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  2. 2. In this presentation What is Baltic Miles? IN THISPRESENTATION FMCG project Partner’s benefits 2
  3. 3. WHO WE ARE 3
  4. 4. What is Baltic Miles Unique Coalition:• First Pan-Baltic coalition loyalty program with multiple partnerships in travel, service, financial and retail industries. The program has evolved from a true Frequent Flyer program into a Multi-Partner / Coalition Loyalty program Vision:• To be the most successful loyalty company in North and Eastern Europe, supporting leading airlines, retailers and financial institutions Partner’s benefits Mission:• To grow our coalition partner’s businesses by bringing exceptional value to Baltic Miles members by rewarding their loyalty 4
  5. 5. Loyalty Landscape in the Baltics 5
  6. 6. What is Baltic Miles 6
  7. 7. BalticMiles in NumbersBALTIC MILES IN NUMBERS 7
  8. 8. Baltic Miles Members500 000 membersStable growth each monthRepresented in 40 countries 8
  9. 9. Members Profile 9
  10. 10. Rewards Tickets on airBaltic flights• Redemptions for fixed amount of Points (Classic Rewards)• Points and Money redemption for Any seat / Any destination On-line BalticMiles web shop: 3000 products, worldwide delivery Experiences:• SPA treatments, dance lessons, cooking lessons, wine school, horse riding, hot air balloon flights, etc. airBalticTravel packages Lux Express bus tickets Hotel Accommodation Car rental worldwide Cinema tickets 10
  11. 11. On-line Shops 11
  12. 12. Partner Locator 12
  13. 13. Mobile Application 13
  14. 14. Baltic Miles BenefitsBALTIC MILES BENEFITS Become different from your competitor and attractive for you customer increasing customer value proposition by joining true coalition loyalty program, including frequent flyer program that brings together economically active members of society Give your customers the opportunity to collect more points to enjoy the benefits of the most advanced loyalty rewards platform in Baltic market, including flights Benefit from strong communication platform for engaging new customers, retaining existing ones and increasing revenues 65% of all transactions are made with non-airline partners 14
  16. 16. FMCG Partnership Project 16
  17. 17. How It Works For Customers CLIENT PURCHASES CLIENT RECEIVES POINTS CLIENT EXCHANGES POINTS PARTNER’S PRODUCT ON BALTIC MILES CARD FOR DESIRED REWARDBranded with Baltic Miles tag, Client enters code from Client gets REWARDS,carrying code with information purchased partner’s product tag ex. flights or goods fromabout the product and amount into Baltic Miles WEBSITE or different Baltic Miles partnersof points client receives sends SMS 17
  18. 18. How It Works For FMCG Partner How it works for FMCG PartnerYOU PURCHASE BALTIC YOU PARTICIPATE IN YOU ENJOY WATCHINGMILES POINTS AND TAGS CO-BRANDING ACTIVITIES YOUR SALES GROWand insure their placement communication campaigns and brand value increaseon products and in shops in retail centers 18
  19. 19. FMCG Partnership OpportunitiesJoint brand values and cross-promo to boost sales and purchase satisfactionYour product stand-out among competitorsUsage of attractive 7 language web & communication platformWide choice of rewards for your customersAccess to BalticMiles loyal members base 19
  21. 21. Partnership BenefitsBETTER COMMUNICATION REACHAs part of the loyalty coalition, You will be able to use Baltic Miles communication channelsas well as partner channels to advertise your brand and product BALTIC OUTLOOKPartner will get advertised on pages of both paper and online versions of Baltics most readinflight magazine BALTIC MILES SOCIAL MEDIA CHANNELSPartner will communicate with audience via active Baltic Miles social media channels with68 000 followers BALTIC MILES NEWSLETTERMore than 220 000+ clients will read about your product in our monthly newsletter AND MORE…Notes on Baltic Miles website, participation in public events, advertisement in Arena Rigaand constantly emerging activities and channels 21
  22. 22. Partner’s BenefitsBRAND SYNERGY The most influential co-branding campaign in Baltics. The coalition of few most valuable brands from different FMCG segments, emerging in united brand synergy to increase brand value of each partner. Co-promotion at all Points of Sales Working together, we gain more! 22
  23. 23. Partner’s BenefitsLOYAL AUDIENCE Baltic miles clients are an active qualitative audience, that is usually so expensive to reach:• 28-44 , young adults (56%), with medium or high income, both males and females, open to novelties and new experiences. Introduce your brand and products to loyal audience of BalticMiles! 23
  24. 24. Partner’s BenefitsINCREASE IN SALES All of the mentioned factors, as well as the preference that undecided client gives to high- lighted on retail networks shelves partner’s product, inevitably lead to a well-deserved increase in sales 24
  26. 26. Partnership Examples 26
  27. 27. Partnership Examples 27
  28. 28. Partnership Examples 28
  29. 29. Partnership Examples 29
  30. 30. Partnership Examples 30
  31. 31. Partnership Examples 31
  32. 32. Partnership Examples 32
  33. 33. SUMMARY 33
  34. 34. Summary JOIN BALTIC MILES FMCG PROJECTAnd become a part of Pan Baltic Loyalty Coalition by purchasing Baltic Milespoints and participating in co-branding activities RECEIVE IMPRESSIVE MEDIA COVERAGEThrough Baltic Miles and partners communication channels BOOST BRAND AWARENESSStrengthen your brand and broaden your communicational coverage GET INTRODUCED TO UNIQUE AUDIENCEMore than 500’000 Baltic Miles members INCREASE YOUR SALESBy standing-out among competitors via unique loyalty coalition 34
  35. 35. THANK YOU!