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Andaman islands travel


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Published in: Travel, Sports
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Andaman islands travel

  1. 1.  If unpolluted natural beauty is what attracts you then Andaman and Nicobar Islands are a perfect destination to head to for the vacation.  Situated in the Bay of Bengal these islands are an ideal spot to go to for a family trip or a honeymoon or an outing with friends Continue Reading
  2. 2.    The unexplored marine life, the lush green forests, the exotic flora and fauna, the sun kissed beaches and much more is on offer for the visitor to see and enjoy in this union territory of India. The adventure buffs also can have a pleasurable time here what with snorkeling, diving, boating, fun fishing and other fascinating activities and pastimes arranged to keep the visitors entertained and amused. The tourist is sure to come back with unforgettable memories. Continue Reading
  3. 3.  The hospitality industry has contributed to the Andaman and Nicobar tourism a lot too. A number of hotels and restaurants are set up on the islands at several places.  Port Blair is the capital city here and it houses several hotels for the benefit of the visitors and tourists who throng this place from the nook and corner of the globe Continue Reading
  4. 4.  In these modern times most of the travelers would prefer to visit places where comfortable accommodation is available to spend the night in.  also the modern travelers carry a lot of items with them and would want a safe place to keep them.  What better than a hotel room can they get when on the move. Continue Reading
  5. 5.  One of the reasons that Andaman Islands travel has become popular because of the availability of such shelter options.  The hotels are available in different categories too. For the budget traveler there are hotels available in the budget category.  The accommodation is made available at reasonable rates and yet most of the modern amenities are provided Continue Reading
  6. 6.  The traveler can spend the time here quite comfortably during the period of the stay. The elite who aspire to stay in luxury are also not disappointed.  They get all the luxuries during the stay for which they may have to shell out some extra but they do not mind it as long as they get their money’s worth.  They can thus spend some good times in the midst of nature and yet enjoy the comfort too. Continue Reading
  7. 7.  The tourism industry can thrive with the help of the hospitality industry and vice versa. To reach the islands the travelers can either take the air route or the sea route.  The sea route is cheap but time consuming while the air route is a little expensive but you can save on time. Both the modes are worth trying Continue Reading
  8. 8.  Flights in all classes are available from different destination across the globe. The budget as well as the elite can reach the islands with ease here and enjoy their stay.  It is with the backing of such travelers that the tourism has thrived here as anywhere else. Also the aviation industry and the hospitality industry are flourishing and being bolstered by their support and patronage.