am?” 29
  29. 29. THE PROVEN 4-STEP SYSTEM Now you need to find out if they qualify for your time and to work with you. That is correct… YOU are gently “interviewing” THEM! It is as important for you to choose them as it is for them to choose you. Remember… One energy-draining person can cost you thousands and thousands of monthly income. Qualifying the Prospect with the “Rapport Building Questions” The more questions you ask, the more people will understand how much you care that they make the right decision. Be sure to be sensitive and listen carefully. Be careful not to become an “interrogator.” Your goal is to find out if the STEMTech business is for them. Through your questioning, you are building a friendship. Think of it this way: If your prospect was an old friend of yours, how would you talk with them about your new business venture? Read through the “Rapport Building Questions” document at the end of this section. It is especially important that you ask the questions about network marketing. It is okay if they disqualify themselves at this point. Don’t take time trying to convince someone about the benefits of network marketing. Remember…There are over 200,000 people joining our industry each week in the United States alone, and each of them understands how powerful this industry is. Finding these interested people is easier than trying to convince anyone to accept network marketing as a way to improve their future. The interested people are the ones you are looking for. Using the WealthBuilders and the Proven 4-Step System for the Cool Market™ will let you sort through your prospects, disqualifying the uninterested ones quickly. Keep in mind: You do not need that many… just the right ones to become very successful. Once you have qualified a prospect and built rapport, it is time to move on to Action 2, your “Preamble.” Action 2 Your Preamble “Preamble” is defined as: An introduction to something of importance. Since you are spending time doing the business, then STEMTech and the products must be important to you. The “Preamble” is the way to impart this importance to the prospect. 30
  30. 30. THE PROVEN 4-STEP SYSTEMSince you have already completed your Quick Start and the Proven 4-Step System’s Workbook,you should already have a Preamble that you have been using.Your Preamble is a critical part of recruiting. This statement is about YOU. It will help yourprospect to understand the importance of STEMTech to you. Prospects will listen to the rest ofyour conversation more closely because of what they hear in your “Preamble.” And for the “CoolMarket” your “Preamble” also helps the prospect get to “know you, like you and trust you” becauseyou have shared something personal with them.Steps One & TwoWatch or Read & Read or WatchYou have successfully opened the conversation, made a friend by building rapport, have learnedthat the prospect qualifies for your time and have shared your Preamble.Helpful Example Scripts:Cool MarketSince most people (professionals, wage-earners, stay-at-home moms, and retirees) are busy,address this concern at the outset:“Our simple Proven 4-Step System™ works for even the busiest person. I’m looking to work withyou directly, to teach and train you on our System so that you can get your ______ (car, vacation,early retirement or home, etc., whatever came up in your rapport-building conversation). Do youhave a few more minutes? (Pause for response.) Great! Can you be online and still talk to me?”“You can…great.”(Now give directions to your Wealth Builders site and remind them to turn ontheir speakers and then click on the pause button so you can give them instructions. Note: youshould make sure you hear the movie start in the background before you tell them to click on thepause button. Then you let them know to watch the movie and after it’s over click on Step 2 “TheTour” button. Or if they are not online you would begin the three-way call for your TeleCenter Box100.)Or“I’m looking to build a team in ______ (their area). I‘ve set aside the time to train and work withyou to help leverage your time. I know we can both be well on our way in three to six monthsusing our Proven 4-Step System™ to attain our Car Bonus and part-time income of $_____ youwere talking about. Do you have a few more minutes? (Pause for response.) Great! Can yoube online and still talk to me?” “You can…great.”(Now give directions to your Wealth Builders siteand remind them to turn on their speakers and then click on the pause button so you can givethem instructions. Note: you should make sure you hear the movie start in the background before 31
  31. 31. THE PROVEN 4-STEP SYSTEM you tell them to click on the pause button. Then you let them know to watch the movie and after it’s over click on Step 2 “The Tour” button. Or if they are not online you would begin the three-way call for your TeleCenter Box 100.) Or If you know they are interested in one of our specific bonuses: “I’ve already picked out the BMW I’ll be driving in six months with my Car Bonus income. It will be nice to have two cars again! You had said you wanted a new car, was that right?” (Positive response) “In that case besides the Step One overview movie and Step 2 the Tour, also click on the BMW link and watch that one minute movie too.” Or For a prospect interested in STEMTech mostly because of our products: “One of the reasons I’m so excited about STEMTech is that we are one of the most significant stories in wellness in the past 25 years! We are way ahead of the curve with our product line for Stem Cell Nutrition. StemEnhance® is the only patented botanical product on the market that has been clinically shown in a published study to support the natural release of your own adult stem cells to maintain optimal health.” (Positive response) “In that case, besides the Step One overview movie and Step 2 The Tour, also click on “The Science” link and read that too.” Moving Things Along If people begin to ask specific questions about STEMTech or our breakthrough products, answer them quickly and directly, always leading them to the next Step. There is no need to try to answer questions that stump you. Simply say, “That is an excellent question, one I’ve not heard before. I will get back to you with the answer.” Or, if you know that your enroller or upline is available to help with the answer, you can call him or her while your prospect is watching the WealthBuilders movies or listening to the Four-Minute Message. If the enroller or upline is available, you can three-way him or her in following the movies or Message, and use this as an opportunity to show team effort. See the section of STEMTech’s Training Manual called “The How To of 3-Way Calls.” NOTE: Do not go into details about the company or the product before your prospects have been through Steps One and Two either online with Wealth Builders, or offline with the TeleCenter. Let the System do the work… even if you know the details! Remember, they are asking themselves if they can do what you are doing (and succeed). Let them see how simple it is! 32
  32. 32. THE PROVEN 4-STEP SYSTEMHelpful Example Scripts on how to answer a question briefly and referring them to StepsOne and Two to answer the question.If the prospect asks: Is the StemEnhance® patented?“That’s a great question…and yes, StemEnhance is patented. You’ll learn about this in the WealthBuilders Product movie. Write down any questions you still have when you watch it. When I callyou in 20 minutes, we’ll talk about them.”OrIf the prospect asks: Who founded the company?“That’s a great question…the company was founded by Ray Carter and Christian Drapeau.The WealthBuilders Opportunity movie will fill in the details about the company founders for you.Write down any questions you have while you watch it, and we’ll talk in about 20 minutes, ok?”Using the Movies and The Tour section on WealthBuilders (Steps 1 & 2)With your prospects who have access to the internet, let them know up front that the movies andThe Tour will take about 10 to 15 minutes. If, however, you think from their qualifying answersthat they may want to learn more about science behind StemEnhance or the Car Bonus Program,also let them know that to explore the whole site may take a little longer. Have them go to theircomputer, turn on their speakers and go to your Wealth Builders site. • They may chose to watch either the Opportunity or the Product movie first. • Suggest they write down any questions they have. (They can pause any movie to stop and write.) • Let them know you will call them back (“in 20 minutes… or is 30 minutes better?”) to help them with answers to all of their questions.The Opportunity movie will show your prospects how they can build a successful business withSTEMTech, your team and you. The Product movie explains what our patented product is andhow it benefits the body: helping us to maintain optimal health by supporting our natural renewalsystem, our own adult stem cells. With these two movies at the ready in your Wealth Builders site,you will not have to memorize a lot of facts or give a presentation.The purpose of “Step 2, The Tour” link on the menu bar is to give the prospect the opportunity toreview the information he or she has seen, this time in written form. 33
  33. 33. THE PROVEN 4-STEP SYSTEM Using the TeleCenter Box 100 and 200 (Steps 1 & 2) According to the latest statistics in North America 7 out of 10 people are online. So there is only a small percentage without internet access. For those people, always use a three-way call so you can listen to the Four-Minute Message with them. Listen to the Message as if you were in their place, hearing it for the first time. When the message is finished, use the knowledge you gathered about them in your rapport-building conversation to guide your conversation following the Message. Why don’t you just give the prospect the number for the Four-Minute Message and let them call it at their convenience? Three reasons: • You want to know when they hear the Message • By giving them the number and having them call it you are in effect giving them homework and you will be in a chasing game to find out if they have listened to the message yet. You always want to avoid giving a prospect homework. • You want to have them hear the Message while they are still aware of your excitement (from your Rapport-Building and Preamble) Once you have listened to the Message with them, have them give you their fax number so you can use your TeleCenter to send Step 2 on the TeleCenter box 200, which is a fax. Now they can read what they just heard about. If they don’t have a fax, ask them to give you the number of the nearest “Kinkos” or similar type of store where they can receive a fax. If a prospect asks you to mail the information, you should politely decline. You might say, “By the time the mail would get to you, you could have your business started.” Mailing the initial information to prospects breaks down the system, and the whole process is slowed down. Everything a prospect needs to know is available without mailing. If prospect has no internet access, the decision is up to you. Weigh the quality of their questions. Have they been involved in the conversation with you? Are they really interested? Do they keep follow up appointments with you? Or is asking you to mail them something just a way to get you off the phone? If you did decide to mail, an example of what could be included the packet would be the Step 2 fax from the TeleCenter with a brochure at minimum. Better would be the “Your Business at Home” magazine which includes a free DVD or the “Stem Cell Theory of Renewal” Booklet and a DVD. 34
  34. 34. THE PROVEN 4-STEP SYSTEMRemember: MAIL = LAG TIME. And lag time is your enemy!With each Step in each of the Proven 4-Step System™, your prospects’ excitement will probablyincrease. Move them to the next Step smoothly to keep the momentum going.FOLLOW-UPThroughout all of the Actions of your first two Steps, your mission has been to get to know theprospect. Use the “Rapport Building Questions” and the “Talking Points” found in the “STEMTechTraining Manual” to make conversation and create a friendship. Keep notes on your conversationin your “Communication Log” of who they are, their dreams, concerns and wants and what youtalked about… everything! (To find the “Communication Log” refer to the “Proven 4-Step SystemWorkbook™” and the Document CD) Keep in mind that the worst notes are better than the bestmemory! Listen very carefully.Prospects will tell you whether what you have to offer is for them and they will let you know howto enroll them. Your conversations may take thirty minutes or two hours. Sometimes people gothrough all 4 Steps in less than one hour.Step ThreeThe Live Event/Live or Recorded Conference CallIn Steps One and Two… You have successfully opened the conversation with your new prospect,you are making a new friend, you have qualified the person and shared your Preamble. Theyhave watched your Wealth Builders movies and taken “The Tour” on the web or listened to theFour-Minute Message and received a fax.The goal of Step Three is to get your prospect informed and excited enough about the opportunityand our products to be ready to make a commitment to join you in STEMTech. You will succeedhere by continuing to build rapport, develop your relationship and listen with them as they hearothers around the country who are getting great results with the business and the products.When you introduce Step Three, remember to continue to build rapport. • Share your vision for your STEMTech business, remarking how you know that working together with this prospect will help both of you to achieve your goals and dreams • Handle any questions briefly • Continue “sorting”: Remember… You are looking for a few people to team up with to build your business. You don’t need everyone! 35
  35. 35. THE PROVEN 4-STEP SYSTEM STEMTech Conference Calls offer prospects two choices: • Listen to it LIVE, Tuesdays at 6 pm Pacific • Hear it RIGHT NOW… recently recorded live Conference Calls • The TeleCenter Box 300 • Recorded live recent Step 3 Conference Call on or The people with internet access should to go to Then… • Listen to the Introduction to make sure they can hear it • Tell the prospect you’ll call back in 25 minutes when the call is finished, to answer any questions. For people without internet access, three-way them in to your TeleCenter, Box 300. You will listen along with them, so you can answer their questions when the call is finished. To help Follow up: Sometimes after you have completed Step Two with your prospect, you may have a hard time getting in contact with then. Use the LIVE calls as a reason to call them again. If the Call is a day or several hours away, tell the prospect you will call them five to ten minutes ahead as a reminder. By giving them such a call, you are letting them know by your actions that you will be there to assist them in the future, too. It also gives you the opportunity to give them the Conference Call number again, in case they misplaced it. Let them know you will call them following the Conference Call to go over any questions. Helpful Example Scripts When you call to remind them about the Step 3 Call, say: “Hi John, it’s Betty. We spoke on Saturday about STEMTech and StemEnhance®, and you watched a flash movie about stem cells on my website. The reason I’m calling is that we have a live Step 3 Conference Call happening in ______ (hours or minutes). It lasts only 25 minutes, and you’ll be able to hear from people all around the country and how they are doing with both the product and business.” Or “Hi John, it’s Betty. I told you I would remind you about our Step 3 overview call. The Call starts in five minutes. I’ll be calling you the moment it’s over, so jot down any questions that come to mind during the Call. Talk to you in a half-hour!” 36
  36. 36. THE PROVEN 4-STEP SYSTEMOr“Tonight we have a Conference Call that will answer most of your questions. You can also hearwhat’s going on around the country with other people and why they joined our Team. It’s Step 3of our Proven 4-Step System™. Tonight’s Call is at _____ [Give the time in their time zone], andI’ll call you five or ten minutes before it starts to give you a quick reminder, because I know life canget a little hectic. Are you going to be at this same number tonight at _____ (time)?”When you call with the reminder you could also add: “Before the Call starts, I’ll introducemyself on the Call and let people know there is a new guest on the Call. Just say ‘Hi’ when I sayyour name, ok?”Please Note: Unless its Tuesday before 6 pm pacific, the day and time for the live call, you willalways want to guide them to a previously live recorded Step 3 Overview Call. You will then wantto have them on the live version as soon as possible so they develop the habit of staying pluggedinto the calls so they can hear new testimonials and different people’s stories.HANDLING MULTIPLE PROSPECTSWhen you have more than one prospect on a Conference Call, arrange your follow-ups inadvance: • Schedule your follow-up calls in 10-minute intervals. (For East Coast prospects, call them first… or first thing the next morning.) • You may want to call your “hottest” prospect first, right after the Call • If needed, call on your upline or enroller for help with your follow-up calls.Here is where all your attention to this prospect and your relationship-building is ready to pay off. You now transition to Step Four. Youwill be offering your prospects the opportunity to join you in thisexciting STEMTech adventure! 37
  37. 37. THE PROVEN 4-STEP SYSTEM Step Four How to Get Started You will Access Step 4 in the ways listed below: • The TeleCenter Box 400 will Fax it • • • Print Step 4 from the Document CD in this Business Development Training Kit The goal of Step 4 is to give them the options of how to start their business and determine what will be the best for them. Find out if they have any questions. Ask what they liked about the call. If you personally know someone on the call, tell their story to your new friend. Always continue to build rapport and show them how we are going to work with them as a team. Continue to share with them your vision for the business and explore what they want out of their business. When in person with someone, you want to have Step 4 printed out and hand it to them so they can decide the best way to start for themselves. The momentum of your first three steps and your excitement and rapport-building will lead them to naturally be interested in Step 4. Because you have been telling them it’s a Proven 4-Step System they will naturally want to know what Step 4 is. Many times will ask for it. Also on the Step 3 Conference Call it is always said at the end of the call: “…this has been Step 3 of the Proven 4-Step System. Ask the person who has invited you to the call for Step 4.” Helpful Example Script “Hi Jane. I know you can see what a wonderful opportunity this is… how it fits right into _____ (your background in health care and your interest in wellness). And your STEMTech business can make your plans for _______ (retirement from nursing) a reality very soon. Let me show you how to access Step 4”. “(Then depending on the situation you would tell them were to find it i.e., online or faxing it to them. Then you would go over the Step 4 pages with them). 38
  38. 38. THE PROVEN 4-STEP SYSTEMHelpful Example Script with your upline and a 3-way call“Jane, I have Gina on the line with us. She’s been in network marketing for twelve years. Jane is___(a registered nurse who is looking toward retirement in less than five years), and agrees withme that STEMTech can help her achieve this goal. She is excited about what StemEnhance® cando for her wellness and prosperity.” • Lead the prospect to while everyone is still on the phone. Explain the importance of starting NOW for the greatest benefits to both wellness and prosperity. You will “walk them through” the pages. • For people without the internet, you will do the same as above but you will have to fax them Step 4 yourself or with the TeleCenter. Or, if you are in person, you will hand them copies of Step 4 you have previously printed.Your prospect shows interest but will not commit to enrolling. What to do? • Ask if there are unanswered questions lingering. Your upline may be able to answer them and put the prospect at ease about enrolling. • Take them to the website • Show the successful Upline who will be there to support them • You could say: “Our STEMTech Team will do whatever it takes to help us all achieve our goals. Let’s go to, and I’ll show you where to find their brief biographies.” • Let them know “they can do this” • You could say: “This is the STEMTech Team site. If you decide to join our team, you can get your own username and password. All our top-notch training is there so you know you will have the tools and the support to take you to whatever goal it is that you want to reach.” • Show them the business is fun and simple. If your picture or your upline’s picture is on the Team site, make sure to let your prospects know where to find it. Are you BMW- qualified? Show them where to see this. If you are pictured at a Super Saturday, Leadership Conference or other STEMTech event, make sure to tell them. If you have been to several events, have them type in your name in the search bar so they can see all the pictures you are in. • Suggest that they try StemEnhance as a way to enroll and start slowly. (You can explain how important it is that they believe in the product. Taking StemEnhance will build this belief.) 39
  39. 39. THE PROVEN 4-STEP SYSTEM • If the prospect is still reluctant, it may be a matter of timing. • Ask him or her to go to your Wealth Builders website and fill out the Survey (if they haven’t already), so they can get the educational email campaign. This will give them more information that can pique their interest when the timing is better for them. • End the call with a friendly promise to call them again in a week or two, or tell them you will keep informed of what is happening in the Company. This way, when you go to an event or something new is introduced, you have a reason to follow up with them and then the timing may be better for them. Whatever happens with a particular prospect, remember to move on to the next prospect without a moment’s hesitation. The next person on your list could be the next top distributor in STEMTech and you don’t want to wait to contact them. Don’t let the prospects that don’t enroll distract you from your dreams and goals. Review the “Rewards and Recognition” as a reminder of your goals with STEMTech. Remember, no matter how good a job you do, people will “de-select” themselves at different points. When you have taken prospects through the Proven 4-Step System™ and they decide not to enroll, it can be frustrating. If it is happening often that your prospects are not enrolling, it could be that you may need to spend more time before Step 1 making sure they really do qualify to go through the system with you. Always remember your own “Why.” Keeping your personal purpose in mind will let you to contact the next prospect without looking back. 40
  40. 40. THE PROVEN 4-STEP SYSTEMSOME CLOSING THOUGHTSMaintain a positive outlook You are on the right track because you are using the Proven 4-Step System™. Just keep offering and sorting through people to find the ones who can share the STEMTech vision you have and your success will come. You do not want to “talk anyone into” doing the business. If you do, you will then need to talk them into ordering product each month, into making calls to prospects, into… You get the idea!Call five…Then call your coach who is using the system for the “Cool Market” Keep in touch with your upline. Report your successes and struggles. Ask for help if you are going through a “dry spell.” Your upline will get you back on trackRemember Babe Ruth You may remember the Babe for his homerun-hitting (715). What you may not know is that the Babe set another record… most strike-outs. He kept on hitting those homeruns, though… and so will you!Practice, practice, practice The more you do this, the better you will get. The faster you can communicate your vision, commitment and caring over the phone, the more people will enroll… with fewer prospect calls. This is what we call becoming a Network Marketing Professional. It will not happen overnight, but it will happen!How NOT to succeed The only thing that is a sure way to keep you from reaching your goals is… to quit. You will succeed if you keep focused, keep sorting and stay on purpose.QUOTE TO REMEMBER “Destiny is not a matter of chance. It is a matter of choice.” -Sir Eric Tilger 41