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Everybody 2

  1. 1. LEVERSLevers are simple machines. They are used to dowork with the least amount of effort.There are many objects we use daily that are levers.In this presentation, the students of the second yearshow to us some examples of them.
  2. 2. FulcrumEffortLoadA crane is amachine usedfor elevatingthings anddistribute loadssuspended on ahookAlejandro GonzálezMartínez
  3. 3. FORKIt’s a third class lever.LOADEFFORTFULCRUMA fork is used to eat. SERGIO ALLER / 2ªA
  4. 4. The fishing rod is used for catchingfishes on the water. Mar González MartínEFFORTLOADFULCRUMIi is a third class lever.
  5. 5. It is a third class lever.The effort is in the middle.The load is at the end of the arm.The fulcrum is at the end of the arm.Iván Llaneza
  6. 6. It is used for moving heavy objectsfrom one place to another.A crowbar is a first classlever.Mar GonzálezEffortFulcrumLoad
  7. 7. WHEELBARROWIt´s used to move material from oneplace to another with less effort.FULCRUMLOAD EFFORTSara Sampedro CastroIt´s a second class lever
  8. 8. .LOADEFFORTFULCRUMIt´s used to cut thingswith less effort.It´s made of steel andplastic.It´s triangular.
  9. 9. FULCRUMLOADEFFORTIt’s used toplay; when achild is up,the otherchild is down.The seesaw it’s a first class lever.Celia Majano2ºA
  10. 10. EFFORTLOADFULCRUMIt’s a third class lever.A stapler is used to holdseveral papers together.Celia Majano 2º ESO A
  11. 11. LoadFulcrumEffort A springboard is a second classlever.The springboard is usuallyused for jumping, and doingsome acrobaties.Martín Suárez Molina
  12. 12. EffortFulcrumLoadThis tool is very useful for doing works in contructions, forexample workers can use it for doing cement or for put it on awheelbarrow.It’s is a secondclass lever
  13. 13. Clothes pegWhen you are looking for a lever in aclothes peg, you can find two types: thefirst and the third class lever.The clothes peg has a very simple use;it holds our clothes when they aredrying.OláiEFFORT LOAD
  14. 14. WHEELBARROWIt´s used to move material from oneplace to another with less effort.FULCRUMLOAD EFFORTSara Sampedro CastroIt´s a second class lever
  15. 15. Lucía Soto 2º ESO BThis is atweezers, it isin a third classof lever.FLFulcrumIt’s used to pluck.
  16. 16. HammerDaniel CorreaMierThis is a hammer.It’s a second classlever.LOADEFFORTFULCRUM
  17. 17. Pliers are a first classPliers are a first classleverleverPliers are a hand toolPliers are a hand toolused to hold objectsused to hold objectsfirmly, they are alsofirmly, they are alsouseful for bending anduseful for bending andcompressing a widecompressing a widerange of materials.range of materials.PLIERSPLIERSPliers means alicates inPliers means alicates inSpanish.Spanish.FulcrumFulcrumEffortEffortLoadLoad
  18. 18. LOADFULCRUMEFFORTIt´s used for sweep and a clean the house.It has rectangular and triangular shape.It´s made of wood.JAIRO MORENO MARTÍNEZ