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Report about vietnamese’s student market


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A presentation about prospect of Vietnamese Educational and Migrant Services to Australia

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Report about vietnamese’s student market

  1. 1. Report about Vietnamese’s student market Billy Nguyen Billy Nguyen 1
  2. 2. Size of the market• In 2008, education services remained one of Australia’s single largest exports to Vietnam valued at AUD$465 million, representing a 62.6% increase compared with 2007. By year-to-date (YTD) May 2009, there were over 15,900 enrolments by Vietnamese students at Australian education institutions, placing Vietnam in seventh position as a source country for international students coming to Australia (China, India, and Korea are the major source countries). This represents a 61% increase in enrolments over the same period in 2008, indicating that the effects of the global economic crisis are not immediately impacting on the number of Vietnamese students enrolling to study in Australia. Billy Nguyen 2
  3. 3. Global Financial Crisis and Market Study• We have 2 question: – Was there an decrease in number of student from Vietnam and other country when we suffered severe GFC? – And what is our plan to comfort our client- student? Billy Nguyen 3
  4. 4. Global Financial Crisis and Market Study(2)• According to some survey and stastic we do have,• In YTD May 2009 enrolments for ELICOS(English Language Intensive Courses for Overseas Students) were 4,975, indicating a continuing strong growth of 64.3% compared with the same period last year• With 4,373 students enrolled as at YTD May 2009, HE( higher education) remained the second largest sector with a continuing increased rate of growth of 44.6%• As at YTD May 2009 there were 4,093 students enrolled for VET(Vocational Education & Training representing the largest increase in enrolments compared to the same period last year (107.4%).• In YTD May 2009, 2,001 Vietnamese students were enrolled at Australian schools representing an increase of 22%. This represented a lower per cent of growth after years of strong growth at around 40-50% in 2006/2007• =>there was no reduction in size of the market but we experienced in transition between schools to higher education, ELICOS, VET• So why do these transition happen? Billy Nguyen 4
  5. 5. Global Financial Crisis and Market Study(3)• With GFC we will have inflation, unemployment and other effects which reduce benefits and happiness of people.• So instead of staying at home they choose to invest in study which is “signal” effect ( helps them to achieve job after recession).Moreover it can help them to have a chance to stay at Australia. So there main reasons of them to study in Australia is PR, TR and Citizenship which provide them better life. Billy Nguyen 5
  6. 6. Opponents in the market• They are Vietnamese agents which can provide all services by Vietnamese and do have a network and relationship with Vietnamese customers in Vietnamese areas such as Bankstown, Cabrammata, Marrickville..• Usually they are lawyers which can face with Criminal Law , Business Law• There are 11 of them in Sunrise Daily Newspaper including SAFE immigration next door Billy Nguyen 6
  7. 7. How our opponent operates• Free extension visa for student• Free consultation• Free enrollment in course• And usually they say “ we are speaking Vietnamese”• Pay all fees upfront ( visa fee, health check, financial proven,….)• No refund if client don’t have visa (INCC cases) Billy Nguyen 7
  8. 8. How to beat the market• Describe our company as multicultural company.• Effectively marketing and create network• Create our advantages with other agent• Provide more information ,consultations and interaction with college ,TAFE, universities , English schools.• Our business is likely a type of selling what people think good so it might in term of time and attitude compare with prices. Billy Nguyen 8
  9. 9. Marketing way• Facebook : easiest way to save money and interact effectively with customers. There are 2.234.000 Vietnamese using FB in the end of August 2011. this number increase 43.24% compare with April and 34.3% compared with July. Billy Nguyen 9
  10. 10. Facebook Percentage of user depence on ages 0% 0% 1% 3% 5% 8%25% 13-15 16-17 18-24 35-34 35-44 45-54 56% 55-64 65-0 Billy Nguyen 10
  11. 11. Facebook(2)• So with the FB we will have an approach to Vietnamese target with 56% of Vietnamese FB users ( estimated around 1,251,040) in range of age 18-24 years old.• And advertisement in Facebook is good way to marketing also. Average price for one click (CPC) currently in VN is 2,88 USD while the price for 1000 times for adverts to be appeared in FB is1,24 USD. Billy Nguyen 11
  12. 12. Facebook (3) Billy Nguyen 12
  13. 13. School information portal and email• Cons ( advantages): – Not costly – A lot of views – Student from universities and English schools• Pros( disadvantages): – Dependent on interests and languague. – Take out a lot of times so we must post frequently Billy Nguyen 13
  14. 14. Newspaper• Contact: (Tuesday , Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday)• (02)9725 6444• There are 11 Vietnamese agents post advertisement here because this is newspaper for Vietnamese looking for jobs and information Billy Nguyen 14