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S.A.V.E. - Social Actions Volunteering Ecosystem


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S.A.V.E. - Social Actions Volunteering Ecosystem

  2. 2. LET US RE-IMAGINE . . .• Inspired by Microsoft’s re-imagine campaign, we thought to take a successful idea and implement an application for it, and starting from – reimagining the way users can interact with the application, – reimagining such an application for Windows 8, – reimagining the possibilities an application can benefit from the use of the new OS,• we decided to balance the technological innovations with human centric design and an incentive based framework
  3. 3. . . . VOLUNTEERING• So, we reimagined the way people can help each other through volunteering: – By making simple the way the application works through the use of metro style features – By making the application follow the user everywhere, allowing to be always connected – By putting human in the center rather that the technology tools – By building not just a social network app, but an app inspired by social systems for social actions – By simplifying the way you can join and act in our volunteering ecosystem
  4. 4. RATIONALE Pollution Diseases Thirst Disasters Mortality HungerDiscrimination DebtIlliteracy PovertyLack of infrastructures
  5. 5. RATIONALE (CONTINUED) To some, (especially those that come from technologically advanced countries), the previous slide may not say that much.
  6. 6. RATIONALE (CONTINUED) “Study on Volunteering in the European Union” GHK Consultants and the European Commission, 2010.
  7. 7. RATIONALE (CONTINUED)• No matter what the need, our team help is the only way to address it• Many different organizations, associations, institutions, unions• Still, common goals: help, save, relieve, sustain, support• Technology cannot help by its own• Technology is just the means• The solution is always one: HUMAN CENTRIC APPROACH
  8. 8. APP SUMMARY• Let’s for one moment leave aside all Web 2.0, Social Networks, mobiles, SMS, MMS, e-mail, tweets, and all technological stuff• Let us wonder who/what is the driving force behind any volunteering effort?• What is the payback of every volunteering contribution?• Are there any successful social examples so far?• And let us re-imagine the use of technology to help us repeat success, bigger, better, united
  9. 9. APP SUMMARY (HOW WE STARTED) • Volunteers and• Not a technological platform, but volunteering organizations rather an ecosystem , in • Corporate responsibility • Social networks which volunteerism can grow • Ubiquitous access• Able to scale in participants, but • Global coverage also in event importance• Oriented towards self sustaining the idea of volunteerism (both • An of course, a new contribution and rewards should powerful tool in the benefit the common good) form of Windows 8
  10. 10. APP SUMMARY (THE IDEA)• So what is the idea?
  13. 13. APP SUMMARY (WHY UNITE ?)• Who can join and how? Why should someone join
  14. 14. APP SUMMARY (SO ARE WE GOOD?)• So where why is the idea a good one?• The idea of the volunteering ecosystem around which the platform is built, takes into account the experience for social welfare or health insurance systems• A newcomer to the system is expected to contribute less for the same benefits (because of the young of age is less probable to get something back from the system).• An old to the system is expected to have gathered a benefits status that can be used (and is most probable to be used in the system)• External contribution to the system is distributed as extra benefits to the participants (this is the case of prizes)• And of course all the above are supported through internet, web and mobile technologies.
  15. 15. APP SUMMARY (IN A NUTSHELL)• What problem are you solving as it relates to the Imagine Cup theme? Through the particular application we are trying to provide the platform (in the form of a volunteering ecosystem that could help address all 8 goals of UN)• Name and description of your app The name of the application is SAVE (Social Actions Volunteering Ecosystem) and inspired by the way retribution in social systems operates (i.e. in social security), reimagines and reinvents the way volunteering can be supported.
  18. 18. TAILORED USER EXPERIENCE• What are the specific user goals of our app?
  19. 19. TAILORED USER EXPERIENCE• Use of the app through a comprehensive scenario
  20. 20. METRO STYLING AND LAYOUT• The app is chrome-free using mat colors that doesn’t tire the eye and that don’t distract the user from the events• It uses colors that contrast so reading is easier with a small color palette that is used by Windows 8• Bigger font size is used in places where we wanted the user to concentrate• We make strong use of GridViews,ListViews and Flipviews to make an fast and fluid app that gives a sense of continuity
  21. 21. METRO STYLING AND LAYOUT• Commands specific to a particular view are placed in the left area while more global commands are placed in the right area of the bottom AppBar.• The use of contracts make the app to be easily identified as an Metro app by the user and leverage the ecosystem of Windows 8 so we can Win as One.
  22. 22. INTERACTIONS • Several ways of interaction with the content – By volunteering to an event – By rating an event – By commenting on it – By contributing points to an event – By sharing the content in numerous ways
  23. 23. NAVIGATION• The content driven design of the UI allows the user to directly access events matching his profile categorized according the millennium goals• Profile based categorization is also supported at a second level.• Navigation elements include Buttons and the Charm Bar• More importantly, Event based navigation is on the core of our UI design
  24. 24. FAST & FLUID• How is your app designed for touch interaction?• As regards animation, we tried to keep the (so as to comply with the goal of the application).• Nevertheless, animation was used when adding a comment, where an effect has been applied
  26. 26. VIEWS (SNAP)• Snap is used to make the user to have our application open all the time and interact with it.
  28. 28. CONTRACTS• Use of Contracts to enhance functionality – Search is used for easy access to our events via the Search Pane filtered by the Millenium Goals – Setting is used to enable Roaming of the user account and to persist state – Share Source is used to raise awareness about an event as well as enabling the user to share interesting events through any Metro Application that he wants – File picker is used for sign up of a new user to choose a profile picture as well as to enable users to choose a photo for their events from their picture library – Since the application generates content, we did not consider necessary to support Share Target at the current version.
  30. 30. TILES
  32. 32. ROAMING• Roaming data and settings across PCs – The application keeps a session so that your actions on one device can be continued on another. – The application supports user profiles, so that you can change your settings on one device, and these can be applied on an other.• A comprehensive scenario on enhancing user’s experience – You are at the Metro, and you see an advertisement for a campaign of the Red Cross. You open your tablet, enter SAVE and you search for the corresponding event. You find it and read the details. You decide to participate by taking part (donate blood). Right when you confirm your participation, the Metro arrives at your station. You close the tablet and exit. On the road home, you think that you should do more than just take part. Once you get home, you open your PC, you continue from the confirmation page, and just add some of your credits to support the event.
  33. 33. APP-TO-APP(MORE THAN USUAL)• The application is ready to support App-to-App• A possible scenario – A big company, not participating in SAVE, decides to reward ordinary people for their sensitivity and support to the environmental protection. Using their custom Windows 8 application, it simply connects and gets the information from SAVE about the most credited people on the topic and (upon their consent) rewards them.