Demo Kit for Aadhaar (UIDAI) Authentication by Anaxee Technologies, using Futronic FS88 + Neurotechnology


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Solution for Aadhaar (UIDAI) Authentication - Ranked Top # 2 World Wide beating every major Biometric player

Futronic FS88 - fingerprint scanner
Neurotechnology SDK - fingerprint extractor
Supplier - Anaxee Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
FRR (False Rejection Rate) = 0.4 certified by STQC, UIDAI and CDAC

We have better accuracy compared to Morpho, Sagem, Digital Persona, Cogent, Nitgen, Secugen, Suprema, Upek, Authentec, Startrek - all tested by STQC

We have 3 different applications available as Demo kit for conducting Aadhaar Authentication, on PC/Laptop + USB connected Fingerprint scanner combination. Please download screenshot of application available with us for conducting Aadhaar Authentication. The demo applications use Staging Server of UIDAI. It is subjected to intermittent services as available from UIDAI testing server. Please check connectivity before making a demo. We have been working with UIDAI for Authentication since June 2011, almost from Day 1 of their proof of concept studies.

STQC certified us at Top # 2 solutions in FRR Field study conducted on 5000 people in July 2012. Contact us for best accuracy on field, best results on low quality fingers in Oily, Dirty, Greasy, Stamped, Mehendi fingers. Our scanner delivers NFIQ < 2. | Anaxee Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

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Demo Kit for Aadhaar (UIDAI) Authentication by Anaxee Technologies, using Futronic FS88 + Neurotechnology

  1. 1.
  2. 2. Sensor: FS-88 – UIDAI-STQC Certified Specification • Fingerprint scanning window size is 16.26 x 24.38mm • Image resolution is 480x320 pixel, 500 DPI • Raw fingerprint image file size is 150K byte • With Live Finger Detection (LFD) feature • USB 2.0 compatible interface, plug and play device • Unique serial number programmed to USB Device Descriptor • With 16K Byte memory for application-specific data storage • With a 2M standard USB cable • Small size, 66 x 66 x 29 mm • Light weight, 150 gram OEM ModuleFutronic TechnologyCompany LimitedHong Kong
  3. 3. UIDAI-STQC Certified• Fingerprint SDK, works on Windows, Linux, Android• Proven in national-scale projects, including passport issuance and voter deduplication.• NIST MINEX-compliant fingerprint engine, NIST IREX proven iris engine.• 200,000,000 irises or 100,000,000 fingerprints per second can be matched using MegaMatcher Accelerator.• Fingerprint and faces can be matched on smart card using MegaMatcher On Card.• Includes fingerprint, iris, face and palm print modalities.• Rolled, flat and latent fingerprint matching.• BioAPI 2.0 and other ANSI and ISO biometric standards support.• Multiplatform, scalable cluster architecture for parallel matching.• Effective price/performance ratio, flexible licensing and free customer support.
  4. 4. Enter 12 DigitAadhar Number
  5. 5. Select your BestFinger forAuthentication
  6. 6. After Selectionof Finger ,ClickScan Button
  7. 7. After Scan, you willgot finger image inimage box Now click Authenticate Button
  8. 8. Biometric Mismatch errordue to wrong finger
  9. 9. SuccessfulAuthentication
  10. 10. Achievements Ranked in Top-2 of UIDAI-STQC FRR* Accuracy Test Most accurate solution for Aadhaar Authentication*False Reject Rate accuracy below 0.5 on 5000 residents (having Aadhaar nos.)
  11. 11. Scanner: Futronic FS88 1. FAP 20 scanner: Capturing Area: 16 mm x 24mm 2. Works on Oily, Dirty, Wet, Mehendi fingers Extractor: Neurotechnology 1. Available for Windows, Linux, Android, Embedded devices, Tablets 2. FRR < 0.5% in Accuracy [Top 2 combination for Aadhaar]Scanner: Scanner:Futronic FS88 Dermalog F11. FAP 20 scanner: Capturing 1. FAP 20 scanner: Capturing Area: 16 mm x 24mm Area: 18 mm x 25mm2. Works on Oily, Dirty, Wet, Mehendi fingers 2. Works on Oily, Dirty, Wet, Mehendi fingersExtractor: Extractor:Warwick Warp, UK(World Rank # 3) Dermalog, Germany1. Available for Windows, Linux, 1. Available for Windows, Linux,Embedded devices AIX, Solaris2. FRR < 1% 2. FRR < 1% ANAXEE TECHNOLOGIES PVT. LTD. Mobile: +91-9630020005 | Web: Email: