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  2. 2. What Is The Role Of Fragrance In Soaps ?
  3. 3. Comparing Opaque And Transparent Soaps• Stronger scent in opaque soaps initially but it dies out.• Milder fragrances used in Transparent soap .• Integrity of fragrance maintained in Transparent soaps• Variety of fragrances that can be used much higher in Transparent soaps
  4. 4. Aspects That Need To Be Considered Cost Longevity Soap Consumer of Perfumer Acceptance Fragrance Stability
  5. 5. How Does The Perfume Work In The Soap ???
  6. 6. •Some Fragrances are solubilized within the soap structure.• Different perfume components partition into different areas of the Soap system.• The soap system forms a sort of cage for the perfume and this helps in controlling its diffusion
  7. 7. Various Classes of Fragrances Used in SoapsClass of Fragrance ExamplesWoody Cedarwood, Sandalwood,Floral Rose, Jasmine, LavenderFruity Passion fruit, Orange, Apple, StrawberryAnimalistic Musk , AmbergrisCitrus Lemon , LemongrassHerbal Aloe , BasilSweet Peppermint, Clove
  8. 8. Rose Fragrance ROSE OXIDE
  9. 9. Musk FragranceMusk ketone Musk ambrette
  10. 10. Factors Which Create Instability In Soap Fragrances• Light• Temperature• pH Values• Presence of Iron (when reaction done in non SS equipment )• Packaging
  11. 11. Result Of Instability – (Discolouration of Soap)Fragrance DiscolourationNitro musk’s PhotodiscolourationVanillin Severe Black colourCitral Yellowish-Brown Colour FormedEugenol Brown Colour Formed
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