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Nếu con em vị nói lắp


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A translation of the book "If Your Child Stutters"

Published in: Health & Medicine
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Nếu con em vị nói lắp

  1. 1. ofiut n^.rrtte,sa 1L u- .4_ , ^L 13AN DICH 13ANG VIET NGU' : v t 'NGUYEN VAN ANH NGUCUA sicn nla'N o,iv PHU HUYNH: "tF YouR cHtLD sTUTTERs' ,, ( A" bh x'i Hai ) lt, ^ lt t ' t 9 NEU C)N EM QUI Vl NOI LAPrci tfiut v cuA SEA,vtEr AtNSwoRiH JANE FRASEN vdi u6i o6ia r nA"u oiuu
  2. 2. xihn e di ci.c p H t! HLtyN H, ?il t&.,4 d;^1, ct,- /:,1,^,rtn,L i*, ?u/.t"1 ti"" "tI lW h n1- h- s,"p qb (.D-/1 14.v , bt;L so'* tq- l^xj'u tr;.itn 1o4 -b:;f e.l"3G g, rb d *[. x"; tdt ^]^q ,il ,-t+5ti tir 'A t;j- .ti .avvt - /.LJ Phr?- ,- tl'-t' 7n- ' ?- lro-on, , {,"- A i,t l; R l.; /- 8, */ *'P +i"u xo l.& uL c;- 6h yVt *2a ) tt Flry /T ,,Jr *!z ,Hile 61} 4 1"rk t-t* blz'L tLl$y vv"'la^A *',:-l-'4 sul s)a1rn; ;e", 2.r.,a , );ln| - J ano Eazts Clut h.'cL Ha; Sar.z.,ctt Foru'olotr'on oI Arnzria- - ,I
  3. 3. t. l. ,t / CON TOl NOI LAP KHONG ? quc;5 fh;J 4;an dd' A;^- Ntn.o,- 4 , oJ,J.'' ,t.| co' *l',2',',og4" ^h-';; .o.- ,,*^ 4,*1, 2, v ^. /' d PHAI CHAxa CoN Toi Not LAP ! N;t l; *,4&. i.a- gi,r)5 d''ai i;-, 'nh'* T^'. .,,/-' le*ca'ct^.4 ta- th';/. h"'X;a LEy La", c.zL frt , lz'l- ,'| b|,i;, Ao/- 'n' o{oh f*'c- '*' c6.*. r'Ji v{ t^.[,,JU ]l*J, bo'"t' n-J'' c A; voi gia'o ' cTl "la'in t,7 ^4c)r c'. ^ ld^ ;;; ^; - Si *&a 5o- f'r:"v' /1i vo, xlt ea.h vaj nzjoa-l caZS'' r?oL b,'r/. f.on5 [;) ;'i "E - -t-
  4. 4. bd"i wl,rt;6 l-rl o,,., ,ru; q1( ,.^/L-: lronS %t +.ji *;t r,1d'p ^0^J tt",.r1 f ) L nh; bt.'nA q' h.,. ry6 ^t64 beb r[r'5g , vi vi eo fho" ca* qi& s; kJ*S, r; ry ^; ^/+,, 1:o,V ad tu3 satcA q aL? ^Ai o,ja ,.,Lr, g/,-. ph;' 1; -"l.*;,i,g A,'d; hi i).,, "J,,- u-,'Ji. NtA oinu Ll HQc auvdr oiuu RA sAo uiu coN EM / ^' /' .l BAT DAU NOI LAP ? 6'*A,19 da* h,ta- odi ati c.on h q"J'v.i rau v )38 qu-o' 4 "vbrg,*,7frery at* w- ft4;"j tt'"*^5 u;i' l;) h-ii ;a ,.; - 7ve,y d. 12+ nu{ vo.i, n/v- b,l,,hh h1' b,"., d t+zt c<2r1 r,n, q;,v! UA^e"1 blri l;),- yd' twdo t4lGy c; i;c t'iit, ^..* laa qh, v,i qur- *j4- Ni q,2 v.,' bt* ill}. ,nhn;Xg a(d. h,+ & s,,J pk*; t*L"!l *.'t tE1. , f* nh'6 4A' u! st, c.: tt,e" cl-t wl,z.- Li-nl' L,: An, b|* n;:" l*"lt ,rnl v; fri lh'r) +raf, c.,n o-41 4J' v,i frau eu" 4g "o; U'k k'2 ,ft ' ij'W *,'!o h,*ig ^5^l v6; co,', t'n, qA'u! gt+ qA' ,.: phaL il"| Et' n-uL' Lo' .j tE ,l;1 * ,t',^r4 **r^- ,9V',1J6ry tit *" aA /"7 n{se'Oq 4l'ui q%* tN. e) ct; il lf 4^/L4'- b,t^A Q' /'uc ha1 K'A% - - 2-
  5. 5. cAC BAo uifu ,,v/,' fi KJ,,;-g ?Mg ta aL g ptuh6 fn qra la n'tdt -ooA b- N hL Al xfa ra- rr,, U; A - ,4 rrtT l-L;^tr b- ^, Ll n-;-,*L tr-.a*t ,,^- LL6P t4i ruuit'u tir,r- faL ; cU..,g ta,, rt'oi5 ft, bsie cal W calo c6,*. lq 7,- nl^L biCt et* ,'^hici lpf- |ua Ad hit ,en fA;, trE -vi -ttd - - -" la; nhai l/;- a/^- d aL l"t;- t""o , ,A* tL1 & vr b/" ez; c,4 Jar *,,i1 L,* f*,n c,x pLv'nt"7i- pAd.J- NA+Dt''l d" t#")"h|nb;;|',-J.txl,eo,^aL L'A sP*h E,*rlo.tta,z of A+nuiu-. ft,i. qlJ vl ca*, *f ry eh. ya_, pl,.-, Ai,1,nt tt st A c"b L;L ;s '#.5 * qt*.1,o .,,.1,a! 4" L,.^ aL qA* a,4 . ph,^^ &, a t,k;. ,;A L,,nb &.vr^ &o.ks RooL--oF^*, qths Algo &r* Pa.*",r^.r,Sri/':rn- to. C"'r(a", S tfu;I. 4{. a:^t' 4 f'L;i'j -:-" q/4 rt L4 C.Ao: hr6a ajb {1, l,5 q54 t-I 4, A-. lek Uf ,4 s{, Aoe c,Lt.X o..=J, yU-, AA .)- d pl* 4J q,,o,, E. dd - -7-
  6. 6. J - 4-. - a- 2.MAU AM NGAM l;.v,$r b/- l-,i,u, o6o brit 4-*, 4 ** cal vai I"A"L.r;L la$ A,^ o uh" (d-A^>- T7onl c,{. Di-t<b, sd b}i1 ,^^Atwra.l a'-,, cAa^g h,v ^li'uor*o, vl "s pi{',--|r,n ul, -r^lr-ovq"o^tvt-ldphir.^la d6 s';; "p''- q,) vl' c; fAa." uk,! n".,--- ukd^d.lnh e-a-'s |.Lo'c b,,i/.no;o:,+.,kL6ci,-!a Eta att):<, L',^A: L^I^ ga" lain t,? ^dl t ' J ,- 3 - KEO DAI D;t kh', f-Aay vl-/* /f, co'o d),rn tlr*^h Aa.^ h'& , uvt L+.., qJ,r:, d tl^;, urL ao> d^ fha^h da; ila "rth o^;b b-, "h ai " /vtor-^9',*;, fA)rA*Mn----rn.rnTnom- ^ y''- I Ba bL L'tL tA) fA - lA,b lg a,- t/r*-A., lip lu tAa^A fio; , /(4, la,eaLt, I(,f tt a;^ l-Ac-,h - eA fkD" tl"'it, tt-;,,q u-A M, frJ* h.>- h?h e-L f-rt ccm, N/**,^( rot- --- 0 t -A ': T,*t-*! ,,: :% !^s-ni't'; *e; /'a1, ^^'t es , va t'{* &io;^b 1",,*"n 'xdn l4Aa' en f"hh i^* g;a 6,1 L r' 7'* v.t ni,' qn.*, & di _ 4 - RU/VG OOx0 Th,i,A _t-l,aa:,' , qA, u., lhd rh. *L q r-,t rxt 1u^*nA ,.,-,,h @, 4ry, y4- tu 4?',?:^ 4S h-fu r,ga^ 14, ,+''4rhs-*; a1 '^/",ilA nai hIA-rya'-*; Lt t'ij M;Aa "k t J M; AA "k nh. h^" -lra; f.o,,q - C.2 "r-rL ^^ ,,,a; 1,,; Aa S6( .nh,$,a ; n^;t vtu d^ tLa-,L th.,,aL n f,L-rh. -tn "-. E ln,,{,L * s. O 'r,ttDT YL I . d^ tL^-'L .tho& ru-- CA'46 3ta ,t",.*l br,$ bao v-tht,z Ld ^dfl r/''- Ze% i/ ry q:N v.L "(A tr1L va- 1,.'!, ^1 .l-Aj t^5 lt-L dA, ht-,'fn":J- u*" k - -A-
  7. 7. 5.LiN aiouc uA ro rrdNo kht con * 3L'ri "E' pLak rc. hr)'g nA.,,, ?t,orV ,; "r*, J4 u,,.o arD^ ttAa^t^ '.^; "^'J tz,) o(;' .J fke'.* lA, f.ii.' L, ; dA:^ A*"^,il'U ,,.^h. N; "; r4,i, ol"'^x* fr6" '&)n J'n&o t , .4 .? & - Tronq ,ar^, rr,gyEP, ctn tv'v qrJ'v/ "A ,h ,^-,/.,t ril I t t J '',/ toa^ ho,l +-M-- @r1 La, 'b1'/b7Aa;'^% &J /* la'u'-cb 6. pHA,u sA'u uA cANc ruAlna h "^ qJ'ui a! fAe' Phd *d- at Y. oiAv PHUT sd uhr Qil, ow1 ,l-Ll- ruh,tf^ uri'.; ;oic, ul,"' b;t "tfrt "- thiL fh^I n;L q;a,, f kit sA A&' +ho"-U 7u.a- frQ,, y1/: yrlt .,.,h"ot fia-cr;,p .tL v;t- h'dE'. rrtr".,4 , "A c; tAd' do" frai' 1,.a t& zt^! "' " t/,. lr*c su' ehd 7d.*?Ca*tYJ.r L' # v-a k;^ gna"'7a.- ,cB h;,, va- n^ dk A,A'o ^o; .t. rVci .; flni, lo s3 va- a^6lr va' .h'2ig *a' b;at fro.^5 va? tr,r^j GS" *, .L*;^, h,1L M^ M s"^ hcx Phd' ,',!l .4, - Ma; qJ' ,! v.";4, c-Lu{ rr1' cb c.r1,t a^,t kL,*,2 sJ h^' 6 176,aJ ?tcu' &>a- f,ri' qua -gt n5;,,,c; h'yfg nguE dilc s{ /o s j ,r',*il', Ett va- Xrl di,, c,t sI, lr[,.i] n5r1- ph:+ t,,i-l +1.,L _- tL E. TRANH NE k,.'..h q*a- pha; dd, va-- eB h&' KL, ,S-t,* ^gh , cs,, ota- qJ'r! f h;-+/; -h,Jf,g t.oJ,A +r/ tt-kaL *-,ha,.. N o''d fhf L*& la-, vlb t/*;' ^,,Ar *,At h'ilS c.h- Ad u,l* d b,'i* oh4 l^"t" t6'-E +0";l^, tzL"t ^/t Vd. lrlc ,J Ui!;iffi;,,:ff ,VL h.b -5-
  8. 8. N? lf ^y t:.4 fu-ry L.a; rt'a| ry b'i'ry""tdh* ct",ie, adq-,ilvaq ,v;to &/ KJ;t Xa"-, Sa^ /. nuro ",'[u'r;n r' ,.a.'" U*i Lrt-' [/ ,F:F fui,q' bn u*r qd" vi ttlna' s( Pt'4L dn tat aiz vt-k,ny€^- &L pr-o,,^v ai,^4 nor"t- fr)" frcti nrTI s,i 7zf,i* ^?A ya_- [d. 16! e; d'e*1iU* %d^^t h'* eott e.!t1 rtr,' Fa,*q A'la| tr e^l s/ x7u;j f.i"'-Co,,,-,7,k/a *6 tl*- c--L p& ,r;J, fu Ab,q_ dl-'-' 0 t "t'*1fu" L6-l^"& i,l" "l^-" ilr& /"ZUL u 9; L"'& A'7 s,u-a- calc lro- lrtn ch'' , e6h 1444 qL vl Aoa."c c- tk;'." tl,ro a*I @v1 r,w) ,r";L thnl ef a-, dd,r, )".)^ _ ,/ ,6,
  9. 9. "rq;" uh, e- n ro zol flui.a -l,i,ru Olab-c. - ! - lo z Jr r4r SAO Du'A rRe Noi Lie ? u.- F r"?^q ,>t-,*:" a 5;i, o^t,; ha; tT,,l.;^l,o'i *:E * * i,; l;: " a;t kJ-i"c - T{i l,;, r,4 blc t, tU; /nZL , Fn /y a/D , rl-oJ fu, ,-r*-- r* *; &;€, 4q "4 p d,- tA pfu o"75" 1"")* froj I*;, vI^ c; fi"z" brh m& bA c: d,t ld.-U, Y)-' & frab t4 lL,*" s t_ e V trol7 3 '^/ AE - a; t; c; W" b;:b "t.A L g8 'vi,,c, a Lel c; 4*',ti d /-ra" g,fu fhA, oi l{"t ./-'iL TL^J od,a frt hu*" "',,(^,,i,0) A.6 rr,i ,,1'-44' '( ' t', r) ) I.gfit yh;, "q h^fl 1,h^;,)ry alat n; -7-
  10. 10. ""1, ""a rh4 pn*,: fd- 6ij loo; tr;- Jn' v,t ; od b.t' fet *i.r &a a. *,).da. & u t{"et E l.ri lA ;e s,L Ee tr|" Ad; h'h nfn eth. ,-J., or/n tQl wo] t*, Yl tro^6 f^b"X 4f e *'^e,ai -.jr l+, V.l. E' *i "; W;*t1 ql4-an, #fX- t ,,t .. (qL, 1 e+' ,Lq /; il6^tr t-0,2" ,.Jt r" Dd t; tl d^ do fr/ ,z,-_ n/r L&7',,,/"j^*i oh^Lq f" UbL *'n; i; ^; too uo^ q g r.,r; aai ,*d FAJ il tu,i a^ 4 *; ^N J-;,h fu. .1,>t" .o,*, iX t; 14 w: -Ao*Z -6-
  11. 11. DuA rRi uir t{p co LA,M sAo so vdi ouA r nt B[Nu ru]dN, KHAC ? - y r.z! .. VAI DU KIEN THEM VAO ' uutJVa Gi- z . /, / r4r Noi LAP LA -9-
  12. 12. 6 "4 ra- klnl "oAX /14b+o. rw kh ov.41 *Yt *n* /1J/1+ c-a,nl MX r=.- /o a)- q.. f&o, f4/ ,,"A)A ;,E4tu^& )k'",*, e; a,L, ""+,-ar,:* tu_q,,Gr- ,L-u"t'*"F trrL 4a fu)/ - Jtttz, O[a fu-*-a -t0-
  13. 13. t-Au sAo oiup D(l1c co^/ EM qh ny d% z;j d,t r-Ad. k;r o;, t ,J t ,1. il,;X F,, hl ctr.;, qL, E r>-s' t<A/. f*,;. Lnu, .Ld T",; coL oL" 4' fu aa crX'A fi q/^*. pe el V;i. qL' ^' vzf, e.ryn oiup coN EM QUi vt t'tot' Dudc H6Nc su6'r Ho'N ..I I _
  14. 14. um trowl 4.A^Jir^a aaU u,,, ,r--",i J*d, l^,t "^Z hh*t frLi,i - "t'- ni btq >uii *'..',a-al I] I Fr- Caq- 14 lrz- ",: t /,,n" 1**f o^ 7u;t- AJo' ft" Ktil D"/re 1,"^,g, ct* cr.'L urh ^- -' Url ,tra-- ;E' /h h-'b bti "^L^ 'L,L I 65 ?A '^'lro3 cc.e- ' c;, lrt, e-n-o- +r{, _ fra{ f "/"4 - N o' u-' a-'/F frJ; tr6 ua.- g;8,, tg "E; ^a A eA& xL ryq / NGHE vd cic rei u6. a6rc / s' z cAC NQi Ho4r cJe su' Noi ufir,ro ' , -T,, t=*j '?',-;'t L4 ^a* - ' --' et4 E,A6 -7.:^!7, c-ai fa"*, il^^k#^-^a ryI ry X;Jj- b*r'nJ;& ^^,"4 ,o,o br,; d& &n;'E;tr-n",otr,:l;1:U U .t2.
  15. 15. w{'4/ "*;' F(*, '-/,} crh' &E { /-.t ccn ^rt, d-4 *4i ,ra elr*i pdt- ,4'-.a l6a; vug ."^A1' t c.dh 1,,,- rv^! d"fh {t" t"A;i ^Z "r;, k},A r'1 r,u^ t/-!^; ; c6,+u!, Yf "MI ? ,A'i* ",t i + l*-,'^-A^'t- ",a cL,,,F. T,i ?:, )' *Y ^ , h't ?,- "ii,'qr, + | " 9r'*' ' I,Ka"^ 'w^x f-o Aa-o kls :'-! c* &jE qL hl /r-!-', ,L n! ,wL,[. ld aL, ui *; a'4t a:"6 'a*? ':^, -,:Y1,"oA qJi =;;; f'rf|Zocn- *' ,'+ - si cAi t ^h{ 4 q+,z,e,t ,^{o,r^Xt*f , .Urffi^T; t3-
  16. 16. tz;- fnl na,'t ta7 clni re- 4'ro-. ";|tt cn,alni-c,Lr,rd^* c.a'e, ^, l- oJ ,f, ,?rL_ Gon unn "J *X q,r;E l,r^h ca;- )r.,L,, t^corrt t^J r- .j -', , 0 . l/ g^^5 tfu cwh^,;r_ '"7.'f-*ft et^I &- W- *?. , h*" n +- Ari q- "X, :-,r^.3t el^I 5- S"*q q#b, cL-H,2 r64!q U ,uA .a; V^;'L",^,.* " Ndo---?"p.ln& , ck&"a L"*, a-'- .to.t-, dS_l *?.,+-oa-o G<J F*at i MA eA" /^;'L",^,.*.. Nd-.,---?"p4,& !"f^ * &. 4 a1 v o;* );: v-Q^^, q,:,,J ,! A* ns ); ^/lonh t";'la; ? $rai '.'-d,; -lrao y,; t, l qb uY' _ th_
  17. 17. l, /r. vot vjt THAY vl t!_ot rHa_a6 vilo coN EM i", tri'fl'il ,t*Zts ^i &^ xt 1<^|nL (pn _Alrr _ - ,5.
  18. 18. { TAo NuiNo xir'nu rvauitu rulcn rHi DApo€-u Qrr'r' vt' ia,' b;L nt ,t-E o--itt fl'rr/. vL^L eLA ^,"AL f*t'rZ Al. c1"- I -; /of{o ,u-41,n /'ra>,q -k".ir ,j-U! ^tJV' "^'+oet A fr,i . t4fr- Ll-14 T;- ,,"a;' n nA"4*, ti+ k-t*, Ct'o, A.'*4 ^;^ : -L^* ; lzLt vt.j-, d'3 vi; a*!, o/4' t^n - 8c^^" zt'oL .^^A'tua "-:,: - v+ , /,';-(^"* 7;#" q/* r'rul A; c^c6 ''# q;^^ vt^;"fr b- t d tt ^ z t ^ v{-tF / - t N.I,"u/-rh lq'-t 'v'cy'it'vn Lta'^ bcu '- il 6 -16-
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  30. 30. -20 -
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  33. 33. frrr; il{ >-A;^Q xL,i-q ,tc-^ cuL . ()r,!,.,- ",,,7',,- L,;. q,-L-ja ,?) ,.n' ru;< k-h '.D^a[ phd; l*, *;7 c,ran+ !]u'l- x,,', ,?;'J:' ^,^aLcl ht).b fr, a* th- cor,. *t*jb ,,0 u - :-^: 'r, 1lt' u.' K.l^rfi'4 hb, ;,14 1ra' @r) d, !^ry *6 ,,1- {i, tLt"L ct".,,Jn K;"4*4 u;4 {,ra,,4 .' IU a; 'LL & +h..D ^ til;;.X t"l e"6 {cz"- c,t- d, xt,J ^d /'z- xA di' ,".^, (in. M?f +^- n^. cr),t DL;2}, ,^; ct^ -'' €,:,,, 'n*1..t, :A"q"rT| ;:;{.t ,d.' c.n,. ,*,t .0^- Db ,,.',2 "n- I - *l t I n. tr-- t -- lIJ it^ 60 r^4.-t On */wqt.,Lay,> t- 1l^e,'.6 u"z' nf,i U1^o;j ]'4^ f.u'1, ^yf "t- f**T*, uL U;: o w / "l"rd, Ud E,>1/+1 ry , I " l,A.;i q,p L;- l^,D t.c,_e to 6u A'p jN'o ' ohnnq (T J^i lt_r . ' u l/-"^' /1 c{c." ^r,'rl- n rwl^'eit ,,lo-o-, - Ub q il-z,rF k;, /,o,, niHe '-31,
  34. 34. _72 -
  35. 35. 4 ".l4b; Ta-,r*a# ""r; ffit-' t4d. n4; *A Et ^/,' l4 ,;! *," a ?'4*'*q* ! * r+^*i1 "o'"^b$lf *q'TtB*4-il%r'^d'4 t'.-$ rt-"^n't, *X4"-,4'*n ry1^Ud'H^;t: *-, )J*;o i't-,* r-, d'd NT,) "^^.1'nr,''") rz.;,! b* a:"^,1A*i PUL r* )*'io i'frv*7 fa d,/,h,-4,'I' n;""J Wv b& /;:'*l torn P4.4": ad4 -Auie * - r-/ lt e-q&r-n Cb n (novfl I ^A'o&4- 4#1 tAqPryN4tti- h;aa, *'L,io aaL b,ty &" * q'il n* NAiu ryl^t 12- ,rn'dr'"-tl l*r"*' 6; t4- J^ l,h/; , A' nt;.4 [b'r ilt A* - VJ'srX l','ti' cdo F;-ajt "4 'W" 14- xdL taz E c^t'neL *U. ,i'$fr qraJ. lE {&g lti"- q d-q tu^. .-/ .,'1.: "''SE '{'/o}'"',p, nrNor /*_ &,L n,!_; /rit'-",n"_ f,& Y,i ,,'tn* fll "^J-^| ft".,;X. 6 o1* lr;* "': n"^t!"*, 1"7 7: '" Y' .tL GIAM *.2/ TH|'EU J'Lr LO NG$t CUA qut vi Cl^*J6 frr b4iL A'&. .r8,'- t''l^,1 laLo?. & 7t q' d^' lag'f * ^ fu|. q{ ++- d h cxXa.' st &t ry "l pAlt,,*e r<]"t r^& x e qb * *W!^": tr;u " t;.,t, ^L";4 '/Y - ukf e" 2,," tu7h d lTd; ui A a";' 5l- + d^2" fu t'4" l'";"A ^3n qt ' fi),'r^ f&5 q&tuA elt * ^'!"' I cob con t'at v; 'Ee A frevcr'^E i'A'; f'-'3 l'nlo n519 ryrc t'A'oAExh'th c€,t I t+- eh; fr'.-1 "H firar; gf ta^5 *4 r- ry ^? .X^' frd O;-o4 -4 3'1, l*5. :^^,y:' qur' ohr',L oon tt 1 qh 4 ,,-[l t1"'6"5 i'"'lA frft boo 'whiEq ' lv'21 ryU + -3t -
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  39. 39. wol vdl coNEM ^r./utzVE TAT NOI LAP CiN Wlr..*,t e;,-f; b;t: Tant sao6, .'i's 6{l' -U- d-, xhoa.J.* ^X 1& y' d laAt ,^ot^, tt.t, 16,^* '*Z ^MS g,* iL-' qJ'?' o,:, rlla-.,-J,i ,;+ ,v/ea;'i: c l^^:o..- v..l_ u ! drf^i-ff;;':TJk; ang o.hidi, .e- *A%, Ja) ,,lr--- E,;,' g-;-.-i o/4 a; ' " ui, vi^ ryzE, v2c en n-t /,o^tn A&. ta ',y.Ab A,L *& t+': e,+^10-AX J^,' /a ,,-Jt q.:L t<-1,-' t4k-, co:; Et h?i dd,; t a.,l jo-',rr;'E,r*rt;- i* | , --! tr'il, ci*- qua; 4 b;'4 4r "io.^s fo" fr7 ftG fri: 'vl d AiL'J^A^ u.i I 4r E r*t *J 4 ;*.,r3r"*-*J "e" _37 -
  40. 40. Cl t ,.t '1 L , NANG TRUC TIEP KHUYEN NHO NO Sa. lr0-t J* cc -J ^r go- { oo ";' /af . 14,.!a: "/. ",,t; t; 7: laA d^- "J ci ,v,*> c;'oe W t% *E; ra-sa<-{- at nt-a( oS ,* y^&,a *J 'o- ^td^" 'L , ciAu cAc s.g ttXr' 8u Lo VI NOI NKNG bsl VA THAT VONG |.,,fL ,Li" 4 ,r.C, g s ,.e'f-, a;. .79 -
  41. 41. O'? d .,i,.v1 tzYr .ts li'^" "1n eg-,P*.o*ry:"Tr! nL^- iJ' v,' el*i o,l';" ,'Y.;o' v; q *i h $ ,2Z .J 1.';'oui, f.L W try Nrh'f,lnh ltw gic fag ti si Ad' uA ; ^ "t,) u' 3"4 c/./ "/"t L rl^^ ; - b4 tc,'*, dt s! ual a ; fr%,r,,:L iry u/A ,,^." ; Nd, ,*l ,r^Jt "t'.r1i, be;g aq 6 oZ u! gta +ot"U ^L *W oC .l^*' A,/"'Xg pq fi+ "#" 6, A& e.ui c.rr, ^ q,^ "! - Nh'aX ;- v-7 ba', e 1,.-"rt pq d frr r'n t", o&i /D tls ,t- a; -Z- con e'{+ d tE 2a1 J- d el^-- c4rt t^t bdi % b,h,r.4i, v* tu., 4 14 t #;? 11; *J y "; 4 le' . )'*t A' 4' e*,v7*ai lia- Ailt bL,k ",/ ; "e a;l rl.a"- A;n ut-' ": u1'-,11 Pl"J;. 6a1rt ,*!,, "t^.rX?, Of n; ert*i rr,i- bobo fi ,nLr,a; +--r- t' l<'!at'*yz! vL""l c,o'tt t^'v x-^!'l h"o-f i"r'$ fr^* L^;" - PAf ^-pl PlJo t" oorn'rv;;J ,^-U, n^^,!' ,8" A&c 0*,r";r' ftin-, 4 ,.-' | 4 {a- ost 4 +Eryo-.G -39 -
  42. 42. , - HE| - -4o -