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  1. 1. X*Y= Usersatisfaction
  2. 2. Developed GUI
  3. 3. Transparent Effect & 3D effect (gingerbread) Widget SNS, Mail, Time, Cal., Weather, Stock, CurrencyApps Apps Apps Apps
  4. 4. 3D effect (Flip)Home screen (n) Home screen (n+1) Transparent Transparent effect effect
  5. 5. Preview .. Of Pic1translate Flicking effect ~Pic2 .. ~Pic3 .. .. .. Angle effect
  6. 6.
  7. 7. Telephone: (02) 522-2267
  8. 8. “Android UI 개발 방안 및 트렌드” 김원범 ㈜인스프리트 GUI Differentiation on Android Devices By Ville-Veikko Helppi, Mentor Graphics *Files above are uploaded in webhard