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Recommendations for On-Page SEO


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On - Page Recommendation suggestions while developing a website

Published in: Marketing, Technology, Design
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Recommendations for On-Page SEO

  1. 1. SEO Recommendations – Technical Part
  2. 2. Content Common Canonical Homepage Issue No Follow, No Index for Login page Hyperlink to Logo Internal Page Extensions Use Hyphens ( - ), Not Underscores ( _ ) Targeting Multiple Languages How to tell Search Engine robots When using different language versions Search Engine Indexing Limits Separate URL's Images Issues Keywords Ranking
  3. 3. Common Canonical Homepage Issue Not Recommended / Bad    
  4. 4.  - Recommended / Good Use anyone URL for home page, use 301 redirects to correct for erroneous incoming links and make all internal links point to your domain using the syntax ‘http: //’. Always include trailing “/” on folders If a home page have more than one URL’s, Search Engines might rank the website differently for each website, causes duplicate issues.
  5. 5. No Follow, No Index for Login page Please use the following tag for LOGIN Page and for pages which you don't want to come up in Search Results. <meta name=”ROBOT NAME” content=”nofollow, noindex” />
  6. 6. Hyperlink to Logo Use ‘/’ or ‘~/’ for Logo, as this will go to Please don’t use /Default.aspx or /default.aspx
  7. 7. Internal Page Extensions • For internal pages, we see many formats as the following..! • /Services.aspx • /services.aspx • /About_us.aspx • /Aboutus.aspx • /AboutUs.aspx • /test.aspx (Instead of /testimonials.aspx) • /Default.aspx or /default.aspx • /discover_Analytix
  8. 8. Use Hyphens ( - ), Not Underscores ( _ ) If the Website have Multiple URL ‘s Structure it is good to separate keyword with Hyphen rather than Underscores. Reason: There is a difference in the way the Search Engines look into. if we use Hyphen as separator, this will consider as separate keywords, where as single keyword with Underscore.
  9. 9. Targeting Multiple Languages • Declare language attribute in the HTML Element <html lang = "fr"> • URL Structures Suggestions for Country & Language Targeting ccTLDs (Country Level Only) Subdomains with gTLDS (or) (or) example/com/ae/ • For example, is for Germany, is for the United Kingdom
  10. 10. How to tell Search Engine Robots that you are using different language versions 1. The rel='alternate' attribute enables you to tell search engines that a web page is available in different language versions. For example, you could add the following to the head section of a web page if that page is available in English, German and French: <link rel=”alternate” href=”” hreflang=”en” /> <link rel=”alternate” href=”” hreflang=”de” /> <link rel=”alternate” href=”” hreflang=”fr” />
  11. 11. 2. All other languages can be directed to the default version of your website: <link rel=”alternate” href=”” hreflang=”x-default” /> 3. When you create different versions of your website for different languages, do not just translate the content of your web pages. Different countries have different cultures. Things that work well in one country might not work in another.
  12. 12. Search Engine Indexing Limits S.No Comments Bad Good Condition 1 Parameters in URL php? object=1&type=2&kind=3& node=5&arg=6 http://www.mysi hp?nike Not More than 2 2 Depth of URL ple/places/things/noun/dan ny/car http://www.mysi anny Not More Than 4
  13. 13. Separate URL's Annotations for desktop and mobile URLs To help Search Algorithms understand the configuration on your site Desktop Page "http;// <link rel="alternate"media="only screen and (max- width :640px)" href=""/> Mobile Page http:// <link rel="canonical" href="http://example.cpm/"/> and rel="canonical"
  14. 14. Images Issues  Alternate Text  As Search engine crawlers use ALT tags to decipher what an image is? (or) what it is representing? So it is good to use some related keywords of the client’s website.  The following is the procedure to create Alt Text for an image. Can use anyone 1. Use the title of the image or products to concern image. <Title of the product> 2. Use the format to promote Business Name also. <Business Name> | <Title of the product> 3. Use can also use the following format of <Business Name> | <Category> | <Title of the product>
  15. 15. Image Naming  It is good to give a keyword for the images, rather than numbers or non- related ones. Check for the services they provide or ask consultant what are their services, so we can use some keywords. Bad 1.jpg, 2.jpg sample.jpg, default.jpg services_left.jpg, services_right.jpg Good keyword.jpg or keyword-1.jpg (if more than one image in that page) For Shopping Cart Website: It is good to use Product Name/Title of the Product for the Image Name
  16. 16. After the Website is created, Please do Create  Google Webmaster for analysing the Website (for finding out the duplicate issues, 404, 401, 505 Errors Issues)  Google Analytics for tracking the Visitor Performance  XML Sitemaps for different countries and upload in the root Directory of the Website.  Then update in Google Webmaster Tool  Robots.txt( file to hide unwanted information in the website