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Rob buyea,arapova irina 7 b


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Rob buyea,arapova irina 7 b

  1. 1. Arapova Irina 7B Gymnasia № 196 Saint-Petersburg 2014
  2. 2. Rob Buyea – is a famous American writer and teacher. He was born on 12th September 1976 in New-York. In 1999,he graduated from Syracuse University, and from 2000-2006 worked at Bethany Community school.
  3. 3. Rob taught in Connecticut for six years before Moving to Massachusetts, where he lives with his family. He has a lovely wife and three daughters.
  4. 4. He is a biology teacher and wrestling coach at North field Mount Helmon School. When someone ask how he became a writer, Bouyer replied: «Having taught elementary school, I soon realized that to teach reading and writer, I had to be a reading and writing first. I started reading all sorts of wonderful books. Then I started writing.»
  5. 5. His first novel – is «Because of Mr. Terupt»(2010).Another well – known book,which was published in 2012 is called, «Mr.Terupt falls again».
  6. 6. In 2011,Buyea received white read aloud award «Because of Mr.Terupt».
  7. 7.…