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How Email Is Deliverd Over the Internet


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Published in: Technology, Education
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How Email Is Deliverd Over the Internet

  1. 1. How Email Is Delivered Over the Internet *Members* Sou Hamada (s1150189) Haruka Anazawa (s1160004) Junko Ishii (s1160016) Kotomi Ishida (s1160020)
  2. 2. The most basic rules for sending an email (There are four steps.) About stream of packets About routers on the Internet About different route About recombining packets
  3. 3. Stream of packets After you create email message and send it,it is dividing many packets. The packets use the Internet's TCP/IP protocol.
  4. 4. Routers on the Internet Routers on the Internet look at the addresses in each packet and send the packets on the best path.
  5. 5. Different route Each packet might take a different route, so the mail packets arrive at the destination out of order.
  6. 6. Recombining packets When all the packets have been received at the destination, they are recombined into an email message the recipient can read.