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Delivery report


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Delivery report

  2. 2. Ideology This time we as an LC are trying to lay special focus on delivery and enhancing EP experience, a policy of growth through increase in conversion rate has been adopted, after seeing a summer of an extremely weak conversion rate.
  3. 3. Key Initiatives
  4. 4. Innovative OS Director TL UR TL Adhoc Director TL IR +EP Engagement Project Coordinator EP Engagement Member TL IR Project Coordinator EP Engagement Member TL Adhoc TL UR
  5. 5. • A special team solely responsible for EP Engagement. • Team of 6 people, headed by 2 Team Leaders and Senior Project Coordinators. • Team mutually exclusive to raising/matching.
  6. 6. Parralel Raising-Matching • The OS allows us to raise and match parallel with distinct teams responsible for both. • This can satisfy EP’s and assure them a project very soon, thereby them not making other plans. • Concept of projections being driven down. • 4 Matches • 6 more Interviews Done awaiting AN • 8 more Interviews Scheduled in the coming weak
  7. 7. Integration through LC events • All interns made to come for the following LC events to get engaged through AIESEC- • Youth to Business Forum (6 interns) • Global Humanism Summit Pre-event (8 interns) • Global Humanism Summit Main Event (20 inters)
  8. 8. Right Raising • Only 8 countries being promoted. While raising instead of saying 110 countries only 8 countries being pitched. • Proper serious interviews conducted. • Standard template for Interviews and selection criteria • j8lVURwwxuRD3jrr4xT_6q2swfc5XLnR92KwxP0U/edit • ey=0AvkpFNZYWMoHdDRiUHlPTW9uazhFaGtqVGZS VXR3NWc#gid=0
  9. 9. Right Expectation Setting • While the interview everything is said in black and white. • Only countries that can be matched being pitched. • Being pitched as a cultural exchange and NOT an Internship
  10. 10. Assigning Grievance Managers to EP’s • Every EP is been given a sheet of contacts in various teams to streamline processes. • They each have been assigned a grievence manager from the engagement who is solely responsible for any problem
  11. 11. Initiatives to teach AIESEC to EP’s • Teaching basics of AIESEC such as AIESEC Way are being taken forward as they are imperative according to XPP. • Personal Meetings/calls of engagement team with raised EP’s and started teaching them AIESEC something similar to what is being done for new recruits.
  12. 12. Mailers and Newsletters •Sending EP’s engagement Newsletters and Mailers, including messages from IXP, potential projects etc.