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37638 healthspan summer07


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37638 healthspan summer07

  1. 1. CONTENTS 1 Executive Updates 2 StemGem Team Now over 100 strong! STEMTech 3 First President’s Club Business Builders GOES Ian and Melony Davies, Meli, Inc. TO MEXICO 12 4 New Triple Diamonds Susan Darbro, Anna Gallman and Dewey Lyden 5 New Triple Diamonds Leona & Jim Malmquist, Dr. Enrique Martinez STEM and Mark Parsekian ENHANCE 6 New Triple Diamonds10 Everett Potter and Peggy Zumbaum STEMTech Supports World Charities 7 STEMTech’s Top Twenty: President’s Club & Triple Diamond Directors 8 A Look at STEMTech’s First Convention EARN A BACK PAGE FREE BMW! 10 The Science behind StemEnhance by Christian DrapeauEditor 12 VIVA Mexico!Bonnie Goldfein STEMTech Opens for Business South of the BorderGraphic DesignGeorge Tashjian, STEMTechTerBorg Media Group 14 Rising Stars Midge Hemeyer, John Hong, Barry McLeod,HealthSpan is a copyrighted publication of STEMTech HealthSciences,Inc. STEMTech Independent Distributors may contact the Editor at Julia Petrelli, Brooke Rudolf and Padre JohnnySTEMTech Corporate Offices,1011 Calle Amanecer,San Clemente,CA 92673, for permission to reprint articles from this magazine. 16 Personal StoriesThe earnings and financial rewards included in HealthSpan are thoseof individuals working the business and are not to be interpreted as indicating Olimpio Franceschi, Laurie Powers, Deborah Sanders,average or typical earnings by Distributors. Vickie Shackelford and Gaelen StraughnStemEnhanceTM StemPetsTM and StemEquineTM are not intended todiagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. The descriptive entriescontained in this publication have not been evaluated by the Food and Back Cover: Car Bonus ProgramDrug Administration. Earn a Free BMW! HAVE YOU REGISTERED YET? STEMTech HealthSciences, Inc. Director Leadership Conference Corporate Offices 1011 Calle Amanecer September 7-9, 2007 Go online TODAY Hyatt Regency Newport Beachto San Clemente, CA 92673 Newport Beach, CA and register. Phone (949) 542-8600 For Directors (and above) ONLY! Fax (949) 542-8617 Put your name on the list of leaders who will enjoy a weekend in a luxury resort while you recharge your Web: business-building batteries for the Fall Growth Season. What an outstanding opportunity to learn more about leadership, right alongside members of STEMTech’s outstanding StemGem Team! Hear what they hear, learn what they learn… and chat with STEMTech’s executives and Field Leaders while you relax at one of California’s most beautiful luxury resorts. It’s a weekend you’ll never forget! HEALTHSPAN summer 2007
  2. 2. MESSAGE EXECUTIVEMOMENTUM CONTINUES As the first half of 2007 comes to a close, we are pleased with all that has beenaccomplished thus far this year, and we see a very busy “second half ” coming. The momentum generated by our first convention continues, as distributors make gooduse of all the new business enhancements we introduced there. The size of the StemGemTeam has greatly expanded, and we have welcomed our very first Presidents Club Member! The success of the pet products and trial size sample paks has been quite impressive. Thenew Senior Manager and Director Paks are also big hits. The conversion to our new, terborg media groupupgraded software system was about as smooth as we could hope for and the new Back Officeis receiving universal accolades. Our "global team" has been very busy preparing new countries for our internationalexpansion. Mexico has already opened and is breaking all kinds of records. Planned for thesecond half of 2007 are new offices in Canada, the United Kingdom, South Africa andSingapore. We have many more distributors on the verge on receiving brand-new BMWs throughour Car Bonus Program, and the WealthBuilders web site has proven to be another great toolin your recruiting arsenal. And of course, dont forget the Director Leadership Conference coming up this fall insunny Southern California. Its a weekend guaranteed to propel your business from the highgrowth season right through the year-end holidays.Hope to see you soon at one or more of our exciting upcoming events around the globe!Ray C. Carter, Jr.President & CEO ONE WORLD, ONE PEOPLE Since Canada has been part of our STEMTech family from the beginning, we have been an international company already. Still, the recent opening of Mexico marks our first step toward global expansion. And what a success it was! At the STEMTech pre-Launch in the United States in November of 2005, we had 650 people and that was a great success. In Mexico, we reached more than 1,200 people during our pre-Launch regional tour! Congratulations to Oscar Rosas, our VP of Latin American Markets and his team, and all terborg media group the distributors who played a crucial role in the success of the opening of the Mexican market. As those who were present will tell you, the opening of Mexico was an undeniable success. But what impressed me the most were the people and the quality of the networking taking place in Mexico. People of Mexico are familiar with the concept of stem cells, well versed in the use of plant-based products, eager to develop ways to increase their quality of life, and they show a unique sense of teamwork. Our vision of expansion is tied to the concept of one world, one people, as hearts have no borders. So think about who you might know in Mexico, reach out and be part of this expansion. It is bound to be a great adventure. Blessings, Christian Drapeau Chief Science Officer HEALTHSPAN summer 2007 1
  3. 3. STEMGEMS NOW OVER 100 STRONG! PRESIDENT’S CLUB Ian & Melony Davies Meli, Incorporated TRIPLE DIAMONDS Saundra Cleveland & Judy Hendricks Susan & David Darbro Phyl Franklin Anna Gallman TOBI Sails Better Health, LLC Kathleen Hansen Gabrielle Godling Izzy & Lori Matos Bruce Higgins Lifestyle Dynamics Lars Leonard & Kevin Porter Steve Lewis & Teresa Curtis Bill & Caroline Lohmeyer Marijke Long Consumer Information Network Bc Lighthouse MBL Incorporated Dewey Lyden Leona & Jim Malmquist Dr. Enrique Martinez Mark Parsekian Arh, Incorporated MBH Interior Health Dream Builders M. Parsekian & Associates Everett Potter Felix Pastoriza Ralph Weber Peggy Zumbaum DOUBLE DIAMONDS Tamera Campbell Hannah Choi John Cowden James Donovan Follow His Name, Inc. Olimpio Franceschi George Gorostiza Salud Ideal Clay Jackson Gormen & Associates Essential Factors Elena & James Justice Tony Kent Terry Meredith Steve & Dorothy Mesner Meredith Marketing, Inc. Donald Miller Barbara Mulgrum Natasha Neece Robert J. Rogers, M.D. Stem Cell Opportunities Faith Rose Edward & Catriona Soltys Sharon Soyka Madalyn Suozzo Elan Health Sciences Myron Thompson DIAMOND DIRECTOR Brian Ings BMI Marketing, Incorporated RUBY DIRECTORS Clive Adams Ann Carlisle Dae Soon Chun Luzviminda Dapat One World Partners Olympic Korean Rice Cake Anne Dehart Joy Gilfilen Maxine Jensen Howard Kahng White Seal, Inc. Vitality, Inc. Eui Bom Lee Terry Nelson Ann & Dwight Quaschnick Gerrit Woning SAPPHIRE DIRECTORS John Abrams Reina & Tommy Advincula Lawrence Ashdown Alan Brown Carmen Cameron Donald F. Catedral Loretta Coble Jaime Cooper (StemCell Health Resources) Christopher Cron June Cruz Marian Dubner Olga Finarovsky Ed Garza (Diamond Financial Group) G.O.E. Trust Marilyn Hamilton Marla Hartman (Twice ‘S Nice) Wendi Hendricks Martin & Sylvia Jenness Venustiano Jiminez-Lara Allen Killen (Risingstar) Jay Kruse D Kian Wee Lim Ann Limacher Jerry Lindsey Luis Luciano Galen & Sharon Maki Irene Masci Bruce Melmer Marjorie Oberlander (Advanced Technologies) Antonio Ortiz Monica Port Cesar Edwin Quinones Mickee Rarick Royden Riettie Cocoa Robertson Brooke Rudolf Delta Sawyer Martin Schartz (Positive Endeavors) Amos Schmucker Shadduli Center Robert R. Smith Marjorie L. Sons Victor H. Stewart Nadine Stoikoff Paul Stramer Terry & Mark Stupka (Center for Natural Healing) Ted Susu-Mago Kathryn Upchurch Nardo Verano Cindy Yordi (Vital Nutrition) Don Waechter Alfred Waldner Bill Werremeyer Ken White Terry Williams2 HEALTHSPAN summer 2007
  4. 4. President’sClub MELI, INCORPORATED “ People dont care how much you know until they know how much you care.I an Davies was one of STEMTechs original Triple Diamonds back in the old, pre-Launch days when onlyseven others shared Triple Diamondstatus with him. Now, with the TripleDiamonds swelling to 20, Ian is blazingthe way into the next echelon as our first charity carefully before lending his support. “I learned that 95 percent of their contributions go directly to the kids, so Melony and I agreed to feed 100 a month this year, and we would like to feed 1,000 a month in 2008. The more we have, the more we can give,” he says. “We look to ” The Davies family with Aaron & MarkPresidents Club Business Builder. How our STEMTech business to make thishas he done it? possible for us.” Parsekian.Mark is Ian’s STEMTech sponsor. “I put people first,” Ian explains simply. Ian and Melony also have their eye on How to Contact Ian“People dont care how much you know a new house that will provide more room and Melony Daviesuntil they know how much you care.” He for their family. “Home prices here in Favorite Charitypoints out that one of the greatest human Hawaii are through the roof, but we FEED THE CHILDRENneeds is to feel “connected” because its expect that our growing STEMTech Supply nutrition to a poorwhat makes life joyful. Ian and Melony business will make a new home possible child in the United StatesDavies have dedicated their lives to adding for us in the near future,” he adds. Income or in one of over 100joy to the lives of people the world over from their STEMTech business has countries of the world.through sharing StemEnhance and the already made it possible for the family to Provide a months nutritionSTEMTech opportunity and through travel widely, including trips to Sri Lanka for only about $8.charitable works. “As STEMTech to visit Melonys relatives. “Keepingembraces world charities with corporate contact with family is precious to all of LEARN ABOUT FEED THEsupport, we embrace them personally,” Ian us,” Ian says. CHILDREN ATadds. “Our intention is to do great good in “Since January, we have been feeding the world,” Ian points out, adding that Phone: (405) 942-0228100 kids in Africa every month with part “Our ability to help people has a residualof our income from STEMTech,” Ian impact on our lives every day. STEMTech See a list of world charities supported by STEMTechexplains. “Through the Feed the Children is the most incredible vehicle to build HealthSciencesorganization, it takes only $8 a month to abundant health and wealth all over the on page 6 of this HealthSpan.feed one child,” adding that he checked the world. It is simply astounding!” HEALTHSPAN summer 2007 3
  5. 5. TRIPLE DIAMONDS Susan & David Darbro Anna Gallman Hawaii Better Health, LLC California t 83, Dewey Lyden can claim the honor Indiana hen a W hen Anna helped STEMTech to open Puerto Rico for StemEnhance, A of being STEMTech’s “oldest Triple D i a m o n d . ” W physician/ friend introduced she felt that the accompanying exhilaration was the highlight of her life. Little did she You would never know it, however. Dewey exudes the StemEnhance to know that she was soon to experience an joy and energy of the Darbros last even bigger exhilaration – the opening of youth as he works fall, Susan says, Mexico for STEMTech! daily to build his “We felt it was a b u s i n e s s . product whose For weeks, “I’m just having fun,” time had come. It Anna has been he says simply. was the most working nonstop, He explains that the beautiful way to seven in the momentum that implement stem cell physiology without morning to three took him to Double controversy.” Working alongside her in the morning Diamond (last husband David, a retired wellness most days to HealthSpan) “rolled me right up to Triple. physician, Susan tries to encourage people respond to the When you establish momentum,” he says,“it’s to change their thinking about health. “We excitement about a beautiful thing.” look for whats there that should not be or StemEnhance in He continues to share StemEnhance what is missing. Then we ask, How can Mexico. From the with people every day. He is a walking this person achieve optimal health? Often metropolis of Guadalajara to the small testimony to the power of AFA and the answer is StemEnhance.” town of Poza Rica, Veracruz, the story has StemEnhance. “I’m ‘a little past middle Susan and David say that for years been the same. “People have been age,’ I’m in good health and I have no people in the United States have swamping us everywhere we go,” Anna limitations on my quality of life.” He concentrated more on fixing illnesses rather relates. She adds, “We have meeting after reports that his wife Insoon continues to than preventing them. As they build their meeting after meeting, every bottle of do well, too, after facing a very serious business, they find more people are now StemEnhance has gone out the door, and health challenge nearly five years ago. “I thinking outside the box about health. I have so many distributor applications to credit AFA and StemEnhance for helping David explains, “I see people who have process!” Mexico is definitely an her body to find its way to health again,” decided once and for all to take exhilarating experience for Anna and for Dewey says. responsibility for their own health. When everyone involved in the hugely successful As a resident of Honolulu, Dewey has they listen to their bodies, they discover that pre-Launch in that country. She says, “I the opportunity to meet many local the body is programmed to do the right was so grateful to Ray and Christian, who residents and travelers from Asian thing. All they have to do is support it in did their entire presentations in Spanish. countries. “I am excited that Jonathan this natural process with StemEnhance.” People were so impressed!” Lim is working to open Asia for It is a natural process to become a While Anna is enjoying her new StemEnhance,” Dewey says, noting that successful STEMTech distributor, too, Triple Diamond status, she reminds us, “A many people now living in Honolulu Susan notes. “Anyone can succeed in this lot of effort and work went into this.” She emigrated from Asia and the South business as long as they are teachable,” she says, “Its different here. People in the Pacific islands. As he shares the benefits says. The Darbros spend their days on Hispanic culture need to know that we of StemEnhance and STEMTech’s global conference calls, answering questions and care about their health, that we have expansion plans with these Asian- helping distributors to work the business. brought them StemEnhance to improve Americans, they are excited. Dewey says, Susan explains that everyone can benefit their quality of life.” And she is seeing “the “They are all set to take StemEnhance to from coaching. “A good coach enhances most remarkable, rapid improvements” in their family and friends in Asia just as distributors strengths and helps them to peoples health across Mexico, thanks to soon as they can. And that will mean overcome their challenges. Then they can StemEnhance. How does Anna feel these momentum with a capital ‘M’!” build a growing organization together for days? She smiles. “All the months of hard their mutual benefit and for the good of so work have been so worth it!” many people.” Dewey Lyden4 HEALTHSPAN summer 2007
  6. 6. DIAMONDS TRIPLELeona and Jim Malmquist be a way off for us.” M. Parsekian & AssociatesMBH Interior Health Dr. Enrique Martinez MassachusettsWashington Dream Builders ive years ago, a knee injury curtailedA iridologist, nutritionist and herbalist, Leona Malmquist has Puerto Rico ver since Dr. F Mark’s plans to run in the famed Boston Marathon. After years ofbeen working with seriously illpatients worldwide along with Ron E Enrique Martinez joined Anna Gallman competitive racing and dedicated training, it appeared that his running Logan of the in a commitment to days were over. World Health bring StemEnhance to E i g h t e e n Organization. Puerto Rico and months ago he Their team has Mexico, he has been began taking had great success continually gratified by S temEnhance, in “turning the huge impact the and a hopeless around” many product has had on Hispanic health. A highly situation began cases considered respected medical professional in his country, to change. He hopeless. “Ron is Enrique is on the radio three times a week, noticed more just brilliant,” advising his countrymen on nutrition, exercise, mobility in his Leona says. It hydration and all aspects of optimal health. knee, and the was Ron who “StemEnhance has an important place in every discomfort faded away. "I couldntcalled Leona about StemEnhance. broadcast,” he notes, “because it is the cornerstone believe it," Mark says. Today hes back to“He said, Leona, you need to get a of a healthy lifestyle.” running from five to fifteen miles a day.hold of this product for your clients. Its Enrique says that people in the "Im feeling almost 100% better now,the greatest breakthrough Ive ever Hispanic community are “very aware of the even during my intense workouts," Markseen!” benefits of nutritional supplements relates. Its all thanks to StemEnhance!" When he explained that patients had regarding health.” He adds that most As a business broker and consultant,started “rebounding almost Hispanics are “open to alternative medicine” Mark analyzes many businessimmediately” with StemEnhance, and are less skeptical about something new opportunities, finding some destined forLeona was intrigued and excited. She than are people in other cultures. “If they success and others plagued withsoon put all her own clients on have trust in you, they expect good results. problems. He says, "With STEMTech,StemEnhance, and watched with In Mexico, we have been seeing some the model and opportunity have theamazement as their health challenges wonderful results very quickly from best of everything: We have thewere replaced one by one with a quality StemEnhance,” Enrique says. “This has constant buzz about stem cells in theof life. “I bought an inventory of encouraged many people to sign on with media, and you cant pay for that kindStemEnhance just to help people get STEMTech. They have joined us for the of advertising! Couple that with lowwell,” she says. “I didnt know you could health benefits.” startup cost, minimal risk, amake a business out of it.” Nevertheless, When he approaches medical phenomenal and affordable productin only three months she went from new professionals, Dr. Enrique Martinez that works and is desired by millions,distributor to Triple Diamond! addresses more of the science behind and there you have it… the perfect Leona came to the health care industry StemEnhance. He points out that business opportunity!"late in life after a very successful career as “physicians need to understand that health As his organization grows, Mark putsan interior designer. She explains, “Once I trends change and evolve, and that his energies into making a difference inmet Ron Logan and learned of his StemEnhance is a revolutionary product peoples lives. "As people age or havewonderful work, I felt a calling to help that can help their patients.” Enrique has financial difficulty," he points out, "theypeople regain health.” She is currently found wide acceptance for StemEnhance in begin to lose hope for having a fulfillingstudying to become a naturopathic the medical community. Special meetings in life. I want to inspire people to dreamphysician, even though “we are of Mexico open to medical professionals only and have hope in their hearts. Withretirement age, so my husband and I are were big successes. “In Poza Rica 88 STEMTech, dreams do come true forbeginning to think about not working so physicians attended one meeting, and nearly anybody at any age. We just have tomuch. The hours we work are ridiculous!” all of them signed up. It was magnifico!” decide to take action!”Leona says. “But there are so manypeople who need help that retirement may Mark Parsekian HEALTHSPAN summer 2007 5
  7. 7. TRIPLE DIAMONDS Everett Potter really soon!” North Dakota Peggy Zumbaum Texas t would not be overstating to say that I StemEnhance has made a “changed man” out of Everett Potter. Plagued with a large A t 73, Peggy Zumbaum thought she was “probably the oldest Triple Diamond.” (This number of physical challenges since birth, was before 83-year-old Dewey Lyden stole the Everett says his life before StemEnhance was “oldest Triple” honors.) very limited. “I worked, but it was difficult,” says Everett, whose careers With the energy of a person half her age, Peggy created the WeCare Group, included farming, aircraft mechanics and crop dusting. providingninecoaches,awebsite,brochuresandnewsletters,scheduledconference “So many factors combined to worsen my already precarious health,” he calls and meetings to nurture and support distributors. Peggy spends each day a d d s . “sharingtheSTEMTechopportunityandourcompletelyamazingproduct.” Since his health challenges affected his ability to make a living, he was Peggy believes that StemEnhance came into her life at “just the broke by the end of 2005. right moment.” Her son, a contractor, suffered many fractures and Then he learned about StemEnhance and everything changed. massive internal injuries in a terrible fall. He was not expected to live, “Within a few months, many of my longtime health challenges let alone walk again. With nothing to lose, Peggy started her son on were becoming things of the past, and my first check from StemEnhance, six a day. As he recovered, she busied herself building STEMTech covered my mortgage for almost three months,” her business and sharing the StemEnhance story with everyone she Everett says. With persistence and practice, he overcame his fear of met. Three months after the accident, her sons improvement amazed public speaking, and now delivers the STEMTech message to his doctors. A year later, he is walking and has little discomfort. Peggy groups of up to 150. He is even including a few jokes with his thanks StemEnhance: “The support for the bodys natural repair presentations nowadays. “Since StemEnhance, I can actually system is just incredible with StemEnhance. Being able to share this remember jokes for the first time ever,” he explains, pointing out amazing product with others is the highlight of my life!” that his memory these days is “phenomenal.” What she says is even more impressive when you know that Everett works the business 40 to 60 hours a week. These days Peggy was elected U.S. Woman of the Year in the 1970s, and has he is scheduling regular times for conference calls and conducting owned companies including an FAA-approved aviation business and large monthly meetings. His reason? “I want my downline to enjoy flight school, restaurant, nursing homes and childcare centers. She is the same quality of health and financial rewards that I do.” His also a registered nurse and licensed pilot. She says, “STEMTech and goal is to achieve financial freedom before the end of this year. And StemEnhance have brought me more benefits than I could ever have that’s not all, he says. “I expect to be driving a STEMTech BMW expected, health-wise and financially.” STEMTECH Community Action SUPPORTS WORLD Reaches CHARITIES Everyone STEMTech HealthSciences is dedicated to being a good citizen of the world. To this end, we fund and support these charitable organizations: Vocational Visions Centro Integral de Masibambisane Centre Farm Sanctuary Southern California Rehabilitacion Infantil, for AIDS Orphans New York & California A.C. (C.I.R.I.A.C.) Johannesburg, South Africa Latino Health Access Guadalajara, Mexico Sheldrick Wildlife Trust Southern California Best Friends Animal Nairobi, Kenya Cotlands Society Covenant House Johannesburg, South Africa Utah The Rainforest Foundation United States United Kingdom Please go to to learn how to contact these organizations.6 HEALTHSPAN summer 2007
  8. 8. LEADERS TOP 20PRESIDENT’S CLUB Gabrielle Leona & Jim Godling Malmquist Florida MBH Interior Ian & Melony Health Davies Washington Meli, Incorporated Hawaii Izzy & Lori Matos Dr. Enrique New York Martinez Dream Builders Puerto RicoTRIPLE DIAMONDS Saundra Bruce Higgins Mark Cleveland Lifestyle Parsekian & Judy Hendricks Dynamics M. Parsekian & TOBI Sails Oklahoma Associates Oklahoma and Massachusetts Colorado Susan & David Lars Leonard & Felix Darbo Kevin Porter Pastoriza BetterHealth, LLC Consumer Puerto Rico Indiana Information Network California Phyl Franklin Steve Lewis & Everett Potter Colorado Teresa Curtis North Dakota Nevada Anna Gallman Bill & Caroline Ralph Weber California Lohmeyer Minnesota Bc Lighthouse Minnesota Kathleen Marijke Long Peggy Hansen MBL Zumbaum Minnesota Incorporated Texas North Carolina HEALTHSPAN summer 2007 7
  9. 9. A LOOK ATSTEMTECHS FIRST CONVENTION he StemGems spread the word Friday night: T We’re going Global! PeoplecouldhardlywaitforSaturday’sfirstGeneralSession togetthedetails. The enthusiasm of the large, flag-waving delegation from Puerto Rico was echoed throughout the large assembly hall, as old friends gathered and new friends got acquainted. The air was electric! Soon the Global Team was introduced: George Antarr, Oscar Rosas, Andy Goodwin, Jonathan Lim, and Errol Lester. We also welcomed Donna Antarr M.D., who will work closely with Christian Drapeau. The applause for the Global Team had hardly died down when Christian brought the audience to its feet by introducing TWO new products, TM TM StemPets and StemEquine . And when Ray introduced the new marketing tools… well, everyone was super-charged! The weekend’s training was positively top-notch. General Session presentations and a complete schedule of workshops were highlights for many, as were the tours of STEMTech headquarters and VitaTech International. But Saturday evening takes the prize for the most exciting highlights. The fabulous Awards Ceremony led into the big surprise: The mist and curtains parted to reveal a gleaming BMW, as Ray introduced the 2007 Car Bonus Program. And three distributors had already earned FREE BMWs! Izzy Matos, Bruce Higgins and Bill and Caroline Lohmeyer were congratulated by old and new friends, each one vowing, “The next BMW is mine!” Inspirational closing talks by John, Christian and Ray left evreyone motivated and proud to be part of the STEMTech family.
  11. 11. THE LONG-AWAITED article describing all the work done to develop StemEnhance will soon be published in a well-respected peer review scientific journal. As we await the official publication, here is a summary of the scientific ™StemEnhance information validating the effect of StemEnhance on stem cells. he first discovery was the effect of large To ensure that this molecule indeed had a T quantities of whole Aphanizomenon flos- aquae (AFA) on the number of circulating stem cells. Essentially, we discovered that the biological effect on stem cells, we isolated stem cells from the blood and exposed them to the AFA L- selectin ligand. Stimulation of the L-selectin leads in consumption of five grams and more of AFA the body to the externalization of a receptor molecule triggered an increase of approximately 25%-30% in called CXCR4 on the surface membrane of stem the number of circulating stem cells. This was a real cells. It is possible to quantify the density of CXCR4 breakthrough; however, the consumption of such a at the surface of stem cells using antibodies and flow large amount of AFA (10-20 capsules a few times a cytometry (to measure cells). If the ligand found in day) was impractical and too expensive for AFA was a stimulant, incubation of stem cells with consumers. So the next step was to design a way to the AFA L-selectin ligand would lead to concentrate the molecule responsible for the effect, externalization of CXCR4. If it was a blocker of but first, we had to identify it. What could be present L-selectin, it would lead to a reduction in the in a natural product that could support stem cell externalization of CXCR4. Using this approach, we release? demonstrated that the molecule found in AFA is a In 2000, Dr. Paul Frenettes group at the Mount blocker of L-selectin. Sinai School of Medicine had described a class of Finally, once we knew the molecule responsible for natural compounds able to stimulate stem cell release the effect on stem cell release, we designed a way to by binding to a molecule called L-selectin. The concentrate it, leading to the development of problem was that these compounds were not StemEnhance. StemEnhance is a 5-to-1 concentrate effective when taken orally, only when injected. of AFA that specifically concentrates the L-selectin Could AFA contain an L-selectin ligand (binding ligand found in AFA. Consumption of one gram of molecule) which when taken orally, could support StemEnhance leads to a 25%-30% increase in the stem cell release? To answer this question, an number of circulating stem cells in the blood. This ingenious protocol was designed. We coated being said, the process to make StemEnhance was magnetic beads with a fusion protein in which we designed to concentrate not only the L-selectin embedded molecules of L-selectin. These L-selectin ligand but also other water-soluble compounds like molecules were used like fishing rods to capture a vitamins, minerals, phenylethylamine, phycocyanin, potential L-selectin ligand in AFA. If AFA chlorophyll and many other compounds. Therefore, contained an L-selectin ligand, it would bind to the although StemEnhance is specifically designed to L-selectin and we could then isolate it. Using this support stem cell release, it actually contains all the process, we identified the presence of a specific L- compounds present in AFA that are known to have selectin ligand in AFA. health-promoting properties. HEALTHSPAN summer 2007 11
  12. 12. v ravelintoabigcitylikeGuadalajaraorsmallertownsandvillageslikePozaRica,ManzanilloandColima,andyouhearT it:“StemEnhance!” Peopleinbusinesscenters,inmarketplacesandatchurchareallbuzzingaboutthewonderfulnew productthatisnowavailableinMexico.Theysharestoriesofremarkablehealthbenefitsfromthesegreencapsulesthatseemtoknowhowtoencouragetheirbodiestopromoteoptimalhealth. People all over Mexico want to learn more about StemEnhance. They flock to meetingsand small gatherings - anywhere that a STEMTech field leader is speaking - and they comeaway with an eagerness to make StemEnhance part of their lives. Each meeting generates a MEpile of New Distributor applications, as Mexican citizens take advantage of the discountsavailable to STEMTech distributors. At the STEMTech Pre-Launch in Guadalajara, Ray Carter, Christian Drapeau, VP OscarRosas and many of our top Field Leaders introduced StemEnhance to Mexico for the firsttime. The Guadalajara audience applauded enthusiastically as both Ray and Christian didtheir entire presentations in Spanish, a language unfamiliar to both of them only a few monthsago. “We were so gratified by the warmth of the reception we experienced,” Ray says. “Inmeetings and in casual conversation, we were greeted with such a welcoming spirit andwonderful hospitality.” Christian agrees, adding, “It was a heartwarming and humblingexperience.” While STEMTech headquarters for Mexico is located in Guadalajara, the introduction ofStemEnhance to Mexico has extended far into the countryside of this large country. Followingthe Guadalajara events, Christian, Oscar and Triple Diamonds Anna Gallman, Dr. EnriqueMartinez and Izzy Matos traveled to Colima, where they held regional meetings for generalattendance and invitation-only meetings for medical professionals. Christian, Anna andEnrique went on to Manzanillo for more regionals. Every meeting was infused withenthusiasm, as participants eagerly took in every bit of information shared from the podium. STEMTECH IFollowing the presentations, there was a rush for both product and applications. “It washectic,” Enrique says, “but also exciting!” Then Anna and her new Mexican team traveled to Poza Rica, Veracruz, where Padre Johnny (See Rising Stars) was the motivating force behind a gathering of 710 people at the open meeting and 88 doctors at the special meeting for medical professionals! With additional small meetings held in hotel suites, restaurants, or “almost anywhere,” Anna says she came away with “two full binders full of applications.” As the new Mexican distributors learn about STEMTech teamwork and are trained in business development, they travel throughout their country, spreading the word about StemEnhance. From Mexico City to Quintana Roo, and all places in-between, whats HOT in this tropical country these days is StemEnhance!
  14. 14. RISING STARS Midge Hemeyer With the first few capsules, John immediately noticed South Dakota improvement in his energy level. “I work out a lot, and I saw a much shorter recovery time after hard exercise. I was impressed!” Midge Hemeyer says she has As a careful businessman, however, John looked into always had a passion for health STEMTech and discovered for himself that both founders had and helping people. “good track records. Ray and Christian are respected for their Nevertheless, it took more than integrity and both have good business sense. I came in as a a year for her to “hear” her FastStart,” he says. friend and John Wiskur when These days, STEMTech is a full-time business for John they talked about Hong. He recently spent two weeks in Mexico, where heStemEnhance. “I had blinders on,” she says. “I didnt even applauds STEMTech for “a very professional presentation at theknow we had stem cells in our bodies, so I wasnt interested.” pre-Launch. It was a great event, and the people were so Once she finally read the StemEnhance brochure and receptive.” He adds, “I think Mexico will be big!” John says hebegan to learn about the power of the product, Midge decided loves to work with people and sees potential in everyone. Heto see what StemEnhance might do for her husband, who has wants to be a Triple Diamond “ASAP,” and plans to visit all thecardio-vascular challenges. “In a few days, he had so much countries opened by STEMTech. “Everybody the world overenergy and a sense of well-being that he was excited. Sign can follow a dream to health and wealth with this company!”up! he said.” Midge went FastStart that day. “It just madesense to us.” Midge, too, had good results quickly with StemEnhance. Barry McLeodAn avid horsewoman and veteran of buffalo roundups, Midge Nevadahad been bucked off a horse two years ago, injuring her pelvis.After the accident, she learned to live with the discomfort, A veteran network marketeravoiding some equine activities that bothered her. Since for over 20 years, BarryStemEnhance, she is back to the full life of a horsewoman. McLeod did not expect to hear“My goal is to see the United States from the back of a horse, anything new when he attendedsharing StemEnhance and StemEquine with everyone I meet,” a STEMTech meeting featuringshe says. Christian Drapeau. “But “I would never do any business but network marketing,” she Christian was so sincere that Isays. “The skys the limit!” She says people can sense when you was captivated,” he says. “I feltreally believe in something. “I just share from my heart what I that he was talking pure truth, and his message resonated inthink people need to know. And what could be better than my very soul.” Barry went FastStart that day, and hishaving a product that no one else has!” enthusiasm for StemEnhance drove him to Director the first month. He says, “When my volume doubled in the second month, I knew I was on my way!” Barry has good reason to be enthusiastic aboutJohn Hong StemEnhance. For many years his quality of life wasCalifornia compromised by several health challenges; some days he could not even get out of bed. “I missed a lot of family John emigrated to the United functions,” he says. “You learn to live with the discomfort, butStates from his native Korea in I got so depressed.” Then he began taking StemEnhance and1979 for a better life. “The United right away he felt a lot better. In a few days, he was tellingStates is paradise on earth,” John everybody, “This product is amazing!”says. Educated in theology, John Barry says he does not worry too much about levels as heworked with youth, later turning builds his business. “I just work really, really hard.” He saysto real estate investment, which he loves network marketing. “Its the last bastion of freehas provided him a very good income. Earlier this year, his sister enterprise in the United States. All my past experience hasKeeae sent him a bottle of StemEnhance. “She sent it to my wife brought me here, so I can really appreciate what Ray Carterand me out of love,” John says, noting that Keeae credits and Christian Drapeau have put together.” He adds, “If youStemEnhance with supporting her rapid recovery from a very have the right product and the right company -- as we doserious health challenge. with StemEnhance and STEMTech -- what a difference you can make in peoples lives!”14 HEALTHSPAN summer 2007
  15. 15. RISING STARS Julia Petrelli educating people about this profound product that brings Texas balance to peoples lives.” She notes that finding STEMTech has helped her “to develop my communication, marketing and A proud resident of Dallas- coaching skills while Im helping others.” She enjoys building Fort Worth who turned 84 relationships through face-to-face conversation, phone calls and recently, Julia says she is emails, and uses STEMTech DVDs and the website. She also “basically healthy. I hope to hosts meetings, and has led a Regional Event. become a centenarian!” There is Brooke plans to become Triple Diamond soon. She wants little doubt that Julia can live to to develop CreativeProsperity and WellBeing programs for be 100 if her current abundant corporations and for the holistic community. In five years, she energy and busy work schedule says, she hopes that her STEMTech business will help her “toare any indication. “I feel ageless,” she says. own or co-own an estate, where I can educate people and Things might not have turned out this way, however. In organizations to find an improved financial outlook and2001, Julia and her husband were in a violent auto accident. “My quality of life.”vital signs were gone,” she says, remembering just how bad itwas. “I came back and have had to deal with some residualphysical problems, but Im really feeling well.” Unfortunately, “Padreher husband continues to suffer disability from the wreck. “Im Johnny”his caregiver,” Julia says, “so I dont get out of the house much.” MexicoWhile she handles most of her STEMTech contacts on thephone close to her husband, Julia also shares StemEnhance on His given name is Juan Jaimeevery outing. “I have envelopes all ready with brochures and Suarez-Silva, but to the people ofinformation about StemEnhance. And since Ive never met a Poza Rica, Veracruz, he is Padrestranger, I hand them out to everybody I see.” Johnny. A Roman Catholic Julia says that most of the people she talks with are “60 and priest who has dedicated his lifeup. I tell them StemEnhance is the greatest anti-aging product to improving the lives of thoseon the market and I should know!” She is a walking, talking around him, Padre Johnny hastestament to the power of StemEnhance. “I feel that Im a worked for over 15 years alongside physical therapist Luz Stellamessenger to help people alleviate discomfort, and to achieve Castano-Zapata, caring for people in her rehabilitation clinic.and maintain optimal health, so we can all grow old together.” When Dr. Enrique Martinez shared the StemEnhance storyShe adds, “We have only one body and one life. Lets protect with Padre Johnny, the padre says, “I knew at once thatthem with StemEnhance!” StemEnhance is a blessing from Heaven which must be shared with our people.” And once Luzs patients saw rapid, dramatic results with StemEnhance, she began sharing StemEnhance with all her patients.Brooke Rudolf Padre Johnnys ministry has a mission to help humankind,New York he says, and “StemEnhance has a privileged place in this ministry, since it is a product that improves the quality of life British-born, Brooke Rudolf through improved health. These things are part of my mission ashas lived and worked in the leader of this ministry.” Padre Johnny adds, “StemEnhanceUnited States for more than half creates an environment which allows people to connect throughher life. She is an intuitive human kindness, and it provides the opportunity to find theirenergy healer, counselor, inner wealth.”educator, and hands-on Padre Johnny recently hosted two spectacular events topractitioner with a background introduce StemEnhance to the people of Veracruz. Over 700in Expressive Therapies and a Masters Degree from Harvard. people showed up for one meeting open to the community andAlso a writer and artist, she says she was “coming out of a 88 physicians attended the meeting for medical professionalsdifficult mid-life transition” when her friend Michael Linden only. “Many, many citizens and nearly all of the physiciansintroduced her to StemEnhance. “StemEnhance helped me signed up,” says Anna Gallman. She processed hundreds ofwith my general mood and equillibrium," Brooke says, adding, applications for Padre Johnnys “Embajadores de la Salud”“and stiffness in my joints was alleviated.” (Health Ambassadors), a group dedicated to improving the A self-motivated entrepreneur, Brooke says, “I chose quality of peoples lives with StemEnhance.STEMTech because I want to be part of a global network HEALTHSPAN summer 2007 15
  16. 16. PERSONAL STORIES“ I learned that Olimpio Franceschi Puerto Rico not only When Olimpio first heard about STEMTech, it was from his could I doctor and friend, Enrique Martinez, whose help Olimpio had sought for a very deliver health uncomfortable problem with his jaw. “I couldnt open my mouth for to the people three days,” he explains. Having just returned from STEMTechs able to climb stairs, which had has been steady and very rapid. Launch Celebration in California, been an impossibility for her for Each month he moved up a level, of my Dr. Martinez knew just what to years. “I saw these results, and I making Double Diamond after suggest - StemEnhance. With the knew I had to take the only seven months in business. country, but first capsules, Olimpio felt StemEnhance message to others,” For Olimpio, the STEMTech “something was going on.” By the he explains. He became an business is simple. “I talk to people next afternoon, his discomfort was Embajadores de la Salud (Health about the benefits of good health, also I could gone and he could enjoy a meal Ambassador) and began traveling then I suggest they take again. all over the island of Puerto Rico StemEnhance and let their bodies make a good Soon Olimpio noticed that sharing StemEnhance. “I learned talk to them. Once they see what other physical challenges that had that not only could I deliver health StemEnhance does for them, they kept him from enjoying life to the to the people of my country, but want to tell everyone about it!” income for fullest were diminishing. His wife also I could make a good income Annie began taking the product for my family,” he says. Olimpios my family. ” too, and soon she was once again climb up the STEMTech ladder Deborah Sanders Florida “For many years, I was never fully asleep at night or fully awake during the day,” Deborah says. Her troublesome physical challenges curtailed any hope she may have had to lead a “normal” life. She became feel strange. I was suddenly aware of my surroundings, Deborah couldnt believe it. “I had been partially asleep for 22 years I felt like I had gotten my life back,” she says. Deborah began calling people to share the good news. “Many people had never seen me really awake and alert,” she says ruefully. “But when they came over to the house and saw “ Within a few hours, I began to feel strange. I was depressed and stayed away from the change in me, they wanted people. “I suffered a lot of abuse crystal clear,” she says. “It was to know how I did it. I started suddenly from people who didnt almost frightening!” Deborah handing out the StemEnhance understand my situation. They says that over the next few days Story DVDs and people started aware of my just assumed I was on it was as though her mind had signing up.” Deborah says it has prescription drugs or “awakened.” That night she went to bed and got up the next all been like a dream -- in a surroundings, something,” she says. good way. “I feel like Ive gone Last December, Deborah morning to a surprise. “I was from rags to riches. I am awake crystal clear. ” began taking StemEnhance. awake, completely awake, and I and I am happy. Thank you, “Within a few hours, I began to stayed awake and alert all day!” StemEnhance!”16 HEALTHSPAN summer 2007
  17. 17. PERSONAL STORIES“Withintwo days oftaking myfirst capsulesmy energywas up and of her busy season when she began to notice a sudden change in her vision and a prickly sensation in her arms. “Somethings not right,” she thought. Medical tests were inconclusive with the doctors saying she “might” be facing a long- term physical challenge. When they suggested a regimen of shots, Lauries stress level went through the roof. She opted out of further to me.” Then one of her mothers friends suggested she should try a new product called StemEnhance. Laurie checked the STEMTech web site and was so intrigued by the science behind this breakthrough product that she ordered a bottle. “Within two days of taking my first capsules my energy was up and my stress level was way down,” Laurie says. Since then, mymy stress Laurie Powers Michigan treatment and went home to think. “I called my friends and asked troubling symptoms have been going away and I am feeling reallylevel was for their prayers,” Laurie says. “My good again. I thank StemEnhance A professional photographer, energy was gone. I was scared, and for helping my body to maintainway down. ” Laurie Powers was just coming out I didnt know what was happening optimal health." “ Once IVickie Shackelford natural approach to health. Then inTexas April 2006, she was going down a Vickie Shackelford led a pretty ramp in her wheelchair holding a baby when the chair tipped over. To protect realizednormal life until a slip on water at a the baby, Vickie landed hard on herPizza Hut in 1992 changed things shoulders, and ended up needing that I amforever. “In an instant, I became a surgery on both of them. “I wore twoparaplegic,”she says.“Everything from slings so I couldnt do anything for the samemy hip joint down is dead and surgery myself. It was horrible!”could not fix it.” To make matters A friend suggested that on my therapy and see what happens.” personworse,she was going through a divorce StemEnhance could help her body Six months later, she could raise bothat the same time.With every reason to help itself. Not expecting too much, arms and do her own hair.“My doctors that I wasfeel sorry for herself, “I decided to go Vickie took four StemEnhance were shocked,” she says.on,”she says.“Once I realized that I am capsules the first day, four the second, She gets around nowadays in an whenthe same person that I was when I then noticed she had no more post-op electric wheelchair and drives a vancould walk, I was okay. Then I began discomfort.When the doctors told her adapted for her. Its a good thing, too. I couldpursuing wellness.” it could be more than two years before Vickies a busy lady full of energy, who Over the next few years, Vickie she would have the use of her arms runs several local organizations. “My walk,kept an eye out for new medical again, she says, “I decided to take six life is good,” she says.“There is no way I was okay. ”breakthroughs and maintained an all- StemEnhance a day work really hard to explain it except --StemEnhance!”“Recently Ivenoticed thatabout 40percent ofmy full headof gray hair Gaelen Straughn Florida preparing meals for my three kids could put me over the edge.” Not one to use doctors, Gaelen tried to improve her life with a change in diet to one heavy on raw foods. And she started taking live AFA. “The raw food diet worked for awhile,” she says, “but then I plateaued.” A friend had heard Christian Drapeau speak about days, Gaelen had to agree with her friend. “My anxiety subsided, my sleep patterns improved, and I was feeling good for the first time in years.” Gaelen went FastStart, and began telling others about her experience with StemEnhance. In the months since, Gaelen has continued to enjoy life. “And recently Ive noticed that about 40has been StemEnhance and suggested percent of my full head of gray hair At 42, Gaelen Straughn was Gaelen should try it. “What this has been coming in brown again.coming in tired, anxious and sleep-deprived. product can do is amazing!” her That is something. StemEnhance She says, “Even the idea ofbrown again. friend told her. Within the first few is really an amazing product!” HEALTHSPAN summer 2007 17
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